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: Actually, I didn't. Read my message carefully, and you'll see that at most chat restriction would have been deserved. As for robot answer and 3 people answering, you will get a lot of low folk people before You actually get a proper answer. And the only way to do this is to just keep hitting that clock until they close your ticket, open a new one and hit again until you get unbanned. Which should be done in my opinion
So you think I should spam them up until someone really pays some attention and reads through the case?
: > as I mentioned it said that i got reported 6 times in 8 games or something like it so it obviously keeps track on that It does track it, but 1 report alone already starts an investigation. The issue is, racial slurs etc, are **zero-tolerance**, which means absolutely no tolerance. Doesn't matter if it's aimed as an insult to someone or not but the word has no place in League, and you said the infamous word **twice**. You can try to have a lucky day and submit a ticket to Riot Support about this, but I doubt it will help you since they are pretty strict about these type of things.
I did before I wrote this post, because I really thought they will just wave the ban in the light of the context of what I said...
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: There was a touch of sarcasm in that post. Anyway, The report calling, it seems you've done it in the past. As you did have 2 chat restrictions, the next step is unfortunately to ban. However, I don't think the ban was deserved, but I do think in this case, a chat restriction of 5 games would have still been warranted. Cause report calling is just that, report calling. It won't help, as you only need 1 to get a guy reviewed(Altho whatever riot says, the more reports the better? Not really, just send a ticket to support and they'll take a look into it, even tho they usually send template response)
You missed a part of it the 2 chat restricts that I had, happened in season 2 or 3 that's 6-7 years ago, when they introduced the system, nothing similar since then. And yeah I sent them ticket and I got a robot answer me, then 3 different people, the last one told me the ban stays... I asked him at least to tell me whу, what got me banned, will check for answer a bit later...
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: even with the context is was still deserved, that said, mute? However it is understandable where your frustration and anger comes from. real world, I'd kick the guys nose off his face
You're literally the only guy that said it's deserved, please.tell me why, cause even riot support employees did not explain to me. If you can I'll be thankful, and I'm not even sarcastic.
: Riot basically views anything you say that isn't explicitly positive as "toxic" if you ask them to check stuff. So saying stuff like "pls don't die" or "nice three deaths" probably won't get picked up by the automatic system, but player support absolutely will count that as toxic behaviour as you were "arguing with your teammates", to quote what I've been told before. They also point-blank refuse to consider context in any way, shape, or form. The automatic system can't determine context; they're utterly reliant on the automatic system working; and thus they'll defend the automatic system and its flaws to the point of obstinance, including the "context doesn't matter" rule. You used the word, using the word is offensive, end of story. Basically, just never type anything. Don't try to even discuss the game or anything else. Just perma mute all or literally only type shit like "it's ok, we're doing great guys". It's pretty much the only way to avoid potentially getting flagged. Seen far too many examples where people have been banned for basically %%%% all, just having a normal discussion with teammates about the game or whatever. Just don't bother.
That's honestly sad, so call people nigg, whoe, bich, slu, and whatever slurrs as long as they are spelled wrong, nobody bats an eye, but ask for someone to get reported and get banned yourself cause you explained why exactly people should report him... That honestly does not work at all, it doesn't seem right. It's not satisfying for those who reprt and not just for those who get reported. I get it, having a bot to automatically scan for red flag words is ok, but when it makes mistakes, have the courage to admit it and solve it. And you're also telling me that 'please don't die' is somehow considered toxic? Like my lane opponent have level kill and gold lead on me, I'm dead he's 1/2 hp Nasus in HUMONGOUS minion wave and my mid lane zoe decides to 1 v 1 him, so I don't get to tell her to back off? Like, she might not be aware the guy has already scaled, I'd appreciate that kind of advice since in the game we all tend to get hot headed when we see low opponent a and sometimes don't realize that their 1/2 hp bar is twice as big as ours full
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Just type a liiiiittle bit less next time I say an average of 0-5 things per game and never anything bad
I know and i do. I usually avoid typing at all, because it distracts me from the game and makes me play worse, when I play premade games don't even look at the chat, cause I can get all the relevant info from my buddies. But then those examples are pure tilt, where I'm making a mistake, get flamed for it, start typing, start playing even worse, get destroyed, flamed even more, more typing, explanations, arguing, passive agression. Still you can see I was not really toxic, despite being obviously on tiltspree. And I really wanted this last guy banned cause he was arrogant, and was behaving awfully, and thought to myself, hey maybe if I tell them what exactly he said they'll see what a shitty teammate he is and will report him... Well let's say it did not work well for me, but still I do not believe I deserve such punishment.
: > [All]Hàrbinger: stfu [All]Hàrbinger: report zigs for vberbal abuse thanks [All]Hàrbinger: he called me nitch and is toxic [All]Hàrbinger: and now he calls me %%%%%% pls report super toxic zigs racist as %%%%l Hàrbinger: yeah surre i'm gonna get banned for you calling me %%%%%% [All]Hàrbinger: report zifgsd ty [All]Hàrbinger: report sylas for being afk thanks Report calling, and repeating a zero-tolerance word 2 times. If you knew he would get banned for saying it, why repeat the word? Report calling is punishable, so don't do it. Stacking reports doesn't mean anything, your report alone is enough. And in the future, refrain from quoting zero-tolerance words.
I actually did not know report calling was a bad thing, since everybody do it, and also I think in many cases it does matter, as I mentioned it said that i got reported 6 times in 8 games or something like it so it obviously keeps track on that. And yeah obviously in hindsight repeating the word he said was a bad idea, but at that point I really was not thinking about automatic pickk up of bad words, and didn't give it much thought since for me it's obvious the context is what matters most, at leas to a human, not at all to automated system programmed to pick up on red code words. And if I could go back I would probably rephrase my whining and say "the N-word" instead of "%%%%%%" but still, do you really think i deserve 14 day ban and honour dropped from 3 to 0 for literally first misstep since the punishing system was ever introduced? Basically got char restricted twice in a row for about 10 games in season 2 or 3 and then got couple of low priority 'leaverbuster' queues in season 7 because my pc was restarting on random and i was spending 5 minutes in every other game being afk. That's about it. Then I typed in the N-word twice, and not as an insult but as whining about someone else using it against me and got completely shut down, does not seem fair at all.
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