: League client doesn't launch at all.
Have you tried to use the repair tool. It should be found somewhere in the files.
: Opening mysterious sett card.
Still cant open my card... so i have to assume that this video is fake.
Aexie (EUW)
: ACCOUNT ban for chat without affecting “forbidden topics”
When you type that much irrelevant passive aggressive stuff its no wonder that you get punished. I dont know if its really worth for permanent bann but you should really play the game instead of writing a novel in chat.
: Sett calling card
In the card it only reads: "You have impressed Seth..." . Its not said why you get the card so what ever your friends say why they got it its just bullshit. Just keep playing the game and you get the card if you get it. I dont think the reward will be anything special. Maybe some kind of icon related to the champion that you will be able to get by some other means as well.
: Why has the communit becomed like this?
Support is not adc´s slave that needs to follow adc around the whole game.
: Thats maybe true in theory and in pro play, but not in solo q my friend where your adc will leave the game if you leave him alone for 1 wave
Hardly in the proplay. Even if you take a look at the league of legends reddit page and look up the vote for the most impactful roles support was voted 2nd after the midlane. Downvoting me does not change the facts. If you cant impact the games as support you are playing the whole role completely wrong.
: I feel the same way. It's always one sided. And when on the losing side, very difficult to carry. Especially in my case as a support main
As a support you have the luxury to affect on many lanes, similar as jungler. If you feel like you have no affect on the game.. well then you do something really wrong.
1SGuapo (EUW)
: why i get ban my account
These banned people type more to chat in one game than i type in a week...
: Night and Dawn emotes stuck behind paywall
Its free to play game and they all ready give out free stuff ALOT, stop asking more and support the game you play if you want stuff like emotes.
: Another childish reply, fascinating! When you are done being mad about not understanding a game mode with the depth of tetris, share how your mad skills apply to gaining the champions / items you want outside of what I already said.
You dont force same comp every game. You build your comp around the items you get. +Resulting insults is such an adult way of arguing.
: The proverbial strawman when faced with hard facts, ah well.., not uncommon in this "community". My last game would serve as another excellent example, hadn't played TFT in a "long time" (which would be maybe 1 month) yet I got my 1st 2-star on the first orb because it dropped 2x Senna. Literally the same thing happened throughout the game without me having to hyper roll or make any cheesy attempt at lowering my health to get the items I wanted.. but hey, if you can be ignorent and disregard how a game works, more power to you..
Your hard facts are your own misguided opinions not hard facts.
: Skill is a very minor thing in TFT, and purely revolves around how you place your setup on the board vs the enemy at any given time, and paying attention to what everyone else is picking up. You can hyper roll at times and get lucky with getting your 3-star(s) or getting that 2-star comp finished you are building, and at times you can get screwed just because nothing you try works out, either because the champs you need or want aren't showing up or because you get no luck with the items. You can also have games where you don't need to hyper roll ever, because everything you are aiming for just comes to you and you end up sitting with 50+g nonstop. Both the above is pure RnG and entirely out of your control, the only things you control in TFT is what I wrote at the start, and that part is so small in this game mode that it essentially does not matter due to the 2 following points. Whether you are the highest ranking player in a game or not means nothing, if everything you try gets screwed by RnG.
You can blame everything that goes wrong with you in life for bad lick. It does not make it true.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi im Pete,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=H93Bc3E2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-13T14:34:46.842+0000) > > Its far from luck. There is its own meta and how you build each time your comp **based on what items you and champions you get**. Also if you dont understand the game you probably wont enjoy it either. Yeah, that is called luck.
The game gives you random tools to play with. You are not supposed to force 1 team comp every game. We have played alot of TFT with friends and most of the games end with the 2 best ranked players fighting it out and only if the other people get lucky they get to play for the win. The game is based on skill not luck.
