Perilum (EUW)
: Let me see: 1) Half of it is already in the game. 2) Then some sparkles of whining about basically non existing champs. 3) Basic eye to hand coordination missing. 4) Whining about others, because it's never yourself. 5) Everything should be free, because for reasons. Also make sure you also spend money and take it later back constantly. Classic economical way to make profits.
thank you for your reply!
Rismosch (EUW)
: 1. Already exists. Try typing _/mute all_ into the chat. It doesn't mute emotes though, which is a shame. 2. Is already confirmed and in development. 3. No. Punishment is Punishment, they are supposed to be unpleseant. So try not to quit games in the future and fix your technical issues and your low priority queue will go away. 4. Debatable. Personally I don't care. 5. I don't exactly understand what you mean. Do you mean you want to add requirements to ranked you need to reach otherwise you can't play? If so, no. Everyone should be able to play what he wants. 6. Good idea, many have suggested it before you though. No confirmation from Riot though. But they made a new website called lagreport. Try it out. 7. Unnecessary. 8. Debatable. But there will be free ones that you get when you level up. 9. No. Current pings are fine. 10. Good idea. But again many peope have suggested that before. 11. They are already strict. 12. Learn to play against them. They are not that strong actually.
In number 5 i mean when you play a champion and at the end of the game you get an S or A and it is kind unknown how much do you have to do to get those ranks, get it ?
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AJSimpson (EUNE)
: EUNE Ping issues.
I tried as well they always tell me to contact my ISP, but I dont think they will care specially that there isn't any better ISP that i can change to, if you had any success please tell me what did you tell your ISP.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfollower,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=BpJGG4Zh,comment-id=0006000000000001,timestamp=2017-10-23T21:33:51.547+0000) > > I shall echo this question, too. Why won't you give leaver's LP to other members of his team? Let's say... with the upper threshold of zero for those who recieve? Or why doesn't leaver lose (2x to 4x)*loss points? Punishment of "you lose this game" is not much different from just losing game (except cases like this), and 4vs5 is often a loss. > > Why not make a little justice? Why not make leaver suffer for everyone he let down? Or why not make him repay their loss (even partially)? I don't work on the LeaverBuster system so this is pretty much entirely my own opinion, however: - There's no guarantee you would have won that game had you not have a leaver. Giving free LP for having a leaver is counter productive and potentially abusable. - We already have other punishments on top of "getting a loss", such as low priority queue. Having to wait up to 100 minutes total before playing games already feels pretty punishing for the leaver. - We have the /remake system to help with people not connecting, which was the least-abusable case of leaving. - If your computer has an issue or your ISP has an issue and you're on the receiving end of that 2x/4x punishment, you'll probably be posting the exact opposite of what you just posted. There's definitely a balancing act to be had with punishments - on the one hand, if you get a leave once or twice in a blue moon because your ISP had a bad day, or you had an emergency - getting a huge punishment is extremely demoralising. If you're a repeat offender, you're already getting punished elsewhere. There's definitely room for improvement, however it has to be weighed up against other systems and projects being worked on - as well as how easily it can be abused. People can be very creative in the ways they misuse systems based on good intent :-(
How about if a team loses because they had an afk, the afk players loses normal LP but others lose less LP depending on the number of afk players, for example if there was 1 afk he loses 11 others lose 7, if 2 afk they both lose 11 others lose 5, hope you get what i mean.
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drymonkey (EUW)
: random ping spikes after update
Many people are complains about the same problem, including me but rito seems not to care. May be it is from rito's side maybe it is depending on how far are you from the server.
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: LAG SPIKES ARE INSANE SINCE THE LAST PATCH..48 ping went to 300 and even more then that unplayable..
see I lag with 90 ping and my ping doesn't increase, but i lag as if my ping is 600 and sometimes I disconnected. this started to happen some time this year, I played this game starting from 2016, and I had an issue with joining games but it is gone and every thing was fine until 2017, In April i started to lag for unknown reasons i asked rito for help but they did nothing but making it worse. I have seen many discussions taking about the same issue that suddenly they started to lag for no reason and it seems rito doesn't care, GL with your problem.
Kiriachi (EUW)
: I have no idea what it is as I have tried everything too. I reset my pc, reinstalled, repaired, upgraded, you name it! But still it has these fps spikes and it really hurts the farming for example and general decision making in game play. I cant get my head around what it could be that is why i have finally decided to reach out and ask for help both here and on a ticket so I am hoping we could atleast solve it as it really is ruining the League of Legends experience for me.
If you ever got a solution tell me about it,please?
