: I don't think that's necessary. Rune pages are pure luxury. I own (I think) 20 of them and I just use 3 of them and see absolutely no reason to use more, since I adapt them every single game anyway. Having more is nothing you really need, it's pure luxury...and luxury is something perfectly reasonable to pay money for.
Its all about players mind , some players ,like me , set a various rune pages combinations ex:- Precesion + sorcery , Domination + inspiration , inspiration + resolve etc.. so in the champion select i pick the right rune page for my champion and get ready for the match faster as i am a little bit slow at setting a rune page from zero in 30 seconds , or maybe my computer MS don't help me enough ,, if you have every rune page you will need as i said before ,it will be very smooth and fast just like the old masteries.
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: That indicator shows up when you press "F1". You can re-bind this function to whichever key you prefer from the options.
Got it,Thanks mate :)
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Metawise: {{champion:69}} {{champion:42}} Cass is about the strongest midlaner (in terms of LCS etc) currently, and I guess we can count corki as mage now? Else: {{champion:90}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:134}} Ori, Taliyah, Syndra and occasionally Vlad can be considered meta, and Vel might be making his way into it. (Huhi from CLG played him lots recently, and Splyce used him too yesterday.) But soloQ wise most of them can work out, even though Brand or Swain midlane might be rather unusual. -------- However, it generally is not the mage who wants to be hitting the frontline for an extended period of time, this is generally what ADCs are for. But itemazation can goa long way (Liandry's + Void Staff)
That was helpful :D ,thanks man ! ,, i know that the adc is the one who should kill the tank for sure , but i am bronze , so i can't count on anyone in the team xD
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: Bans, some time within this week or next week, depends on how the testing in NA goes. Missions will be coming out next patch if I'm not mistaken, so 2 weeks give or take.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Nah, I just don't believe riot will give their players anything besides IP on daily basis
yeah man it will be cool ,if you finished a mission you get a key,gemstones,stuff like that
Vonyalo (EUW)
: "daily" http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/016/729/large.jpg
Did i say something wrong ? :D
: Soon™
Give this guy a medal please xD
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: Luckily I still seem to have my old item sets (over 20) but I did want to create more (quite a lot more) so I hope Riot can remove the cap, even if some have to be stored on your computer. Also they are ordered in a weird way (date of creation I guess?) It would be good to change this so we can either order them ourselves or the ordering is easier to follow (like alphabetical).
But the most important thing for sure is removing the cap :D
: Just opened boards to post about this :D I didn't use them before because they were clunky, but now I'm addicted! MUST HAVE ITEM SET FOR EVERY CHAMP! But we have a limit of 20. I need at least 20 more!
Thats what we should have i guess,a page for each champion :D
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, I guess there's a limit because they are stored on the server, meaning it takes money and storage space that could be spent elsewere. Maybe Riot could implement a system were it's safed on your PC, then you can have as many pages as your PC has storage, but this comes with downsides aswell. For example if your PC is crap then you can't use that many pages, also they could cause performance issues, by loading itemsets again and again. I think it's better than nothing, isn't it?
sure its and i am happy with this,,but 20 isn't enough at all it will be useless after that ?! :D ,, and about pc storage ,its the best idea ,i don't think that it will take more than 3 mb if made for all the champions,its about 1kb each :D
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Eratos (EUW)
: you know that {{champion:29}} dmg is insane after 2 3 items..You know that {{champion:236}} can go top or mid and smash enemy.??????You know all of those thinks???If draven is so op as you say plz..play him and gain elo GG.
you know that draven can 2 hit any adc when he got 2 or 3 items and can go mid or top and smash enemy :D
Eratos (EUW)
: the only broken adc is {{champion:236}} and {{champion:29}} .THts it.Draven q..if youre smart you can see it and go for it very easily..Its easy to predict where he goes..
if you are thinking the same about other adc ,then i will say that you can counter twitch cause his early game sucks ,and as for lucian he is a short range adc comparing to others so you can counter him easily :) ..
: np. i've seen the other comments,and none of them mention your main topic. Kinda sad how people only comment to criticize posts instead of actually giving an answer.
Man you just keep saying what i want to say :D
: Riot keeps some champs op for some time to keep the meta fresh. It's all business. PS. you didn't mention Lucian,caitlyn and galio. MF is anything but OP,but yeah,it's all business
Now thats a reasonable explanation man :D ,thanks
: Fizz-if you're talking about tank fizz i agree he's op,ap fizz can't kill his target unless he hits his ult which is easy to dodge Ahri-pretty balanced champion i really see no reason she would be OP Syndra-buy {{item:1057}} {{item:3155}} Veigar-no escape easy to dodge stun Warwick-buy {{item:3165}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3033}} Nunu-not really anything to say i mean he can be strong but meh Ivern-he isn't op on his own it's the items and synergy with shields that make him strong Anivia-not a reliable stun no escape Kassadin-weak early game,gets destroyed pre-6 by ranged champions Twitch-really see no reason why he's OP he has good mid-late game Miss Fortune-just a joke anything can interrupt her ult and without her ult she has by far the worst DPS out of any adc Draven-without his axes which can be dealt with CC he has low damage compared to other adcs,and his axes make him really predictable Kog'Maw-really weak before 3 item spike,really weak in lane without his W There you go out of all these champions the only "op" ones are tank fizz,ivern,maybe kassadin
So tank fizz,ivern and kassadian are the only op champions in the whole game ,all the rest of the champions are balanced :D ,man i really can't agree forgive me..