: But that's the problem, I often do not go super snowball in lane, but I don't die 10 times in a row, so I have my farm. And this farm is mostly useless because game accelerates much faster then ADC can farm up to. PS I'm not dying million times but still my team fn sux. I guess this will be forever since dump developers cannot fix their damn matchmaker and continue to give me 30% players. https://imgur.com/e3SsnwX
You need to stop and complain about your team mates. Fix your own flaws first. Only variable that is not changing each game is you so its completely pointless to keep track what other people do wrong or if they are good or bad by what ever standards you have. I know that the opgg score does not tell everything that happened in the game but you are constantly at bottom spots from 7th to 10th.
: Does anyone actually play TFT because it's fun, and not for the rewards?
Its far from luck. There is its own meta and how you build each time your comp based on what items you and champions you get. Also if you dont understand the game you probably wont enjoy it either.
: Tanks completely ignore ADCs
Quick look at your opgg told me that you pretty much lose/go even at best at lane, dont build items that are good against tanks or play champions that are good against tanks. So of course you do poorly against them. If you dont get peeled by your team then start to play safe adc´s like Ezreal and Tristana or get a duoq partner to play Braum/Kench with you so you can play hyper carries. But still the biggest thing is that if you do badly at lane, you do bad damage.
Hawk32 (EUNE)
: Cold blooded death threats unpunished.
Are you 6 yo. little sibling that thinks its funny to provoke other people so they get even more mad and then cry for the bloody nose. In other words its as toxic to provoke other people as its to flame them.
: How can I make a bigger difference for my team as a support?
The most important thing is to know your role each game. Even if you would play only Leona every game it will change what you need to do: 1. Think ahead what will be the next places where team fights will happen (dragons/barons/heralds/ your team will push x lane). Ward this area 1 minute before, use all your wards ´go base and come back with full set of wards+pink. 2. Recognize your teams fed member and try to support what he does. Follow his plays and defend him or if he is splitpusher ward for him. 3. You can start practising roaming like this: Everytime you and your adc base, try to base bit earlier than him and then roam to mid and try to gank for mid before going back to your lane. 4. Look at the minimap and try to help your Jungler/Laners with roams. 5. Dont be afraid to use your wards. Try to use every ward before going back to base. Its better to ward "bad" spots than not to ward at all. These are just some examples. There are tons of good support guides in Youtube.
: Banned
Morrhen (EUW)
: Orianna Mid/Support
If you have any mana problems with any champions just take precision as secondary rune pages and select presence of mind. You get permanently +100 bonus mana from first 5 assist/kills and it also refunds 20% of your maximum mana from every kill/assist. You dont need any mana items at all and can just go straight for the other items you want.
: Mouse problems?
You could try to reinstall the game or ask help from the actual support by making a ticket on top of this page.
: For which I have massively frequented these past 6 months grinding to get better. Though for the people who may not take the initiative to do so I think it may help add some direct impact on players gameplay.
People who dont look guides from youtube/ other sites wouldn´t read/watch them on LoL client either.
: suspension?
Well deserved ban.
: So you are indeed special. What's so hard to understand that false reports do nothing?
You cant cure stupid.
: Why play ranked between two seasons?
It affects your MMR so if you climb between seasons it will affect on how high on latter you start next season. Also its much more fun to play ranked where all people are closer to your own skill level.
: You need have the skin wich border is related too. for example if you buy championship ryze border it only be showed when you use championship ryze skin.
For example i got Conqueror Alistar and i bought icon+border for it with tokens and i have never seen that border even when i have played Alistar with that skin, ranked boarders on and off.
Reaperxox (EUNE)
: Riot account upgrade / Changing username
Had to change a account name that i have used in all sort of games and in LoL for 9 years... its complete bullshit. I am completely sure that i will forget the new account name as soon as i take a brake again/change computers. Then when i try to contact support about it they will ask some bullshit questions about the people i played the game with at season 2 or what was my first icon i used and i cant get my account back because i cant remember that crap.
Romizia (EUW)
: Gifted skin with border?
I have never understood how these borders are supposed to work. Bought few with tokens but never seen them in game lol.
: i received a weird email
Googled that email quickly and it seems that riot uses different email than that so i would just make a ticket and ask from there. Seems like a fake tough.
: Need some advice, please ^^
Take a brake and start to play with /mute all and try to enjoy the game and not take it so seriously. This worked for me.
