Husker (EUW)
: Normal Draft Returns to EUNE
Some of us weren't happy about? Pretty sure at this point none of was happy about it.
Arsene (EUNE)
: Vayne is out of control
As long as it was on normal blind pick, it doesn't matter and nobody cares lol.
: It's on NA GD Boards and only has 2 upvotes there, so... EU > NA {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} EDIT: I also have this up on the League of Legends Reddit, and it's been sitting on the top of the second page there for like half an hour.
send me a link to the na one I'll support you there
: It's on NA GD Boards and only has 2 upvotes there, so... EU > NA {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} EDIT: I also have this up on the League of Legends Reddit, and it's been sitting on the top of the second page there for like half an hour.
: Unofficial Patch Notes - 7.3 - Something Something Blood Moon
This would've got you over atleast 50 upvotes on the NA boards, really good bro. xD
Rstonius (EUW)
: Silence is the best reply to a fool.
Arbem (EUW)
: Arcade Zyra
Post this on NA, now. It deserves way more attention, go! now!
Plazyer (EUW)
: Ultimate backgrounds without summoner icon
I don't understand. What do you mean ?
Mr Tcool (EUNE)
: Game 1 Mr Tcool: ur low Mr Tcool: u lost it already Mr Tcool: i give up Mr Tcool: ;/ Mr Tcool: u flame me at astart Mr Tcool: and u cant farm Mr Tcool: this is lsot Mr Tcool: i said let me jungle Mr Tcool: i would izi carry Mr Tcool: lee can only baby sit mid Mr Tcool: bye bye Mr Tcool: u dont ahve to Mr Tcool: u are bad anyway Mr Tcool: we cant wi9n Mr Tcool: ^_^ Mr Tcool: i know Mr Tcool: cus u didnt let me jungle ;/ Mr Tcool: lee is low Mr Tcool: ^_^ Mr Tcool: u lsot by picking lee Mr Tcool: champion u cant handle Mr Tcool: nah Mr Tcool: i dc Mr Tcool: i knew u losoe it Mr Tcool: before it started Mr Tcool: ahahah this lee Mr Tcool: s Mr Tcool: dont pick top Mr Tcool: when ur low. Mr Tcool: reported Mr Tcool: gg this Mr Tcool: low shits Mr Tcool: u lsot it Mr Tcool: cus ur low Mr Tcool: now stfu plz Mr Tcool: bcus ur 0 skill :( Mr Tcool: i lsot it Mr Tcool: gj! Mr Tcool: nah Mr Tcool: u lsot it Mr Tcool: i still have nice scpre Mr Tcool: score* Mr Tcool: gg report troll lee and rengo ,wp Mr Tcool: he cant even kill tf 1 vs 1 Mr Tcool: that pro jungler in gold elo Mr Tcool: 60 secs to go Mr Tcool: i told u only noob pick lee jungle Mr Tcool: vs udyr Mr Tcool: ^_^ Mr Tcool: plat but 0 brain Mr Tcool: boosted Mr Tcool: nothing else Mr Tcool: why Mr Tcool: boosted lee lost it Mr Tcool: with regar Mr Tcool: meh report lee and rengo plz i honor u :D Mr Tcool: go baron Mr Tcool: and finish plz Mr Tcool: if my boosted team comes u have free ace+ fre ebaron Mr Tcool: run jinx run Mr Tcool: ahahah Mr Tcool: report Mr Tcool: cus u feed top Mr Tcool: and u do 0 Mr Tcool: look at u Mr Tcool: regar Mr Tcool: what are u trying to do Mr Tcool: woooow Mr Tcool: so good Mr Tcool: ahahahah Mr Tcool: plz go baron Mr Tcool: gj Mr Tcool: now finihs Mr Tcool: we cant with lee and regar Mr Tcool: ur lvl 15 Mr Tcool: im lvl 11 Mr Tcool: udyr 16 Mr Tcool: lee 12 Mr Tcool: yeah try Mr Tcool: + brand afk
You were flaming lee sin and rengar through out the entire game and you got the guts to say "I got banned for being flamed at" I'd say your ban is definitely justified.
Mr Tcool (EUNE)
: Per Ban For Being Flamed By Duo Players?
Show us the chat log riot sends you. as proof that you did not deserve the perma ban and if you were banned because "you got flamed by duo"
: No thank you, my computer wouldn't handle an even more graphically advanced map... It's already hiccuping at standard SR with lowest settings, and with an occasional screen-freeze. Won't be this year anyway, they don't have the time to make one now. Edit; mind you this is MY opinion. MY computer can't handle a detailed SR like that. If they make it a separate queue I'm all for it. Stop jumping on my ass, please.
You can't expect the entire community to get turned down because you're "poor" just like you said in the below comment. Can you ?
MrBunnyFluf (EUNE)
: We want a winter map!
JokingK1 (EUW)
: I just wanna thank you riot
Congratulations on getting it back m8.
