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: The Death of League of Legends
I Think instead of completely removing the old Galio, old Sion, old Irelia, old whatever they could´ve simply put in the new version of those champs as an entirely new and different champ. Their kits are fairly different especially in the case of Galio and Sion. Whats wrong with having simple champions? Its happening to Kayle and Morgana too now and as a Morgana main I am so sad to see her get Irelia'd. Why do all champs gotta be flashy, dashy, speedy complex? This is only one of the reasons that I think Riot is such a terrible company. I havent bought RP in 5 years. I refuse to spend money on this shitshow. Instead of making the game enjoyable through good updates and changes they seem to be going hard in the battle against toxicity but in the progress of doing so they're alienating the part of their community that is the most passionate about their game. I recently got a 2 week ban for calling our jungler a "pve player" cause he did nothing for 30 min. Why do I need to get punished for that? They flame harder than that on the analyst desks of LCS and LEC... It's not like I´m telling the jungler to go kill himself, and I'm not saying awful stuff about his mother either. I´ve stopped doing that. I've understood that it's probably a bit too much long ago. All I did was throw down a clever, even funny, but extremely tame and mild remark / insult. 14 days for that on a 6 year old account? Really? I´ll probably never stop getting in the chat and talk a lot of shit and memes once all lanes have gone 0/6. What else is there to do at that point except wait out the game cause one ape doesnt wanna accept the ff vote. Losing is never fun but I cheer my teammates and myself up with some commentary in the chat. Just cause I´m passionate about the game and about winning. Sure, l´m probably not the best teammate in defeat. I´ll admit that, but on the other hand I am certain that in victory I am as good a teammate as they come. As I carry us through a comeback I´ll hype up the team in chat. I´ll List down what's important in our fights or what objectives we need to be looking for next. If a teammate %%%%s up I tell him its alright and try again. If He outplays I ask him if he's faker. After every victory I have friend requests. Literally every single victory. Honors too but always having been toxic I never cared much for those. My point is I am SO much less toxic now than I used to.. Do the most passionate players of the game really deserve to lose their accounts cause of their micro-aggressions? I always joke that it seems that riot wants us all to just be Lux bots in chat. "Stay positive! We can do this!" %%%% you riot, you rotting piece of shit. I hope your building burns down.

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