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The Odyssey jinx skin is epic, not legendary
Kelb4n (EUW)
: I like the latter one. Preferation is a mater of taste I guess, but I think an "even darker" Zed would be dangerously close to just his base skin.
Yes but his base skin is rusty and stuff... and I kinda wanted him to represent some new legion if shadow assassins, that's why had the idea of "better armor"
: > [{quoted}](name=VengefulScorpion,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=9EEoygie,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-09-11T15:39:48.545+0000) > > This would work great aswell but the only problem behind that is that Nasus already got a legendary skin and I guess that Cho is the only champ with 2 legendaries Darius already had a legendary when they made the last vs event. Guess that wouldn't be a problem. Darius has 2 legendaries btw. Corki aswell
Well in corki's case both skins don't even deserve to be called legendary and in darius' case he's a champ that Riot loves too much, he is one of their first champions with also one of the greatest rivalries and I doubt they will totally skip this shen and Zed idea, because even the skins can be made pretty easy, they will release a new mechanic in terms of aspect on the new kayn skin, they could use the same mechanic on Zed vs Shen skins
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Well they are the only popular champs with a big rivalry that still didn't get their legendary skin :/ especially because Shen is a veteran in this game and the kayn ultimate mechanic on the new skin could work really well on those versus Zed and Shen skin ults
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Potentially even better idea: Moon Blade Shen and Sun Blade Zed: A black'n'white theme for Shen, with some shady stuff going on with his sword, and a cold moon surface for his W. A brightly shining gold and red design for Zed, with sunlight bursting out of his R-target and shooting stars as Shurikens.
Actually, I would rather see a Zed skin where he is really dark, he is just as dark as nocturne with a better new silver+black+red armor OR even chaos Zed where his shadows can be on fire while Shen can be "the heaven" where his abilities would look kinda like a guardian angel and when his ult could show master kusho
Nascy (EUW)
: The champions are irrelevant for vs events compared to the ideas they'll champion. (All puns intended) Yasuo vs Riven was a fight about creation. Garen vs Darius was about liberty. Start with a grand idea like that. Then see which champion have abilities/models that could be re-skinned in a cool manner. ^^
Riven and Yasuo wasn't a 100% confirmed rivalry, we saw the rivalry only in Yasuo's quotes, the thing is that they have a reason why they fight aswell, Shen fights against Zed for balance, for his revenge while Zed fights to break the balance and unleash the power hidden within everyone
Dio Bento (EUW)
: The only problem I see in this is that they're both ninja. So giving one a white themed skin while the other got black wouldn't really fit the one who got the white one.
Well you could easily think about something great for both of them, recently we saw the new kayn skin, it shows his face when he ults, it will look really well if you she kusho's spirit or Shen when Shen ults and Zed when his ultimate shows that he executes someone (when the shuriken mark appears after you ult, instead of that shuriken you can have Zed)
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It was the same with Graven and Darius, some people choosed garen mostly because they rather played ARAM than URF, but the idea is that Darius was really obviously going to win, and when the versus event will come the Shen skin will be older than a year
: Nasus and Renekton. Should be interesting. ~~or maybe not~~
This would work great aswell but the only problem behind that is that Nasus already got a legendary skin and I guess that Cho is the only champ with 2 legendaries
Wen294 (EUW)
: If we go that way i guess it's time for a lux versus ahri event.
Yes but the idea is that behind Lux and Ahri isn't any rivalry or at least not a big rivalry
: that didnt stop them from making the Lunar empress One... so who know?
Yes but I mean... lunar empress its just an epic skin, they released skins for ez too but I mean a legendary nowadays looks actually cooler than ultimate skins...
: Skin notifications
Wishlist in league, great point of view, up for that one especially because I'm desperate for yellowjacket shen
Aparation (EUW)
: MUCH BETTER doesn't really help rito get an idea of what you're thinking lmao
I don't really know how to get a better concept, I mean, I got creativity but I can't really explain it, its some kind of King Zed armor where he's fully silver+black+red and stuff while shen also stays with his main colors but a bigger armor and having spirits at his blade, actually, it would be really nice to see the spirit of kusho somewhere in Shen's skin
Aparation (EUW)
: Not all marketing is aimed at getting money, actually. There is actually a fairly large chunk of marketing (for charities/art projects for example) which seeks to provide a service to the consumer or push a message. Even though the concepts are the same and you're still trying to reach and connect with people, you're not trying to make money.
You're truly right, but usually riot likes to promote skins on popular champions, especially legendary skins
: Oh my god, we have someone that studies marketing and management. Let's rejoice my dear league players, cause we are saved from bad management of rito games. ALL HAIL SCORPION.
Not really, riot is a really smart company in terms of selling, Katarina got the death sworn skin right before she became broken, kindred got super galaxy when she was broken and really really really played, Graves got the snow day skin when he was the best jungler of that specific season, not just the patch aaaaaaaaaand they are releasing some new skins on champs like Jinx/Kayn/Yasuo/Ziggs/Malphite/Sona, not all of them are "broken" but Ziggs is kinda hidden overpowered, yasuo starts to get better, kayn starts to get better aswell and Jinx starts to adapt to the new crit items and she's literally the best late game adc
: How about a Leona (sun) Vs Diana (moon) event? could also work... im not into the lore, so idk about their relationship but... it could work since sun and moon are opposites.
This could work really well, but I really started to think about Zed and Shen because they are 2 popular champions that literally represent the Chaos and order because Shen wants balance when Zed wants to be the most powerful, but I would love to see Diana Leona too, I was thinking about Lux and Nocturne aswell but Lux has an ultimate skin and it would be pretty bad to release a legendary skin that's actually better than the ultimate
Kioshek (EUNE)
: I would much rather see Xerath vs. Azir. ^^ Xerath didn't get new skin since 2015 and Azir got new skin at the start of last year... and they could even incorporate Nasus and Renekton. Shen hot new skin this year, so I doubt, that he will get new skin next year anyway. :shrug:
The only problem there is that riot cares about the money... and there are many more zed players than azir players... I mean... they rarely release a skin on someone that's not popular :/ that's the main idea in marketing
: No. Sorry but i can't play champions from Lonia (for missions). And i what story we will write for the Fan fiction? Shen's parents are already dead and Zed don't care about anyone. Sorry but i won't vote.
Well they could write a final showdown of them, just as they did with yasuo and riven or darius garen, their stories were already done before the skins came out
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Arnoter (EUW)
: Thats kinda Pay2Win when they get the same ability as Rakan and Xayah with that Skins, Riot is not yet at that point.
Its not "win" because you don't get any advantage with the recall, its just the estetic dance
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