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: I'm a casual is why, I've seen senna in maybe 8 games so far on NA + EUW
Well then it doesn't matter for you, you gonna see 8 games of Sett in next month so no problem with that, and maybe now you will see more of Senna so you can finally adapt to her.
: Is it just me or are champions coming out of nowhere recently ?
I wouldn't say it's too much if you compare it with season 2-3. Of course it's more then last years but i'm glad for that I like new content like champions. I don't know why would you need so much time to adapt to new champion, 2 weeks are enough I think.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Probably because of your suggestion of making perma-chat mute, as it already was tried in the past. Some people are getting tired answering the same topic at least once per weak. Also, toxic people are the same problem as intentional feeders and trolls. They just do it differently. Before you will go: no, this is not the same, see example of one of my recent games. We had a rough start of the game. Every lane was either heavily losing or was equal with the enemy. At one point our ADC started flaming support, and later he started flaming all of us. You can say "but you can mute." Yea, I did it (and few more probably too), but there was a different problem. We started coming back. Every single person (except of ADC) put tremendous effort to win the game. Everything came to the last concluding fight in baron pit. We almost won that fight. Almost. We lost because our ADC was standing in the mid lane writing how bad each of us is. Flamer created a 4 vs 5 game, the same as troll or intentional feeder does. Yea, he did not do exactly the same thing, but the final effect was same.
yea, sometimes i think that chat do more damage then help in this game. me personally i use chat rarely, i'm quite a rage person, but i rage for real instead of using chat, no one hear that except people in same apartment and atleast i do no harm to my team mates and my account :-D
: What do you mean by "ID ban"? I am curious on what that even is. If it's the same as Tyler got, then it doesn't stop him playing league, simply make a new account.
I don't know I have asked him if he can send me a screenshot so I will provide that later. I don't know either why ID ban since he is not famous person and he can just create accounts and play free till they find who play there, but maybe riot already know how to tell difference between who plays, i can't tell.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: How is he ID banned tho? How do you know? Last time i checked, riot doesn't use ID bans on normal players And no, perma chat ban doesn't work. Because then toxic people will just start trolling games etc which is more frustrating and harder to detect Rio doesn't want toxic people to be interested in the game, riot doesn't want to help toxic people who are so toxic that they got a perma ban etc, riot wants them out of the game
I think there are already trollers who just ruin the games for fun and offensive people are just the ones who don't troll but are toxic when they are not winning, but i doubt most of them start troll. I see it that way from my perspective. Also why am I getting so heavily downvoted just for asking a question?
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Civara (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SHADOW201314,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=MsYQFxZl,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2019-09-19T22:21:44.681+0000) > > Hi all, this bug is caused by details of your last played/spectated game being in the LeagueClientSettings.yaml in the Config folder and marked as In Progress. There are 3 solutions: > > 1 -> The Reconnect/Quit button briefly shows up as the client loads, if you can click Quit before it disappears, it will clear the spectator data and fix the issue. > > 2 -> Alternatively edit the file to remove the references (a bit more technical and I would rather recommend option 3) > > 3 -> Delete the LeagueClientSettings.yaml file and the game will recreate it on launch (May have to readjust any client settings you've altered (In game settings should remain the same) Apperantly I'm not fast enough for option one, but option three isn't working for me either. It just updates for a little bit but once I'm logged in I get the same error.
I had this reconnect bug and I've fixed it with option 1. It was about month or two ago, but it was same bug i think, also happened after spectating.
Hecky (EUNE)
: Rune pages
I know its easy to setup, but once you forget it your game is completely ruined just becouse. But yea, you should defend it becouse riot wouldnt change it anyway
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: He could be... few issues with kiting and a weaknearly game. Most people played the one shot ap build but I was one of the few sion mains going ad... which back then was a champion that could get 300 ad, 2.5 attack speed, 100% crit chance, 115% life steal, and 3.5k health with the right build... if it got rolling it was quite fun to just run over people. Yeaaah, good ol' times
: Is matchmaking broken?