Eratos (EUW)
: try {{champion:84}} and then make the difference between op and adc
noo man thats a diffrent story ,assasian's are made to make the adc cry ,so don't compare and adc with an assasian and yet draven can do well vs them xD
Eratos (EUW)
: Fizz twitch talon anivia and maybe others...but nunu...draven nooooooooooooooo thats sad dude.NUNU draven are not op champions and dont deserve nerfs.The rest maybe..
I can't believe that you said "Draven isn't op" !! :D
: You dont have to 1v1 or kill champions to win the game.
Of course you are right,but the game is about team fight and so ,anyone of these champions due to their great ability in 1v1 matchups ,they can get fed really bad ,and so they will help other lanes and get more and more kills ,you know what happens when an enemy fizz or talon get fed man :D ,one shoting everyone !
: Everyone can be countered but half of those aren't even that strong like Warwick. You also forgot Lux with her stupidly OP and short cooldown ult.
yeah ,i Forgot to mention lux :D,,ww is an animal he is tanky and can deal crazy damage and you cant escape him when you are low hp unless you have a cc in your kit ,and maybe you can survive cause his ult can catch you also
: Most of these champion have clear weaknesses and clear strengths knowing what they are is key to victory
many are really hard to counter man ,like fizz,talon and kassadin for example they can escape almost everything,also draven he is op early game ,op mid game ,op late game he just keep destroying your hp with his axes!
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Caitlyn sits at a 50.4% win-rate Draven sits at 50.0% I think the major problem when you're losing against them is that you don't know much about those champions. Many seasons ago, I was an ADC main, and my pain point was Caitlyn. I could never lane against her. My friend told me a tip: Purchase her, and start playing her. One of two things will happen: 1. You'll instantly win everything since you think the champion is too strong. 2. You'll start losing with the champion and learn for yourself what the weakpoints are. For me, it was the latter that happened. After learning how to play Caitlyn, she wasn't an issue for me in lane anymore.
You are right of course but that doesn't effect the fact that catlyin and draven are very good early and late game ,,and btw sivir win rate is 49% and ashe win rate is 48% :)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Not all champions are supposed to have a strong early game. Some are designed to be 'weak' during the laning phase, but have a stronger late game. Ashe and Sivir can be quite brutal come late game. All they need to do during the laning phase is to survive and not fall too far behind.
You are right ,but is it fair to make catlyin and draven have both good laning phase and late game ?!,,they have both.
meroboth (EUNE)
: Balance is weakness -Zed
lol,zed is op btw :D
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: After her rework she used to have alot more damage and at one point was the strongest ADC, so Riot slowly nerfed it. Ashe can't have too much damage, she makes up her lack of damage with utility. Also she's still going as a strong LCS pick and recently Riot were considering nerfing her further(could've been that nerfed went throuth, don't really remember).
you kidding right ! :D ,they will nerf her !! lool ,,man they nerfed her ult,her W ,her Q and her passive ,what else! xD
: I think ashe is fine andd i play sivir sometimes and it works
They are fine ,i know ,the problem is their laning phase ,their early game is very low !
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Biuvoc (EUW)
: Dont listen to this guys..they dont want to accept it.{{champion:420}} shes easy to play so she wont get nerf..Most skilled champs get nerf not easy one.Beside that she is rarily picked so i dont think nerf will come. But yes she is broken like many other champs that need to be changed.. but hei better nerf {{champion:64}} he press r to 1 shot..
yeah man :D ,,lee is op also yes ,next to graves and hecarim also catlyin ,twitch,xin zaho and TRANDMAYER! ,but as you said ,noone cares about low skill champions
Wex0r (EUW)
: This video doesn't prove anything she was higher lvl than anyone who attacked her and they all stood in her ult, and{{champion:67}} vayne gave the kill away. Lets start with{{champion:420}} illaoi being lvl 14 when this fight breaks out. So first {{champion:107}} rengar is lvl 10 hits lvl during the engage but by the look of his skill he doesn't know u can macro an ability lvl up during a fight, he goes in gets wooped and runs away but dies to the 3rd tentacle that spawns because he doesn't understand how to dodge them. Then we have a lvl 12 {{champion:86}} garren lvl 10 {{champion:267}} nami and a lvl 13 {{champion:131}} dianna who all stand in the ult instead of just staying out and waiting for it to expire or for illaoi to come out of it. (its a very static ult as ults go, leaving no reason to stay inside) As i mentioned above it appears{{champion:67}} vayne run in to give the penta away. So in short Not Op but a great brawler when she has a lvl and gold advantage and lower skilled opponents. If your going to use this type of video as "evidence" of Broken champions then i think it discredits your opinions entirely. Best of luck on the rift.
