He Quan (EUW)
: Lulu Valentiens Skin
Lulu skins are always a yes.
: The most cursed image. I pray for you guys to not see this at 23:59
Playing my Promos at 3AM (SCARY) (NOT CLICKBAIT) (ALMOST DIED)
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: Thanks Riot
This is something I've thought about before. Autofill protection is basically a reward for (voluntarily or not) assisting with queue timers by playing suport/fill or getting a role you didn't ask for. You in this case, even though you went support in champ select, you didn't affect the matchmaking process to lower queue timers. You helped your teammate and that's commentable, but the queuing process was unaffected.
Blimpy (EUNE)
: Client not appearing..
Did you try the hextech repair tool? And also contact support.
Smerk (EUW)
: You'll just need to reach gold again and you'll get golden border immediately. Also you should just wait for official post about borders and all that stuff. Maybe they'll add something cool instead of previous season borders, they hinted that they want to do something, but didn't tell what exactly
OMG that's really lame, what's the point of that? If I'm playing a ranked game, everyone will have the same border cause everyone around the same elo!
HemaH1899 (EUNE)
: Help, I'm trapped.
Relax, just play the champions you want and you'll eventually get better at them. The more you play a champion the more knowledge you get on their strengths and weaknesses, how they do in different matchups etc. Yes, maybe in the beginning you will suck at them, but that doesn't matter. I sometimes get that mental block too (I shouldn't try and play this champ because I will probably feed and ruin the game), but that way you cannot get better. Just have fun and play to learn. And if your teammates start flaming just insta-mute and continue playing; no need to start explaining you are new at the champion. Yes you will lose some games. Yes you will feed your ass off in some games. But the more you play, the better you understand the champion and their limits. The better you understand what you can and what you can't do.
: Problem Loading Into Game
sayuο (EUNE)
From my support ticket: I am sorry to hear that your connection keeps dropping. Rest assured, you don't risk to get any suspension which may affect your account badly (such as the suspension for behavior). The only suspension that you can get would be a Leaverbuster, which does not affect your honor level or anything else. At this point, these issues are beyond our control. We are experiencing multiple disconnects from Greek ISPs such as Tellas S.A, OTEnet S.A. etc. We are working together with your ISPs to stabilize your connection but we cannot provide any estimate for the completion date at this time. To avoid confusing or disappointing players, we try to only announce these dates when we are sure we can meet the arrival schedule.

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