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: You're not really being nice to your jungler in your logs. Unsportsmanlike behavior is more than just verbal insults. You constantly order your jungler around, telling her that she needs to do what you say. When she doesn't, you start with "better jungler wins", and start blaming the loss on her. This is exactly what "negative attitude" is about. Your attitude towards Shyv is not going to make her play better, it's just going to make her ignore you.
There is no timeline there, and this game took over 40 minutes, you think "constantly" and "order" are a good words? Sadly u cant see what team written, they all agreed with my point of view and waited until she wakes up, never happen. Well, tell me than if there is any better way to give random people a clue about what you expect in-game other than writing it in chat? I can agree with unsportsmanlike behavior if i wrote that i will feed if he wont come or anything other, but here, i just told him that we need his gank to survive and have any chances. But in this game i was really calm about it, after 0-2 i just knew it will be lost game, and simply thought i will win another one. From my point of view i can say that "your point of view is unsportsmanlike for me because u took other side", this is the real issue here, that players are offended when other players are saying they did smth wrong, than they report that, and bam, someone get chatban. This is mad! If this case would be judged by tribunal everyone would see all 10 players chats and probably would know that 8/10 said same as me, even this Irelia was like "Duh, he will never gank your lane? Its done no matter what now" Why 8/10? Shyv played with duo (Ekko on mid), both tried to convince all players to report me and were derided by other 7 players, but i assume they reported anyway. I just hope more players from this community will take a poll here so we will see if there are more players convinced like me that todays system have to be changed in order to repair it.
: Chatbans by RIOT - fake reason showing incompetence of ppl working in support.
As u noticed its erased from here, thread is not about game one, but about game two, and as you noticed by reading my message i was asking community in kindly way to show me where i was a toxic player in game two. RIOT worker used it as a "reason" so i just want to know, because I maybe mislead myself, but I can't find anything wrong in this game.
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