: how i did not got an S...
It is not only about kills and deads! It include objectives, wards, dragons, bla bla bla bla. What I may say is that u are only excelent not super.
: New Starguardian Skins
: Stop playing AP mages as supports
{{sticker:sg-janna}} I think that you have good doctor. You should visit him very soon.
: I need 25rp for hextech chest
write to riot support!
Duckyfer (EUNE)
: 14 DAYS BAN!
As kai'sa sais: "You talk too much." I give you advice: never wtite on tchat more then 3 sentece of 1-5 words. And if u wanna too much you may shout and shout and shout and maybe when mum and dad get up u stop... but riot has not mic on your room (I hope so) So they cant ban you for saying anything but u can't write remeber U CANT WRITE! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Trias000 (EUNE)
: What's TTT?
TTT = The Twisted Treeline {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Idea about rewarding for champion mastery
It ll be good but riot ll not never do this. They were generous when ulocked loot for us. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Yancer (EUW)
: > Its simple: > Are you yasuo main? → "yes" → Are you bad? → "No" → hahahaha you are! > Are you yasuo main? → "no" → Good ;) People like to flame yasuo mains and the reason I'm mad Is they think all yasuo mains are the same like there are other yasuo players who are good on him and when i hard carry my team question my support why did he engage for no reason they reply yasuo main or other stuff even though im carrying his a$$, I know that u will think same bcs there are so bad players saying that they are good but they are not so now even if I say I'm good u won't give a shi% u will just consider me as a typical yasuo main because yasuo Is most hated and most memed champion ..
ah I have to say "NOPE" You miss rly miss like missfortune..not like that. I write here only GENERAL rule how it apples looks like oh sorry I mean peoples :D :D :D. Whatever.......I have one rule - All champs are good only who is bad are players/ppls. I played This game few years so I may say some things. Few years maybe two idk exactly this game goes to SH*T. I remeber when I start play ppls never flames you too much but now ppls still flames flames flames for total 0 reasson and its bad but most of them alway wants to pick yasuo..then if yasuo got banned they pick Attackspeed soraka with cleance and smite on mid or ton and here we ho. This game is terrible idk why ppls flame to much its enoying. FLAME>FEED. Flame is worst thing on this game. Almost riot did not voice tchat general in game it has been horrible....oh oh no reather no. I rly want to know when ppls start plays like ppls not like animals...no no animals are beeter then this monsters. Its shutup%%%upp/%%% ur mom/ noob bla bla bla bla bla... Hmmm I lost poit never mind ..... AH I have few ppls whos are main of yasuos and they are really good. But this game is stupid and in early game AGGGGGRO wins so kids which never play yasuos ll try it and why this champ is hated so much so then ppls cant go it that you have bad game (we all has bad games) And you are lvl 7 yasuo and you have bad socre like 1/4/7 they ll always flame you cuz they want it. But on the other side I have never play Yasuo, I play Most of Zyra and Im flamed every single game most of by adc. These players shoud be banned. Thats the case THEEEESE kids in this game. Which they think "yeeeeh Im the king of the planet" "I can say anything who gives the sh*t. Its horrible. To sum up yasuo like champ is next agro champ like tryndamemere 00000000 armor only dmg but it need on my opinion high skill to play it right. Not like garen. But ppls ll always flames you. Yes I confes I sometime said to myslef wow what a next kid yasuo..... but overall this champ is good Only what is bad are PEOPLES playing this game.
Meanwhile: "Hey riot why u deleted dominion? Hey riot what about Clairvoyance or Revive or Garrison? ........ All old was good. So here is two options - 1st - %%% it up and keep playing 2nd go pla dota :D
Yancer (EUW)
: Why are Yasuo mains often and more flamed than anyone else sometimes without reason too
Its simple: Are you yasuo main? → "yes" → Are you bad? → "No" → hahahaha you are! Are you yasuo main? → "no" → Good ;)
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Rios160 (EUNE)
: Just got banned for inting 0/5 btw
Qweenie (EUW)
Qweenie (EUW)
: I know, I should've gotten 20k minimum
ok ok and by the way Supports can carry the game
Qweenie (EUW)
: This is the gold graph. I had the highest damage with 16k and following up by 10k from enemy olaf
only 16K what? Thas low..
Qweenie (EUW)
: Supports cannot carry the game
what... you have low dmg. These dmg I have when I play yuumi.
: {{champion:103}} aiight then another q, what roles do you play?{{champion:103}}
{{champion:143}} I play this game long time so I can play all rolles but Most of the Time I played supports cuz Im lazy to wait. But Im Old top main I played Poppy Fiora Quinn. {{champion:143}}
: {{champion:103}} the real question is, what`s your rank?{{champion:103}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
u may see but if u cant curent moment Im G4
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: [EUNE] S3 jg looking for support
Im support main but there is one problem I'm gold.