Estti379 (EUW)
: A few weeks ago I did explain why it is possible to have high ping ingame even though you don't seem to have any issues with your own internet. I'll just copy paste it here: > There is more than just you and Riot that can cause "connection bugs". >When you connect to any site in the world, the data sent and received has to travel through several nodes who are between you and the server. Imagine it like a Road and highway network. There is more than one way to reach the server. Some ways are faster, others are less reliable, others overused, and so on... Unfortunately, neither you nor Riot can do anything to change the "route" used. And if there are issues at some of those nodes, neither you nor riot can do anything to change/affect it... >-But my internet works just fine, so there are no issues with "nodes" at all, it has to be on Riots side!!!! >That actually just means that, to reach a different server, the data doesn't need to travel through the same "issue nodes". (Again, it's like a roads/highway network, you don't need to use the same roads to reach Spain as you use to reach Germany when you start in France) >The only thing you can do, if the issue really lies in nodes used, is complain to your ISP. Maybe even considering changing ISP. And yeah, I know, that Idea sounds absurd... But the worst part is, even the new ISP could make you use the same issue nodes that the old one used^^' BTW, when doing a "speedtest" on a site, very often those sites propose different servers you can choose from to make the test with. Naturally, if you pick a server which is pretty close to you, the resulting ping will be extremely low... there are less physical cables to go through, and way less nodes, which heavily shortens your ping. (And because you might end up asking it: Amsterdam. Riot's game servers are located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam) EDIT: just to prove my point, I did 2 speedtests. Closest server > 10 ping. Amsterdam > 45 ping
but what if league is the only game that has this connections issues? I dont play others games but i use you-tube and it is just fine at high quality. so i think it is riots problem not the nodes.
Kiriachi (EUW)
: FPS lag STILL after following all instructions! HELP!
i have the same issue (not 100% sure), but it goes something like this. Am in a match no lag 80 ping 60 fps, and without having a high ping or a low fps i start lagging, the following happens: -Champions "sliding" across the map -Minions, champions, or spell animations briefly increasing in speed -Champions or minions continuing on a linear path, then "snapping" into place once your connection was restored -In-game commands (such as casting Q) are delayed, or in some cases don't happen -Spells or abilities appear to hit your opponent, but no damage is registered tried doing lots of things like tickets, restarting my pc and router, following troubleshooting and i tried playing when no one is home, but i still lag riot doesnt seem to be able to solve my issue.
ErstinK (EUW)
Riot doesnt care about anyone it is a free to play game they care about pros mainly.
: i will be doing a lawsuit if riot wont fix this problem
> my client bugs at the moment the timer hits 0 Pick before it hits 0? lawsuit dont even try though.
: Hey! =) I would definitely go through each of the steps that the [connection issues]( guide provides, it will help you troubleshoot your matter. Let us know on how it went!
> Let us know on how it went! Are you a riot employ or something?
Arkoth20 (EUNE)
: I AM DONE WITH LEAGUE OF LEGENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you think they care if you deleted the game? They care more about people who give them Rp, free-to-play players are useless to them so they don't care. but i have opened tickets before and they responded (I bought 0 RP) so maybe you need to wait a bit more?
: I`m not playing league until this is fixed.. Riot Help
i have a similar issue, every game i have 80 ms (that is the normal) no lag but then suddenly: -Champions "sliding" across the map(for about 1 m) -Minions, champions, or spell animations briefly increasing in speed -Champions or minions continuing on a linear path, then "snapping" into place once your connection was restored -In-game commands (such as casting Q) are delayed, or in some cases don't happen -Spells or abilities appear to hit your opponent, but no damage is registered. And i cant play with this lag i opened a ticket before but so far nothing fixed.Anyone has the same issue, or a solution?
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: Tbh, in 2016 I was toxic too, I played support all the time and flamed a lot when my team got behind really badly. I have 2 banned accounts. I quit for like a couple of months and then started again with practicing not to be toxic. And I succeeded, since then I just accept the fact that I lose when the enemy team gets ahead really fast. I am still like ''okay, maybe we can still turnaround the game at some point, but if not, then gg''. Toxicity occurs because people care too much about the game, as if it is reality. They just simply can't stand losing. Losing is part of the learning curve. I mean, what do you think the number 1 in challenger rank could do? He has achieved the highest rank, so winning doesn't mean shit to him anymore.
I think players flame because they hate the fact either because he is losing because their teammates are doing stupid plays and taking non-logical decisions( like the famous one when you got the inhb and you are half hp and all of the enemy team is res-pawing and you ping then to go back but they stay and die then you have to defend 1 v 5 and ofc it is very hard so they start flaming you and blaming you), or they flame because they are losing multiple matches in a row and they are on tilt mode.