: Looking for skilled duo planning to rise in elo quickly
Why are you even ranking in preseason ? That was a lesson I've learned long ago. To never ever play rankeds in preseason
: After only a week of playing LoL I can't enjoy the game anymore because of player behaviour
Or even "OMG YOU'RE SCRIPTING" Because you're leagues ahead of them.
chill22518 (EUNE)
: this was rather serious, and I was trying my best to sound serious. I'm offended. {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > i wish they come back but then riot would have to get rid of the potion upgrades If you don't spam your abilities wildly, mana isn't really an issue. I've had less mana problems after the removal of the potions honestly. --- > i wish they gave players the option again to upgrade trinkets Technically we still have that option. At level 9 you can replace your trinkets with two new ones. --- > and upgrade to homeguard because you had to earn that shit but now we get these for free which is rather jarring and pointless because most of the time im always at full build or near it. You do know you can still get boot enchants, yes? The free homeguard actually makes sense, since it was such a strong enchant that it was used at nearly all occassions. It was rare that players purchases one of the other enchants due to the superior ability of homeguards. Homeguards provides a great pressure to defend a base past 20 minutes, and it opens up for actually getting a boot enchant that works more situational. So your extra gold is better spent now than before. --- > Urgh what am i gonna do with 5000 spare gold with my 32/7 while carrying my team What did you do with it in the past? After you got homeguards; then what?
I like your name. Reminds me of that MC from the anime Oregairu.
: So why Riot don't stop them if they even don't generate money?!?!
Man you just went full retard there.
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Mana potionss, we miss you
hahaha this is by far, one of the most humorous threads out there.
sale023 (EUW)
: Ilaoi
This thread doesn't make any sense at all. Your first two sentences actually made you look like a pretty decent player and then . . . You went full retard from there.
Agidyne (EUW)
: What's heavier? 10 Kg of Pure Steel or 10 Kg of feathers?
Rioter Comments
: Or you see that one guy and be like "Aw hell nuh". Bullet dodged.
Ahahaha yea because when you join your friend's room and see that one guy u rly dont wanna play with and suddenly leave the room it would be really awkward for your friend as well xD
MrBunnyFluf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HacunaYourTatas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xZiA82dX,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2015-12-01T16:34:07.338+0000) > > Hmm . . . Never meant it as a form of offense in anyway. However, it is also obvious that you're from EUNE because you took it way too seriously and even down voted my comment. xD > > P.S. They were no few mistakes mate. Yeah. Because my sentences are correct and if you look at your keyboard you will see that every mistaken letter is next to the right one. ;)
candoodle (EUW)
: When i was little i used to give my sister Action figures for christmas so i could play with them
Sister complex ? :)) Jk, That's really kind of you m8. Your sister is one lucky girl for having such a caring brother. :D Btw I just assumed you were male for some reason. Eitherway, stay awesome. :)
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: In the Player Behavior section green names are disabled. There was some good reason behind it, but hell if I'd remember such.
Rofl sorry about the reply i thought you were the GPet guy but then I noticed you weren't so I deleted my comment. But thanks for the clarification ! xD
MrBunnyFluf (EUNE)
: ***
Hmm . . . Never meant it as a form of offense in anyway. However, it is also obvious that you're from EUNE because you took it way too seriously and even down voted my comment. xD P.S. They were no few mistakes mate.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Damn... don't let a game get to you like this. :c I don't understand how you can enjoy and play this game if those logs reflect what you feel. :s Now... what most people would consider "toxic" in your logs here would mainly be the report calling, basically you just go on and on how bad Riven was... I don't think it really made her feel or play any better. (I don't know about writing in another language.. but it usually means something bad too) Yes, some people play bad, but you don't even know why. For all that's good they could lane vs a smurf, lost someone close to them, etcetc. And then they feel bad cus they lose their lane... and even worse because you flame them. :c And even more... what did you get from saying all that? :s Nothing... no, actually a ban, something negative. :< If you really feel like you need to use the chat in this way... maybe you should stop playing anyway. Not for anyone else but you, because you are worth more than feeling like that. :( Maybe look for another game... one without feeding Rivens (or anyone feeding in genaral). There are a lot of competitive none-team games too, noone can ruin your game like this there. ;)
: broblme in game
This is obviously a troll thread, raptored x9.
: where is it i cant see it omg
You're so cute and innocent lmfao.
Macilento (EUW)
: 150-200 constant Ping from today, with apparently no reason
Something is definitely wrong from your connection to your router or your router to your Internet provider's servers.
: How long does it take to write up 2000 words?
2000 words. That took me 3 seconds.
Rioter Comments
daizzer (EUW)
: to the people who is still wondering the mysterious victorious skin .
Does anybody know when will this skin be distributed ? Patiently waiting.
