: Ranked Flex rank after provisional games!
Dude you feel bad? I was Plat III last season and played 6wins and 4 loses and got placed in Silver I.... Riot you done fu**ed up this time!
: Honestly, friendly, if you are good person (and you seem to be) I would advise you not to play pvp or even leave the game. This game will kill your fun, it is very toxic and you have better to do than playing LoL S6.
Bobby, my friend i'm playing this game since 2009. I can deal with these toxic player's it's not a problem for me, but i can't stand when people have so bad attatude agenst player's that just started the game
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello Papucitis, While I don't want to offend you or anyone else, my eyes are bleeding from your english, try using Google translate next time. The situation you described is one of many reasons, why I wouldn't recommend my friends this game. All you can do in such situation is report those players and hope report system is functioning like it supposed to.
As i sed english is not native for me and i'm sorry for that. But tthe problem is that system is doing nothing
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