Karbonis (EUNE)
: I feel you man. I actually wanted to get platinum this season, but after games like this I feel like I'm just wasting my time. Everyone around me is reaching platinum or even higher divisions somehow, but I just can't. Even some of my friends have reached platinum, and even they know that I'm better than them. I shouldn't be crying because I have 30 more ranked wins than losses, but still. Games like this just makes me wanna uninstall and think I will never reach high elo. PS: Dont look my match history, I'm on a pretty huge tilt, I literally miss every second cs, miscalculate kills and ignites, I'm very unlucky and bad in my games nowadays.
lol, I stooped playing ranked a year ago,because i felt it is just a game mode filled with kids who troll,int,afk etc.. all the time, stuck in b4. I enjoy the game so i play normal games trying to get better without the frustration of playing raked.TBH the game is still fun but riot needs to start taking actions to stop the childish acts.
Karbonis (EUNE)
: RIOT, some players deserve to get instantly perma-banned.
> **How come toxic players are banned very rapidly? Int-feeding should be taken more serious than talking bad words to someone** if you think about it the flamers are flaming the inters so basically the problem is with the inters not the flamer. I personally flame anyone with a kid like actions, like when your mid lane flames the jg because he was ganged when diving. i also flame feeders who are not inting but they play against a counter and they cant kill them so they keep trying to kill them and end up feeding them i ask them to play safe under the tower but they get mad and blame the jg and then go afk or go become usless in team fights .
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hazafrios,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AjMcps6g,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-07-12T09:51:35.554+0000) > > instalock is when you lock on yasuo before you call your lane (i guess it was blind pick) so now that you said mid and he picked yasuo you will have to go supp other wise you will have 2 mid laners (idk if that is a word) and the team will probably report you instead so i don't think anyone likes that,besides flaming is a normal thing to do when you are in situations like these because there is no way you will get your right back, it is like someone took the fidget spinner from you by force will you just stay quiet ?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} So whats the difference between someone locking fast and someone typing fast? They are equally fair imo
in blind pick roles are not distributes like ranked and raft so the players have to claim their lanes, this is done by being the first to claim the lane now if i picked ekko do you know what lane am gone play ? top jg mid, i dont think so, so if you type mid and another player typed top and both of you want to play ekko then the faster at locking gets the champ. I dont think it is hard to understand ? typing fast and locking fast is not related in any way.
SS Regis (EUNE)
i have weird problems as well, like my ms is 80 fps is 50-60 and early game i play smoothly with little "lag"("" because i lag without my ms rising or my fps dropping) mid game every 2 m it feels like i have 800 ping despite it showing 84 late game i have to reconnect every 5 minutes because the game just stop moving weird as fuc{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Kha Zix NE,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AjMcps6g,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-12T08:28:44.383+0000) > > ik but still its silver a guy would though that theres less instalockers than in bronze Why do u keep saying "instalocker"? Its none of your business when someone locks his champion. Instalocking is fine, hell i prefer it, it saves time. Its like sayin that u punched kid on street because he played with fidget spinner and believe that u didnt do anything wrong...
instalock is when you lock on yasuo before you call your lane (i guess it was blind pick) so now that you said mid and he picked yasuo you will have to go supp other wise you will have 2 mid laners (idk if that is a word) and the team will probably report you instead so i don't think anyone likes that,besides flaming is a normal thing to do when you are in situations like these because there is no way you will get your right back, it is like someone took the fidget spinner from you by force will you just stay quiet ?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: S7 is bad and completely balanced around LCS and not SOLOQ
> See rito wont care ever about us, you know why, because it is a business and what do business care about money, not you, and because the game is free and you don't have to pay to play nor do you need to pay to have an advantage in the game it is just skins and stuff, so you can try and wait but rito wont care about you because if half of the players left they wont lose shitt, there is no ads in the game, no monthly charge no nothing. > If you love the game then keep playing it and hope the rito will give a shitt soon because this is how business roll,money come before anything.
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Rioter Comments
: Greetings. I know this feeling, every League player does. But think about this. What if your teammates think exactly the same thing about you ? --- They could be thinking "_man, this adc is missing so much cs_" or "_why is he always out of position_". There is ALWAYS some mistake that you can find in someone's play. Not necessarily because they suck. It's just easy to see mistakes if someoen else does them. Working on your own mistakes is a whole different level though. --- TL;DR: Your teammates don't suck, they are most likely just as good as you. It's just a perception thing.
see the title , it has bad game in it, i know anyone can do something wrong but when it happens almost every match you cant say that, the bad supports, when i play supp i make sure to focus adc help mine and ward when i play with supports they dont do any of those they stand behind me waiting for something i dont know what, and they barley ward. I dont want to talk about the supports that just keep talking your farm for no reason. am not saying am the best supp, i dont even main supp but there is some mechanics needs to play the game.
