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Adama (EUW)
: Don't worry, you don't need to be challenger. You have to put yourself in the spotlight though. I've been talking a lot lately to the guy who coached LL Stylish since he was silver. He told me that people as low as platinum 1 have been pro players, or at least have been scouted while they were at that elo. In fact, in korea there was a guy, Pray I think, who was gold 5 when he was taken in by SKT. Now he will be their main team player next season, they nurtured his talent.
yeah i have heard of pray and you dont have to be challenger but you need to have very deep understanding of the game and what actions effect what you as a team can do :P
Maszii (EUW)
: SoloQ is where its at. Cus good teams wont come to local lans.
propably yeah, but the skill level of players jump way too much to have consistent games, i hope when the new season kicks off most of the "boosted" players wont be in low diamond
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, first off you need to be challenger. Your shows you are _only_ Diamond 5, which is very low compared to the competitive level. If you manage to get challenger, then you need to apply to turnaments, find sponsors and such. Especially the sponsors part is difficult; if you aren't well known already it can be hard to find them. Esport athletes don't get their money through winning turnaments actually. They mostly get money through sponsors. And if you don't have a reliable income, your dream is dead. You could have a job, but that takes time away from playing the game. What you could try is to join a team that exists already; but you need to impress people, and "just Challenger" doesn't cut it. Take a look at Faker for example; he was a Solo Queue Star before he joined SKT, people knew him already. If you manage to get to the top of the ladder and make yourself a name, you should have it alot easier to get into a team.
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