I got same problem, but already for 2 months. My win ratio droppred from 55% to 30% and I fell from plat 2 to gold 1. Last season i hit dia for the first time, and this season was okay from start but 2 months ago something broke and I began to get feeders... but not like 5 out of 10 games but like 9 out of 10 games and it continues already for 2 freaking months! I play it now much less coz why the %%%% should I play more... last time i gave it a try last weekend, I went 14 games and lost 12 :-) nice huh? and most of them if you check match history you'll see me with least deaths or that i started to feed as last member... once other lanes fed enemies enough to just kill me under tower.
Virosus (EUW)
: [Rework Concept] Pantheon - The Aspect of War
I like the concpet but he needs another ultimate. It's main reason why he is not viable, you can travel with it but he's not very good figter from mid game
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Potatoe (EUNE)
: "But keep shitposting players who know what i'm talking about can relate." Go talk to your mother, perhaps she will relate to you as well. rofl. xDD {{champion:432}} There is a bard icon for you. GG
You're out of your mind lol. Feels bad to be you. Good luck with your life mate you gonna need that more then me in solo q.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: "I mean today, 3 times I have won my lane, helped kill enemy jungler made some good roams, but in the end I was like alone in team fights who actually didnt focus tank or whatever." Yeah, i can already see why hes losing so much. GG WP. Nice mentality.
Playing normal games and arams you don't even know what I am talking about. You are very new to the game to me and you trying to be salty as many players are, I mean right now im Plat 2 i think and i will climb back to dia eventually, it's the games on my climbing way what im complaining about. I love it when it's a close game where each team is equally good and it comes to execution of team fights and everyone do their roles. But what i've just described is a rare game I'm having like 1 out of 25 games. Other games are just either way easy win or impossible to carry loose. No matter how you do. But keep shitposting players who know what i'm talking about can relate.
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Hecky (EUNE)
: Fiora W Riposte Bug
Ok, so we have patch 9.1 and I don't see in bugfixes any mention about this. Do they even read the bug reports?
Marcua (EUW)
: What do you hope riot will do in 2019? (Season 9)
Fixing Pyke's bug where his ulti go through Fiora's riposte and executing her.
SnowFlaker (EUNE)
: I think that you should ve W-ed a little bit earlier. I think if you do that, it will work...
No it doesn't. I have already made couple of tests in custom game, pyke's ulti ignore Fiora's W. You can't riposte his execute damage, also i have another video on forum where you can see how i used W earlier and still didnt help.
Hecky (EUNE)
: Fiora W Riposte Bug
Okay I have done some tests with my friend in custom game. He went pyke and i went fiora. At lvl 6 a told him when to ult me and i blocked it with my W. Pyke's ultimate ignored my riposte every single time when it was about to execute me. Although i forgot to try if it blocks pyke's ulti without execution damage.
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: It still crits the same amount (or maybe even less if you would be "lucky" in the old system) during teamfights
It would crit the same amount, just more if you would be unlucky in old system or less if you would be lucky. More consistent
: not stronger overall
How can you be no stronger overall if you are much stronger in laning phase, doesn't make much sense. Anyway crit is mostly adc stat, let them poke each other little bit more, and for those who are melee and use crit chance, are mostly champions who are harrsed, this might little help them fight back
: I haven't seen anyone complain about crit being in the game in a long long time. Your idea you presented simply wouldn't be a healthy solution for the game or for the stat itself. > I think you are same people who say "this is worst season ever with most broken champions" every season %%%%%ing about everything And what do you base this assumption on? Cause I disagree with your idea?
Same assumption as yours about why my idea wouldn't work. People thought they can't deal with 50% less crit dmg from IE, and they were wrong. You think people will poke too hard with crit stacking like this, I think I could learn to play against it. You havent seen complain anyone? Play more trynda and kill them with couple of early crits and they will start, of in youtube sections i found comments with many upvotes how crit is a bad rng stats which annoys people
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I am not being offended by your words. I just pointed out that you are immature cause its either "Your way or the highway" and you really did take it personally when others explain why they disagree with you.
