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Flubby (EUW)
: I read somewhere that it's a bug when you're in 5 ranked teams and i left one to see if it fixed it. It didn't right away but when i logged on another account checked this account ( which was showing ranks now) and logged back in it was fixed. Not sure what exactly fixed it but this worked for me.
I`ve tried wut u`ve said, didnt work, i`ve left couple of teams, but still not sure how long suppose this to take ( if it`ll work ) but so far nothing, ty for sharin tho
: i think its visual bug. Anivia wall anyways is really buged. Lots of times i stucked at my wall while i shouldnt.
its actually not just visual, u can easily avoid the blackfrost wall by just walking aorund it so smoothly cause how tiny it is, compared to other ones, i mean it really effect ur gameplay, the normal wall on other skins like 5 steps, the blackfrost one is 3 steps
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Flubby (EUW)
: Rank isn't showing
I got the same problem, I`ve tried to contact the riot support like month ago n nothing happened unfortunately
Yongbào wo (EUNE)
: I can not see my league, instead of that i see someone others league
I`ve got the same problem recently, actually it has been 2 weeks or so, I`ve tried different computers, different areas, its always the same problem n its just my account not the others accounts I can log with on the same computer, so its clearly bug, not issue with game files or wutever.. [](


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