: If Riot will ever make another cinematic, name up to 3 champions, who you want in it.
Wen294 (EUW)
: git gud. I have 14 chests and no keys xD Just play some random dude a few times, you'll get an S eventually. Well i gotta admit it ain't a nice system for one-tricks but that's it basically. Keep in mind that you can also get a chest in twisted treeline and featured game mode. So some champs that you can't lane with are champs that you CAN play reasonably well in other modes.
but maibe I'm not good, is it ok to have that big of a diffrens? Isn't leage soppose to be fun even for bad players?
: It's really hard to get loot with the loot system
It would have been ok if I could get a chest when a teammate got an s-, but it's not working for some reason, I think that it was removed.
Mada (EUW)
: you need to be premade with the teammate who got an S-Rank to get loot
but I dont get a loot chest when its a teammate that is getting s for some reason.
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