Remmeh (EUW)
: Disapointed on how this season start is being handled, especially as an EU player.
PS don't bother with this boards, nobody reads EU boards
Remmeh (EUW)
: Disapointed on how this season start is being handled, especially as an EU player.
Omg, I reinstalled lol just to play positional ranking and seeing they are missing from EU made me puke. Uninstalled the game again
: 2019–2021 World Championship Host Regions
Who cares, koreans win every time. This year too, half the team was korean. EU should have the dignity to never participate at worlds, they make themselves laughable, at least stay home and don't embarrass yourself
: My theory: FNC was paid to lose
They weren't paid. They are just kids and kids should not be in such pressure because they can't handle it and shows how stupid the esport is atm forcing teens instead of grown men and women that can deal with this. It's stupid to watch atm knowing anytime they will play like silver because they aren't mature enough. Asian kids are more mature and it shows I'm done with esports until a shift in age happens
: GG fnatic.
How FNC did well when they drafted and played like a silver team? Way bellow their lvl. I hve no problem with IG winning in the end but this was just pathetic from FNC. EU can't ever win worlds because we have shit mentality. Just disband eu LCS, it's becoming just sad. I'm done with lol esports and in general. It's clear kids can't have composure and it's just getting annoying to root for them and in key games do stunts like this. When the esport age average will increase maybe i'll give it a nother shot
: But the thing is i'm not tilted or don't feel tilted at least
Ignore them. Tilted is the new trend around here. Do you feel pissed off? If not, you are not titled. If you are pissed and feel the need to "juggernaut" your way through game, then you are tilted.
: Can't start ranked game
Why is ranked disable and how long?
: skt or longzhu
Misfits Donno, probably SKT has a secret imba strategy that's why they look so clunky in the group stage. If so, they're gonna win. If so
: Aaaand they are in quarters :D
Yeah, they exceeded expectations and got their shit together, and from the worst team in week 1 they managed to be a decent team and qualify. Happy to see that
: FB is very close in that race, let's see how the second week goes. The reason has been Broxah and Soaz, they have been sh1t this stage.
> [{quoted}](name=Slice n Dice em,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=u1I5cr6R,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-08T11:30:22.872+0000) > > FB is very close in that race, let's see how the second week goes. The reason has been Broxah and Soaz, they have been sh1t this stage. Neah, FB vs Korean team and managed to hold at least 30 min :). FNC looked like a silver player vs masters
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: I like this TBH. You get rewarded for playing good. And you get punished for playing bad. This is how solo Q is supposed to be IMO. If they change that into a team game, it will be too hard to climb, even when you're doing good.
Sure ... lol. NOT! If mid gets stomped and you have a win lane bot or top , but not stomping, good luck winning the game on skill, when zed or fizz comes and instakills you Same with any other lane. Draven gets fed. Good luck killing him. He's tankier due to his life steal than full buil,d cho
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: Riots matchmaking
Yes matchmaking is broken. But Riot will never fix it because they need it to force you to play. A true elo ranking means players will play and win win win and then hit a wall and get frustrated and maybe quit the game. With this system riot forces retention. Is basic game AARRR implementation. Which tbh sucks because instead of balanced games you get shitty games and too easy games, but well since the fanbase is 90% kids and people that have no connection to product design or marketing, nobody will complain
: Kayn - Overpowered, Underpowered or Balanced?
Meh, fun to play but when you compare it with a broken champ like garen or yas, it's just not worthy to play him for wins
Infernape (EUW)
: Because it's not meant to be a damage item. Thornmail was meant to counter life steal from the beginning. The addition of Grievous Wounds allows it to fulfil its purpose. The only champion that really does damage with Thornmail is Rammus because of his W.
So you mean it was meant as an useless item.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Whatever, it's a pointless detail, the point is that evry next league has less players and im saying that's how it's supposed to be, your suggestion to have mid point of it larger makes no sense.
It makes total sense. Because there's an average player and there' a bad player and a good player. And the average skill as the name suggest is the common in most people. Atm your average player is b5-3 based on that chart, and your bad player? he doesn't exist then. Or the average player is a bad player which means the game has a very high skill level which it doesn't, 10 year old kids play the game succesfully., Or is rigged and the player distribution is forced. But you're the exact archetype of point 4. You go on a crusade to defend the current system without knowledge of elo math, multiplayer game design and so on. And even so you got no desire to be curious or learn, I just sent your 2 post ago the DOTA Elo system distribution and you make the following statement: "ur suggestion to have mid point of it larger makes no sense." instead of at least try to ponder on it
: When people think they actually need skills to rank up in league of legends. That part was lost years ago, now its who gets the better team. The system is floored and has been for a while, and if you have at least been playing this game for at last 5 years you would understand. When i ended plat 2 last season but can't get out of gold 1. Ye my alt account does far better then my main due to the mmr allowing me access player actually who are in my elo because the account is new and doesn't have the history.