Ok and I disagree with them and think it would work just fine. Exactly how everyone thought removing crit damage bonus from IE would ruin the balance, there are some issues but it's still okay. Same with this idea, people start poking each other with loaded crit even without buying stormrazor, and those who buy stormrazor could do it more often becouse it loads faster, but with less dmg, great it make diversity now, anyway rushing stormrazor shouldn't be the only way to go for adcs, and it is like that right now for most of them and many pro streamers also complain about crit proccing more times in row in early game so they can see points more clearly i guess then you. Feel better now? i put my time and effort to argument with you
: Just cause people disagree with you, doesn't mean we are a shitty community. You are acting like your own opinion is the only correct one.
yeah sorry, it's frustrating how you once complain about crit being in game and next moment everyone defends this stat. I think you are same people who say "this is worst season ever with most broken champions" every season %%%%%ing about everything
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: A mature adult wont rage when opinions of others do not much theirs. sorry by my last reply but I truly find your behavior immature. anyhow you where leaving.
Cursing and using "bad words" doesn't mean I rage. I hope you don't get offended by a swearing, yea i was leaving but comments keep comming and I like to reply
: It wont crit more often due to some crit specificiations in riot. If you didnt crit for xx times, you crit the next time. Also, it wont buff those champions
> [{quoted}](name=Kill and Win,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=X6H5cUJr,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-14T10:21:38.648+0000) > > It would make crit champs way stronger during laning phase >Also, it wont buff those champions ?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: ***
i am grown up, you think adults can't be tilted from others? grow up
: You miss the "chance" actually. It would make crit champs way stronger during laning phase: They just AA twice (for instance) and then simply AA the enemy because of that guaranteed crit. Stormrazor does give a guaranteed crit, but both the enemy and ally are aware of that, it's also the first crit only, which does way less dmg (without crit items) than a normal crit
And? With 40% crit chance you gonna probably crit anyway. People say that crit based champions are now weak anyway, maybe this would be a good way of buffing them. Anyway, i dont give a %%%%, I can play trynda with crit like it is now and you can all fk yourselves when you say "ohhh lucky crit early" Sorry for being this toxic, community made me like that
Hecky (EUNE)
: Critical Strike change to non-RNG suggestion
Oh %%%% it never mind me, %%%%% ass community here, once they %%%%ing complain all about the crit stats is so random and should be remove, you have an idea and everyone complain how wrong would it be and post some pathetic arguments. This community deserves what it has. Bye
: Was suggested quite often, but it is not practicable. You will always attack minions until you can crit and use the crit to harass/zone the enemy. Basically the same as cait and jhin atm. This will lead to a complezely different gameplsay. Also riot doesn't use normal randomness. If you have 33% crit chance, it is mpre like: First attack: 10% chance Second attack: 30% chance Third attack: 50% chance Forth: 70% Fifth 100% So you are already guaranteed a crit within some aas and it is very unlikely to crit twice.
Man, i played trynda in last season and the crits are really random, I did crit 2 times in a row with 30% chance many times what you say is invalid. And this game is evolving anyway, I don't mind getting zoned with one crit, it's not like people gonna have a big critical chance at the start of the game, and by the time one crit won't be that bad anyway, also if you wait out of range when player's crit is up, he either have to stop cs if he want to crit you or continue to cs and "waste" his crit on cs. Also if you go for a trade you know after the first crit he aint gonna do another so you can take your chance
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: {{item:3095}} aint this item actually doing somewhat your suggestion?
Not at all, this is something different. But if they apply my suggestion, Stormrazor would set your critical stacks to 100 every period you don't attack right now and dmg would still be calculated from your crit chance, so there won't be much changed. Constant attacking on the other hand make this item useless when you actually have some critical chance where comes my crit suggestion idea, also champions with early crit chance like trynda won't do 2 lucky crits in row with system im talking about.
