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: LB is always broken like Yasuo either is op or not.. well yasuo is always OP most of the time. LB was fine before the rework now more complicated and difficult to balance. The game keeps adding champs so balancing gets more complicated... to be honest I don't know what's their plan.
I just found her completely impossible to play if u do not win early game like 5-0. Otherwise you can literally die for Jhin since you wait like 2-3 sec to proc passive. I was like OKAY, this is a bit MUCH for an assassin.. I know she was OP and stuff but now she is so hard to play I can't even write you how much. I just wanted to know why such a huge nerf, like 20-40 dmg on skills is ok but.. from 245 W base dmg to 100dmg W lvl5? Like woah boy ? I'm a bit sad since I do like playing her. As I wrote Lux can burst someone faster than LB as assassin and lux is mage support. That was my point. I don't want Lux to get nerf or something, just do something bout LB. That was my point :c
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