This video is for fun ,i know what you just said above ,, but the question is ,does illaoi really needs a video to prove that she is op?!,i guess not :D ,her damage ,her tank ,her heal and her ult,can simply make her 1v5,maybe she lose ,but at the end all the enemy team members are even dead or respawn with 10 hp xD
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: Its annoying u cant turn it off...
really? ,how?!
: Hm... first time playing it it's kinda ugly but after that I barely even notice it.
Its very red ,that's the problem :D
: Darius is a bruiser and he can sustain the more he's surrounded of course due to his Q. But is he a tank? Not really - he still relies heavily on his Q heal to be able to sustain. Is his Q heal %%%%ing bullshit? Yes... yes it is... Is he %%%%ing bullshit? Yes - he is.... wp balancing team The only reason his winrate is lower than expected is because Darius players have about -30% idea on what's important. Every Darius player EVER I see in my or the opponent team goes like: I 1v5 all game and my team handles the rest... then claim I carried it
yeah exactly ,in my opinion he is very op actually!
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Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
Best thing i have heard in 2017 :D
: It's not about "nerfs" it's about people can't play him that well and people prefer to play "face-palm" champions.
He is the second or third lowest win rate in the whole game ! ,being hard to play isn't enough to make his win rate like that !
: I usually need these two {{item:3036}} {{item:3153}} combined to do something to a fed tank/juggernaut. One of them is not wnough. Some can use {{item:3071}} too.
Why {{item:3153}} not {{item:3072}} ?
: Really depends on what kind of ADC you are playing. It's not your job to solely fight tanks. PS: Darius is not a tank
He is tanky enough , he is op anyway :D
Infernape (EUW)
: No, because if that happens, Azir would become the mid lane god again. Riot's kept him like this because his kit is inherently broken. Riot said they were going to give him a mini rework of sorts to put him in a balanced state in both pro and casual play.
At the moment he is trash , i guess if he gets some small buffs ,he could be a bit modest until they give him this mini rework,and no one knows when yet !
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TTekkers (EUW)
: Ashe is pretty good vs tanks because of her slow and passive crits deal more damage over a lot of AA's. Also, pretty much every ADC is good vs tanks once they get items. Also, Sivir is good vs tanks indirectly, because you can hit the tank, and the backline at the same time with W xD Ezreal, Cait, Trist are all decent vs assassins since they have good range and an emergency reposition, but the real defence vs assassins is to stay with team.
Man ,I will try :D
TTekkers (EUW)
: Jhin is the WORST vs tanks - he simply doesn't have the consistent damage. {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}
I agree with you about vayne,,but is it fair to have only one adc in the game who can deal with tanks and assasins?!
TTekkers (EUW)
: If a Volibear is allowed to just run at you, then at least one of the following applies: * You're mis-positioned - your team should be able to at least hit the damn guy with CC or poke while he's running at you, and if you're not with your team, well .... * Your team suck - they let the Volibear run at you, past their range of all their abilities and while you COULD have collapsed on him and killed him, they decided to just let him kill you. You may think your kiting and positioning is good, but there's always room to improve because on ADC there's so much room for error. ___ As for damage, you need farm, more than any other role in the game you need farm. Your items are expensive and you need like 4 big items to start doing real damage, which really sucks until you get those items, then you're just unstoppable xD
Exactly,My team :D ,thats another problem ,everyone just need kills,and tanks are not easy to be killed,and maybe voli gets you and kill you right before he dies from you and your team damage xD ,,man he is sooo tanky!! :D ,,at the end i think that they should return armor penetration back ,i know that lithality items had a buff last patch but i think it isn't enough yet for many adc,they should also care about some adcs like tristana,lucian and sivir they are really weak at the moment.
Grafen (EUNE)
: I thing the best adc against tanks is jhin because with 100% crit and some armor shred he can be unstopable. Also he can root someone and stop him from coming staight to him Try it if you want :)
i am almost level 7 jhin :D ,, i know that he is good vs tanks but the problem is his reloading time,attack speed and his movement speed,you know.
TTekkers (EUW)
: 1. Kiting 2. Positioning 3. {{item:3153}} 4. {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}} Range is a defensive stat, use it.
Man i am kiting ,an i told that i am buying mortal and lord,but its all about damage ,you are doing small damage to them cause they are sooo tanky ,for some one like volibear ,he will just run toward you ,flib you and start to destroy you while you are kiting :D
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