Hazafrios (EUNE)
: Bad games or they all suck?
games where fun to lose in the past all did his best but some mistakes happen and you lose but you had fun, now someone troll or someone boosted doenst know how to play ruins the game and you have to suffer slowly as you get 1 shot at 15 m because your mid lane cant play safe.....
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Matdrox (EUNE)
: Legacy Client In Korean
lol i dont think he got to see the troll in this game to love it so much {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Praes (EUNE)
: adc main hates supports
Lol, when i get a supp the just steal all my cs. and all my kills, and dont even ward, so sad.
: How come Xayah gets to say shit
what is the propose of this post?
: As tank main, i have message to community.
i would expect it to happen in bronze or silver but you are gold , so sad {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Don't work on the matchmaking team so I can't really address your specific query but I just wanted to chime in and say that the normal queue and ranked queues have separate matchmaking ratings (since they are separate queues). Someone might be highly ranked in ranked solo but still be matched low in another queue because they haven't played it as much. That game must have sucked and I feel your pain, I just wanted to elaborate a bit here. Additionally the algorithm uses to calculate your MMR is just an estimation based on the opponents you have played against very recently and it's not representative of the MMR algorithm that we use.
why dont you replay on how trolls are gone be dealt with? i see ton of people complaining about that!{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: The Vastaya - 2 New Champions
yasuo will still 1 shot them {{champion:157}}
: Wich Suport Do You Think Its The Best Choose??
Is leona a good choice, or there is a better one ? Am not a supp main i rarely play supp, but i kinda want to start to play supp. 1- to avoid autofilled trolls in ranked 2- their main task is not to get a nice k/d/a but to help the team 3- help good adc carry the game 4-someting new not top mid jg nor supp.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: This post is just for 1000-th upvote!
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: I believe the game right now is about doing flashy outplays, not coordinated teamfights I wonder how the game could be if we get rid off the assasins for a period of time {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} , it worth to try i guess ..
wanna get rid of the assassins, don t worry Darius will one shot you.
: id rather wait 10+ minutes to get a decent fun game, instead of wait 2 minutes for troll filled morons who shoudnt be playing anything other than bots.
i think if you wait 10+ m queue you will end up with trolls as well, they are so ubiquitous that you cant have a game without one,only if you are lucky, so there is no point of waiting 10+ m for nothing new, you may get skilled players but you cant get friendly ones. what could be a solution to all of this is for rito to be strict with their bans and reports and as we all know kids (a 30+ guy can be a kid, it is about the mentality) will abuse the report system, so rito should deal with reports manually and ban more often. Am not saying am the perfect player 0 flame 0 feed 100% team player, but i don't do that for no reason, i just got tired of "kids" and i knew i wont face any bans for flaming so i started to flame more often now, i try my best to not o, but some players are hard to ignore; specially the yasuo main that feed because he got ganks and his jg was farming...... not to say the unbalanced champs in this game, we should at least be able to have tanks who can withstand that much dmg. we can have items that only have full effect when you but the full set. i.e 3 items each separate give 5% cs but when you get the 3 you get 40 % cs. same for tank items each give 10 armor full set gives 90. that was a long reply :).
RaWft (EUW)
: SKT T1 Faker | Kassadin Gameplay | March 2017
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Yeah I have no problem with the ability itself but in combination with the other ones is just annoying and makes fiora pretty much not able to lose any 1v1s
dont 1 v 1 her simple
: what's up with fiora's dash
all brusirs in this games are broken, so dont complain about one champ.look at garen draius renkton illaoi, all are so strong as well as tanky ty rito for this amazing balanced champs.
True Sight (EUNE)
: What happened to ranked ques?
disabled because there is an issue negatively affecting the game, AKA , trolls idk how rito just found out trolls negatively affect the game? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
orrvaa (EUNE)
: if he didn't doge and both played mid they both would have get a report, and you can't realy report player for playing due mid (out mena tactic)
so what if they got a report rito doesnt ban anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hazafrios,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=64EFEk7E,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-02-25T09:58:52.126+0000) > > We are waiting for an action from rito......I don't see one soon. Game lobbies are not logged like in game chat, so trolls can do whatever they want. And when u refuse to give ur role for their, your team reports u for trolling. Amazing
rito cant do anything? if you didn't doge and he trolled you can rep him right?Then what he will get a ban,queue delay at least a warning no nothing he gets nothing and what happens when some bad guy doesn't get consequences on his actions he does then again..and again as much as he it is ritos fult that troll is increasing and you cant deny thay
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: is it normal that i get boosted asf team mates in my promos?
Carrying is not an option except if you are yasuo ,vayne or an illaoi.
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