Exactly. Thanks for your insights.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Saw because it's harder to fall back a league than to climb up, but it's basicly a pyramid as well as the fact that players become more carefull afterranking up, but basicly it's still a pyramid, the amount of players in evry higher league is much smaller than lower one. The higher you go the bigger the difference between each division, challenger players "make fun" of high diamond players. And what do you mean smooth what you showed wasnt a graph just numbers, to me it looks the same as previous leagues only in smaller numbers.
You give a man concrete data which clearly plots a descending distribution and he still calls it a pyramid. I give up
: To be honest, better spam kata, darius and Yasuo and be almost silver 2... Then complain about the game, and be almost bronze {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
That's basically "I know the game is shiet, but I wrote a text wall to prove I'm smarter tho' "
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's impossible, you're missing the main point of ranked. Players are in rank where they are because they are stronger than evryone else below them, that's why player distribution is like a pyramid. Actually i think because players start theyr ranked climb in silver, silver is bigger than it should be.
But it's not like a pyramid, it's like a saw. And that is a flawed system when we are talking about league+ELO , Here you can clearly see that: From a mathematical POV it clearly proves that the function is not continuous, this means there are a lot of discrete elements, such as "if's" . Sure you have division net so you should somewhat (but not completly) ignore div 5 ratings . And then you can clearly see after plat 4 the distribution becomes smooth. And what changes at that level? Well, teammates have relative similar skill level, they already all know the game so even if you're put in a lower elo rating team, since the skill difference in minimal the effects are neglectable Here is a DOTA distribution for comparison:
: Man, i gotta disagree with you in every single aspect... This season, sadly, i got place in bronze 2... Why?? Because i didnt deserved more after my placements... But what have i done?? I started to play instead of flaming in the league page... Expecially because i knew i didnt deserve to be bronze... So now im in Silver 3... Do i still think its what i desserve?? I mean, probably, but i want gold this season, so instead of flaming in the league page, i will keep playing and getting better at the game so i can climb to gold (wich is my meta for this season, and because i know i dont deserve a lot more then gold 5/4)... You should probably do the same... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now talking about toxicity?? Yeah, i know, league community in general is very toxic... What can you do to avoid toxic team mates in your games?? NOTHING!! Some times you will have some friendly ass team mates that will carry you and make your day, the best day ever... Some times you will have some salty ass kids who will "F**k your mother", feed the enemy Yasuo, and make you get upset, play bad, etc... What can you do??? NOTHING, just report them... Its not because you rage in game, that riot will insta-replace those players with friendly ones... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your lose streaks??? As one rioter said to another player who was talking about "If i dont solo carry, i dont desserve to win".... "You will lose 33% of your games no matter what... You will win 33% of your games no matter what... The other 33% is up to you"... "You will have lose streaks, same for win streaks, but you will notice your bad luck a lot more"... So, i completly agree with this, some times i also have days that no matter what i do (I can litterally try to int), my team will carry my ass... But some games i can go 30-0 and every team mate goes 0-25... Sh*t happens... Do as everyone says, when you lose 1 or 2 games, just stop playing... You will tend to get upset, play bad, and you wont be able to carry yourself... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does riot dont give a %%%% about us?? Honestly, im not a riot fanatic... But i dont really see what are you trying to get by saying that... Riot has to keep the game updated, they tried to make a new cliente so the game feels more fresh, more 2017... Not like minecraft, you get it?? And of corse, there will be lots of bugs, no matter what they try to do... There will be some problems with the new client until they actually finish it, you know that riot is still trying to make all the features of the old client, available on the new one??? So dont expect them to be perfect, because no one is... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The quality... I dont play league since s3, neither 4 or 5... I started playing league in pre-season 6... And i have to admit, since i started playing, the best champions came out, Jhin, Kled, Camille and even Taliyah (people complained about her, but i loved the champion, since im not those type of players that get a lot into the lores, expect some champs with cool history)... Now, you are trying to say to riot "F*ck the old champions, we want new ones"?? ( i mean, that is what seems by "Lower champion release rate. etc")... Riot cant do everything at the same time (i mean, probably they have enough employees to do that, but whatever) They cant release everything at the same time, otherway the game would get pretty booring, and they would start making champions that aren't funny to play at all... And because u said you would want some new champions, why dont you try to make a new one?? Do you think its easy to come up with fresh ideas?? Without making a champion look like they were based on other champions?? (For exemple, Camille's hookshot) its not easy to create habilities that were never used in the game... (imo) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To end this... Yes, i noticed i dropped 2, but 4 divisions then my last season... Well, what can i tell you??? Did you desserve those 4 divisions above in the last season?? So probably it's easy for you to make that climb again... For me it was, just spammed champions that im good at... So, what i have to tell you?? Stop flaming and go play some games, wasting 30 minutes of your life writting your topic instead of going into a game and win 20LP wont make you get out of your "Elo hell" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> For me it was, just spammed champions that im good at... I said >So unless you pick a ridiculous hard carry like Jax, Spams: katarina, darius, yasuo . I rest my case
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Stupidly unbalanced ELO system. In a normal ELO system, the ELO points have a smooth distribution. With 70% of players in bronze and silve Are you suggesting the amount of people in each league should be similar?
