Jarwan (EUW)
: Muting the player in all chat is better than simply banning as like WilliTheWit says, people will abuse the system. So ban them in all chat instead. I don't get the all chat feature as if you do meet a prick in game, they can choose to share where you are going to anyone.
OK, ban/remove from the game is too harsh so muting a team mate from all chat, would do the job...
: Won't be possible because premade would abuse this and ban every player they don't want. People always think first how to **abuse** a feature, and not how to properly use it.
A premade of 4 in solo/duo queue is not possible. And such a voting system would require 4 votes :)
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Magneset (EUW)
: Just another day with the "fair" rank system in League of Legends
It has nothing to do with being a fair/unfair rank system. It's simply human behaviour. Even a calm person can get tilted due to some out-of-the-game reason then when in-game spill all frustration there. This cannot be controlled at the moment the game begins, you can use report system...and most important: IT'S A GAME! If you cannot find the fun there, then move over to Pokemon Go or Solitaire There were some topics about what you can do in such situations. Encouraging the players without game experience may lead to better results than flaming them about being noobs. Personally, I have had such games when 3 of team mates were flaming so bad about the bad score but with a few jokes and a positive attitude I was able to convince them to act more friendly and in the end we even won the game Sorry for long post, here's a potato: {{item:3069}} :D
: So I am forced to play ranked? **[rant and reason]**
Sorry if this sounds too blunt, but you just act like a player who is not capable to adapt to changes *hiding in bush waiting complaints about colour scheme of new client*
KsaBrkan (EUNE)
: Client alpha feedback , the client is quite laggy
No problems like this when using it on my iMac (i5, 16GB RAM, some-crappy-video-card) running an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in a Virtualbox machine, which runs a Windows XP in another Virtualbox machine, which runs an older OS X in a Hackintosh box. Ok, just kidding, but on my iMac it only seems to load data a bit slower, the interface is running smooth. But as Riot stated, it's in open beta stage, no need to rage and claim they ruined the entire game :D {{champion:31}}
My Quinn (EUW)
: Lol nice retarded mentality go play normal games then if u think like that, people like you i d like to permaban instantly. retard
Obviously you understood my point (not) . But cheers, mate! Going to eat my perma-ban-or-something
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
So much noise for own self-esteem? Flex system is not perfect, and for sure is not what will really matter for next season's ranks :) Just play, guys, for fun (it's a game!) and not for ranks (well, at least now). Being platinum or diamond or master or whatever, won't matter in your CV {{champion:35}}
Satasz (EUNE)
: Thank you Rito <3
Despite the fact the governments tell us the aliens don't exist, Riot KNOWS aliens DO exist. And the aliens walk free especially in EUNE area countries. That's why RIOT prepared a plan to save the world: create a new generation of samurai-like warriors to fight these aliens. And these samurai-like warriors will have their training camp - blind pick - where their rage will become the wind, their tilted souls will become whispers and when everything will be so Zen, they will be able to defend the entire Earth! Of course, the sadistic players can train in the Flex queue to feed their egos and get to Bronze V after winning 5 games out of 10. My 1.99 cents


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