Catchdown (EUW)
: My apologies to everyone
Heyy It's you ! :D I aswell am trying to improve my behavior after I got a chat restriction the first time which ended not long ago, and hopefully WE succeed at it, Good luck bro ^^
LightTrack (EUNE)
: Okay 1st of all the sentence "MMR has nothing to do with Matchmaking" is one of the most stupid sentences i've heard in my 2 years of "career" in League. Because MMR (MatchMaking Rating) literally defines Matchmaking. It's the core of who you will get placed with. Second, your MMR rises with consecutive wins, so if you were Gold I three weeks ago i assume you were on a winning streak and your MMR raised gradually. If you get matched with Silvers then your performance has been at a Silver level and you've lost a lot of games consecutively and will be matched with people at your level. 3rd i don't believe you have ever been matched with anyone higher than low-Diamond. That's ridiculous. I just don't believe that. You have to be on a 25 win-streak for that. 4th: 1.From YOUR expierence, when your MMR has been low enough to get those kinds of people. Also Platinums' only problem is their attitude. They seem to think they are almost in elo heaven so they consider themselves better than the rest. This makes them arrogant and causes them to slip a lot of wins away against lower elo players. Tbh High-Gold was elo heaven to me. People really were trying. 2.High elo players always see their past as elo-hell. I can say i got from Silver IV to Gold V in 1 day because people were pretty bad, but when you look at some people in Silver, they play really well and outclass some Platinums with their mains. Platinums only have better game knowledge and better instincts. Nothing special but technically they have been through more ranked play than the rest because i can assure you that getting from Gold to Plat was a huge grind and getting to Diamond is propably THE hardest grind of all tiers. This is also confirmed by many people who boost others. They are usually High-Diamond or Master. PS:I'm a Support main, at a (tournament) Master level so you can take my word. Why am i Platinum? Because playing an Utility Support here demands getting carried. And that won't happen enough to climb higher.
I'm not even gonna read all that since the first two sentences prove that you don't want to understand what I meant even though I tried to make it as clear as I could. Matchmaking rating has NOTHING to do with your queue on NORMAL GAMES, Woah did you get that ?! That's right, NORMAL GAMES. That's what I've been taught by MANY players. I'm done talking to you because You are one heck of a salty dude.
Catchdown (EUW)
: You are so intense mate :)
LightTrack (EUNE)
: From a Gold IV i wouldn't be surprised to hear this. Trying to hit her tentacles in Platinum is damn near impossible as people are actually moving around.
Uh. excuse me. I happened to be in gold 1 three weeks ago xD Plus I only played her on normals. With that being said, Now you know that MMR has nothing to do with matchmaking. Meaning I get matched against all ranks starting from silver all the way to diamonds and rarely masters. So yea. P.S. Plat players are no different than gold. heck silvers are better than both tiers. Starting from Diamond 2 and above is where the real players are. Just my opinion tho based on what I've seen and heard from high elo players.
LightTrack (EUNE)
: I was. Why?
Oh, You think mastering illaoi is difficult ? . . Been playing her since the release. I actually bought the bundle cuz well . . I love female champs ( totally feminist xD ) and ever since, I've lost very few matches with her and now im almost at lvl 4 mastery. She's really easy and simple to play. not sure how you'd need a "PhD" to master her xDD
LightTrack (EUNE)
: I agree another champion that requires a PhD to be successful at. Where are champions like Garen....
I really hope you're not referring to illaoi. I REALLY REALLY hope you're not. xD
Catchdown (EUW)
: Am I the only one...
Yes you are the only one.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Remember. Flaming doesn't win you games.
No thing and being can win you games except YOU.
zBlackCat (EUW)
: I want my money back!!!
Well no offense, but you kinda sound like a douchebag who deserved what he got.
: Good bye League of Legends! Will miss you all <3
So why exactly are you quitting ? I mean the game is there, you're not forced to login every day and play it. so I still dont get as for why are you "quitting" ?
: Just another Illaoi bug
Been playing her since the release and never once have I encountered such a bug with her. And even if she did have a bug, pretty sure riot would be aware of it sooner or later and will fix it along with the many other champion bugs that occur every period of time. you cant blame riot for anything dude. they're trying their best to keep you and the community satisfied.
: You do have a point, she just shows up a lot and she's always picked and is incredibly boring
Well what does that have to do with her being OP ? The dude just made a perfect point. Annie can be countered and defeated easily. As far as I'm concerned the only thing that's bothering you is the fact that she's being picked a lot lol. You may find her boring, but others find her enjoyable. It is good to have different opinions.
: > [{quoted}](name=Neonchan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ze8cZ4Xq,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-29T22:33:00.797+0000) > > And that's why shes 5th last in winrate in higher elo ranked? You don't really want to tell me they all just lost while crushing their lane her win rate is steady over 50% wtf u talking about ... go take ur medicine
What is wrong with you ? Just because you two have different opinions that doesn't mean you could talk very offensively. If your opinion is the only thing that matters to you then I highly suggest that you stop posting on boards.
: builds tanky deals insane dmg
BJK xPeke (EUW)
: !!! O_o LeBlanc got 25 kills
Idk why but this thread was downvoted to 0 so I made it -1 for no reason
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