No, I'm suggesting gold division should have the most players since is the middle division. Think of it as a simple hill. Now it's just mountains descending masively from silver forth
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InTheory (EUW)
: Particular positive game experience
You know a game is mega sad when people have to praise normal behavior.
Wex0r (EUW)
: if she was overpowered then she would be pick or ban everygame. As she isnt id say she is in an ok place. Champions like yasuo and master yi that are being perma banned or picked need looking at
But she kinda is ... at higher div
: do u guys feel this too ? or its just me ?
Yes because the lux ele skin has lower visibility. I completely hate it. The yellow one I can't even see the ultimate
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Elepole (EUW)
: OP, you have some valid point, but don't forget they will do a full gameplay update to Aatrox down the line. This is just a quick fix to make it more viable without having to do new animation/particle/3D model/etc ... Imo, while it didn't make Aatrox an awesome champion, it did make it much more playable.
He's less viable now. Bullshit champ tbh atm. Like OP said, there are better tanks and better divers. At least before he wasn't top tier, but had a personality. Now you're forced into a soulless tank that doesn't even have a decent CC
IAmDoosh (EUW)
: Does Riot purposely adjust your matchmaking based on recent wins?
Maybe, I'm currently in a somewhaat 20 games lose streak. Sure some I fked up myself, but you don't go so bad in skill difference so fast to drop from s2 to s5 in just 3 days span So most likely
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: ragequitting once every 15 days is generally safe from leaverbuster punishment. hope that eases your pain, a bit
Won't help, is not like would give me a decent (i dont mean good, i mean decent!) team next game
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: yi main (well, kinda main) here.Yi has exactly 1 ability to dodge CC. Bait it or use another one.
and one ability to become a full on tank while your team takes charge of the game. It's not an 1v5 game no?
Wen294 (EUW)
: He is extremely furstrating to play against, and with some champs there's just legit nothing you can do against him. Imo he's one of those champs who's role is already decided in the loading screen. If the enemy has a crapload of cc he'll be feeding the entire game or splitpushing/taking objectives. If the enemy has close to no cc he'll be getting 1v5 pentas all game long.
Exactly. The perfect comment. This clearly proves he isn't balanced at all. Massive well timed CC can stop even a theoretical champion that has 2x true damage and full attack speed. But that doesn't sound balanced at all for a kit
: he is one of the more balanced champs tbh Does massive damage Dies fast if CC'ed Has no CC I dont see whats so wrong with him ?
Dies fast? :)) He doesn't die fast at all. A decent yi know how to balance q and e not to die on cc burst
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: The damage in the game.
Uber stupid I agree. You make 1 mistake early game, your opponent then snowballs in an 1-shot fest I get you can counter with high reflex, but for fks sake when a game forces you to be pro level just to counter something is %%%%%%ed
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: before you got nothing for free. how is it not balanced. you play a lot you get more for free. you play little you get little for free. little for free > nothing for free
I think you don't understand what balanced is. Anyway, the forum is full of zealotry so no point disturbing your circlejerk
: [ NEW TEASER] Rise, my darlings. /// POSSIBLE ZYRA LEGENDARY SKIN!!!
RuffioCas (EUW)
: Stay away from him early game. He is probably amongst the most useless champs in late game. Lay down and enjoy your win.
Why do people say that. Lethality panth on a moderately squishy team owns even late game
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: Unfair Matchmaking
Yep, matchmaking is completely broken. You get on a winning streak then matchmaking goes haywire. I deleted the game until the situation improves. You can check a thread on NA about this: Unfortunately in EUNE there's a very weird mentality to deny everything that the "system" can be wrong and make it always the player's (aka your) fault .
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