: Greetings Grimer2, I'm afraid that this ban was not an error. I assume that you've gotten a 14-day ban prior to this. In case you didn't read the message you received with it, it stated that any further offense can result in a permanent ban. It doesn't matter how severe the offense, after the final warning you _really_ should've stopped flaming. --- As you noticed yourself, you _did_ flame. You have to understand that flaming is much more than just using "bad words". Sarcastic comments, mocking people or simply being rude is more than enough to be considered a bad teammate. I'm afraid this was indeed a justified permaban, and I hope you can at least see why the things you said weren't cool. There's sadly nothing we can help you with.
The thing I struggle to understand is, how is it possible that there is 0 tolerance for slipping after 14-days ban. If you had retrieved somehow the full logs from the game you would find out they started mocking me and in a way that didn't really ask for mute. To be specific - when I asked Jax for help he replied: "I dont feel like it" - which is what I told him when he suggested that I would go and take enemy blue buff for myself. I knew some people do that playing Sion, I wasn't doing it so I was a bit scared that I would fail. Thus after he replied this way I felt like he got offended by me by an accident and I felt a need to engage in discussion, which, yeah got out of hand. And the main factor in it I think was that prior to the permaban I had little idea about riot flaming policies.
: > I guess these 2 messages are the cause: When I called them mot**r and then idiot You guessed right. As you probably already now from your last ban, flaming is not allowed in Leauge. Those two things are very obviously insults, so you broke that rule (again) and got the punishment that you were warned about before. In addition to that, you constantly spamming "report xy" certainly contributed to that ban. If you want someone to be reported, just report him yourself. The number of reports doesn't matter, so there is absolutely no reason to ask other people to report someone. And even if the number would matter (which it does not), it's none of your business who other people report. If they want to report someone, they will do it. And if they don't want to, they won't, no matter what you say. > I do believe it was an error In this case you believe wrong. You actually broke the rules, so you are not innocent ---> not an error. But well, long story short: Given that you have been punished before and you ignored that warning and broke the rules again, this punishment should not be a surprise and is perfectly justified I'm afraid. If you have any further questions about how all of this works, feel free to ask.
This is the very first time I hear about a single report matching the importance of multiple reports. I was convinced that before issuing an actual ban a manual review takes place so it made kinda sense (more reports means it's more likely worth attention from an actual person). Also, it's nothing uncommon to see people asking someone to report others. I can't remember any promotion of that either. From my last ban... I was banned for really harsh response to provocation - "%%%". I couldn't disagree with ban for that altho I believed the person I said it to deserved a ban as well. So no I didn't ignore it, I have never used that again. It had happened 6 months ago, prior to that, I had no problems. I was quite confident that if things don't go this far or aren't frequent it won't result in an immediate ban but more like losing honor (I didn't really study how does that system work).
: only have 3 questions for you. 1) any prior punishment tiers (chat suspension, 14day ban)? 2) why did you decide to talk back at the team after you realized they wouldn't better themselves instantly? 3) if the words needs to be cencored. isn't that enough of a reason in your opinion? in case of the first question being "yes" follow up question: Why didn't you take that punishment as a warning to better yourself?
1) Yes - at the end of January 2018 - I never flamed frequently and almost always in response to provocation. I got the ban for telling someone "%%%" as a response to provocation. I tend to get provoked easily and staying "above it" forever after 1 warning is... uhh... not really achievable for me. Also no chat bans came prior to that. Well anyway, I stopped using "%%%" because it is really harsh, and I NEVER or so rarely that I don't even remember it flamed underperforming teammate (unless I was really convinced they couldn't be original owners of it - ebay) 2) They acted as if they were absolutely sure I am the flamer and they are the ones getting flamed. That's like... woah. I tried to win an argue instead of the game. Later after the game I found out they were premades so it was actually pointless. 3) I slipped, but in me defence this is EUNE and there are basically no native English speakers here. I did not consider that word this harsh as it's lately used quite often.
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