: old fiora hell no its too overpowered lol when old fiora uses her ult in teamfight you can expect a penta. and if 1v1 you have a 90% dying chance
Yes its true. Don't worry I know this sweet old times :D
: Bring old poppy back
If u said bring old fiora..... with this I agree.... but new poppy OMG SHE IS AMAZING
Herminator2 (EUNE)
: Support main wanting to learn adc and improve (champs : jinx)
;) Im support main :) and I'm learning ADC too :D. So if u ll need some support. About some tips. Don't play {{champion:67}} as your start champ. She needs more skill to being good. {{champion:222}} is good ADC I persoanlly start with Hurricane cuz your rockets ll AWASOME! And ofc some AD :)
Rioter Comments
: Trolling toxic people is so much fun xD. The feeling of making chat spammer ragequit is worth the loss sometimes
: How to control toxic people
There is more productive how to destroy toxic ppls. Step 1: Ban their main champ in champ select. Step 2: if he go kamikaze.. so let him die. Then He start flame u so step 3: said BB and mute him then imidietly you must take all his farm so he ll be more toxic but u ll hear nothing. U cant stop farminf just farm farm and farm take all his kills and then HOPE that he ll destroy his hands by keyboard if yes he ll start bleeding and die if not report him and wait to feedback GG. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
MiyukiLia (EUW)
: what am i doing wrong? OwO
: Change PermaBan
1st We can't Help so Go contact support. 2nd All flamers may got ban on LOL as a game not account only! Riot is too kind on you.
KingMik10 (EUNE)
: Ban System + Autofill
WOW lol I told you truth kid. If you are plyer who can play all rolles u ll never got autofilled. GET REKT! And ban system is great! Kid have ban normal players play 24 hours of day!
: How to beat Heimer as Yasuo?
: I got demoted 2 divisions and i don't know what to do
All cahmps are good. It's only about you if you good they too.
Chweag (EUW)
: LF Someone to get out of bronze
Horubis (EUW)
: This bansystem is broken. I get banned for no reason.
You talk too much! (Why riot why only 14)
: Who are your favorite champions ?
1{{champion:143}} 2{{champion:143}} 3{{champion:143}} 4{{champion:143}} 5{{champion:143}} 6{{champion:143}} 7{{champion:143}} 8{{champion:134}} 9{{champion:51}} 10{{champion:78}}
: Perm ban
: Adc here xD. Which elo are you buddy?
So I each seasson swap between playing flex or Solo/duo. This seasson I most play Solo/duo and now Im silver 1. Last seasson I was gold 5 in flex in presesson I hit 4 but who cares about it. I play this game when sesson 4 ended so now it is 5th seasson in a row.
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Erarrion (EUNE)
: God tier: Brand (!), Zyra, Pyke. These are the best for taking your team for a straight win. If you are maining Thresh, Leona or Fiddle - OK.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Mage supports are meta right now... Zyra brand lux morgana More good traditionals are Thresh nami blitzcrank pyke sona alistar I definitely would NOT recommend fiddlesticks for support. He's useless. The only cc he got is silence.. No hard cc on this champ
ok thaks
: You don't give a sh it about your ADC. If he want to win the game then he should let to be carried. And is not your fault that you was vs Hecarim and Nautilus. If your ap was paper was because you didn't had a chance in a 2v3 situation while your ADC with no dmg put you in his front to defent him. So you die 1v3 in a big burst and your ADC get chased till die. Thats the same problem when I play Soraka. I get insta focused by 4 players on bot in min 6-8 and my ADC flame me because I can't tank 4 players and can't out trade them while my ADC run under the tower and open the chat to already flame me. So thats why you don't give a sh it about him.
ah here we go
: Zyra...
Im Zyra main but I played her and mine ADC started flame me that AP is paper and by the way we lost cuz enemy nautilus and hecarim deleted us.
Rioter Comments
: What is your comment? I wrote it to solve the problem!
go play it ll be better
: Shen's q + Hail of blades not working properly
: patch 9.3
: after the update I play 30 minutes and then throws me out of the game every 1-2 minutes
If u are not **** just play next game and win LP back. What is difficult?
: Why ARURF? Just URF or don't bring us with this tease of RNG ARAM with an URF skin.
URF was really fun but Do you want to play same game again again and again? Most of people not so HERE IT IS - ARURF.
: disconnects 30+min
And? If you leave the game u must be punished!
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Can you please disable Xerath from ARAM
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