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: placement games elo
You can't get better then a gold placement even if you win 10/10 games in provisional games, with account which was previously unranked. If you played on your dia account, with this provisional win ratio you would be for sure plat 2 at least
: Balancing teams to PLAY RATE & Division
Man I don't agree with you at all. First I'll give you example of myself and my friends. I played league since season one till season 6, then I stopped and now I'm back from half of the season 8. It really took my about 1-2 months to get back on track, since then I went from Silver 2 to Dia 5. I didn't even played that often. My friend keep playing the game like 2 times more then me, he is plat 3, maybe went down to play 4. According to what you say, since he play two times more then me, he should have more skill. No he has not, and he probably neveril will becouse I'm more talented and was always above my friends, althought in general there are still many better players then me. I can play even once a week and I'm still better then these all day grinding dudes who play 7 hours a days. Now I tell you what does ruin your game. **1. Connection,** people who see they have a bad connection, should definitely not go ranked games, but they do. If I see that i have today some problems, I never go ranked. **2. Tilt,** people who keep loosing are getting tilted, even if they go new game and think they're not. they probably are. After 3 looses in row everyone is. Tilt make people do mistakes. Also players can tilt you in game by using chat using unecessary pings on you etc... which definitely wont make you play any better. **3. Mistakes, wrong call, bad execution.** You start a game, you go champion, and you make a bad play, or a bad call, shit goes wrong, and enemy goes ahead. If you are good, you try to not make any more mistakes and not to fall more down, but if enemy is really skilled, he can really punish you if he's ahead even if you do everything against it. Just shit goes wrong and they snowball and this happens to everyone, everyone can make a bad plays, even one tricks on their champion. I mean this doesnt happens to me that often, but it does. And to you too. Every time there is someone who play worse, and someone who loose. Even if you take two equally skilled players with the same number of games and whatever condition would you like to consider, one of them is gonna loose and play worse for that game. The best you can do, is to defend yourself mentally and keep not-tilted so you play at your best every game, and you gonna climb and win more then you loose. But I promise you, even the perfect system which doesn't exist, won't make games any more different then it's right now.
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Hecky (EUNE)
: Bad Latency
Ok I've tried your troubleshooting tool but nothing changed, the latency is still around 100 ms
Hecky (EUNE)
: Ok, I have removed the picture, no i haven't use that connection tool, where can i find it?
Ok i found it, ill post result soon, and btw I've checked my connection somewhere else besides league of legends, and it was okay, is it possible i have data transmission interrupted only to your servers?
: Hi, its seems that the Data Transmission got maybe Interrupted on the Way, this seems more of a Provider Problem from that. Did you use the Connection Tool Riot Provides for Troubleshoot the Network? I also would recommend to remove your IP Adress vom Screenshots and therefore remove this Screenshot
Ok, I have removed the picture, no i haven't use that connection tool, where can i find it?
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: What i have mentioned the last few months, is that drake respawn is very high. I see almost every game 1/2 infernals and even 3 most time. I think its good to reduce the respawn rate and decrease the dmg. So far i have never lost with 3 infernals and always won with 3 infernals. _After losing 2 infernals, we see that the opponent team are too dominated. We would like to give a chance for the other team to fight back even with 3 infernals against them. We decided to lower the bonus dmg._ Infernal drake bonus dmg: from ~~8%~~/~~16%~~/~~24%~~ to > 6%/12%/18% (Nice discription heh :P i can soon work as an employee for Riot)
Exactly, maybe even 5/10/15% would be enough, at 400 dmg 5% is 20 damage, that would be enough I say, and still very important as other drakes though
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: They made the changes to shake up the ADC meta a little, which I am guessing is why we are seeing quite a change to all of their items, moving away from the crit meta perhaps. The new infinity edge will find its place somewhere undoubtedly. A lot of the footage from the PBE has been showing it as quite broken on some champs and meh on others. Time to put on your thinking caps and get creative. The next few weeks I'm sure will be full of all sorts of odd builds and set-ups while people settle into the new items and reworks, with many more buffs and nerfs coming I'm sure. Give it a chance before you write it off. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
It's not broken on no one, you can clearly see it's worth only against 250+ armor champions, other will do less with critical strike after this change you like it or not. Everyone who is trying something new would be stronger with old infinity, i'm just saying this is more like a nerf to most adcs then a buff. I'm looking forward more for a fighter 8.12 patch
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