: senna is hell too broken
Just pick any support with hard cc and she is free kill whole laning phase and completely useless after that because she is so far behind.
Dr Birb (EUW)
: If only assissts+kills and objectives would be efficent gold income... oh wait. Literally every LoL guide, tips and players are saying: kda doesnt matter, if u really want to improve, improve your farming. You and ppl like you: oh %%%% that, just go for kills and assists. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} u get like... what 300g per assist? less? how often do you get assists, once every 5 min? objectives? same but even worse. Also.... you think supports didnt do that before? that they didnt kill/assist? just farm supp item gold? LOL Even with supp item gold ON top of the kills assists and objectives, supports were behind in items. Now, cut the supp item gold in half, and leave the rest as it is. You dont see the problem? Go play lee sin then.
Show me 1 support guide that tells you to improve your farming... take your head out of your ass and think a bit. When you loose the passive from your support item the laning phase has ended long ago and the game is about team fights and objective controlling and you get loads more assists if you do your job as a support and stick with your team, ESPECIALLY at lower elos where the games are such shit fests that there is always ridiculous amount of kills.
Dr Birb (EUW)
: At last hitting Cs, as there's no other way to get gold as support.
If only assists+kills and objectives would give gold... oh wait.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: This counts only when you play with your best buddy that usually carry your ass and does not expect a lot from you... it is the other way around, when you actually carry the bot lane and ever 10% CDR is as important as a breakfast for you... 15-20mins is already mid/late game starting point, where having one item with 60ap and 150hp is nothing... When as support by that time you need to have wards and at least redemption running to have the upper hand in team fights...
Sounds like you didnt even play with the new items and came here to cry instead... You get your 3 wards item+ your first actual item alot faster now than before and then less gold in late game wich means you are stronger early and weaker late. This is what supports should be... strong in lane and weaker as game progress.
: I'll reply to you as i did to someone else before. No. Riot deleted TT because it was not on their upcoming politic/goals. They want with the arrival of every new games to make a ""clean"" platform/launcher. The TT being an old map and not reflecting what is to them the real league of legends they just decided to delete it with no other reasons (Or actualy, it free some space in the league client with TFT now being in). However, i cant tell why did riot not try to do anything for that mode over the last years (last patch was season5 i think). I can also mention the fact, yes fact, that since they annouced 3v3 removal mounthes ago they literaly did everything they could to kill it raw. They retired the rank restriction meaning a challenger tier player could duo an iron tier player; wich obviously was abused by 90% of the high elo ladder, making high elo games impossible/terrible. But because this was not enough they also retired the message that would warn you when you had to play your decay games with caused many (MANY) master+ players to decay without being warned, by surprise. They also made sure to not reply to anyone trying to do anything for the map and even kept deleting posts on Reddit that explained the current state of TT and what should be done etc (some even hitted front page of Reddit). etc etc etc Also, dont speak when you dont know/are not qualifed about any kind of subject or then just say "i think" "imo" right
Dont forget to wear tinfoilhat. TT literally had some prommiles of SR playerbase.
Pépsy (EUW)
: you missed a big chance on 3v3
TT was removed because it was so unpopular and waste of resources. Its not like they didnt change it over the years and tried to get people to play it before deciding to remove it.
: Except you need that kill gold to keep up now. Like %%%%ing RIP Janna, Soraka and even Yuumi. Like %%%%ing hell Yuumi has one offensive ability every 10 or so seconds, she barely reached 200 gold before me playing Lux got to 500.
Maybe you should hop off and auto attack the enemy once in a while then???
: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
Its 400 gold item that you can get upgraded to its final form at 15-20 min. For mages 60 ap + 150 health and those wards... thats pretty damn good gold value for those stats. Meanwhile you buy what ever items you want instead of spending another 1500 gold for the rest of the components.
HyggeHejsa (EUNE)
: nice support actually has no impact and is just an onlooker now (:
How much impact you have as support didnt decreese at all with the new items. I actually prefer the new system, if you know what to do you get basicly free item at 15-20 mins with 60ap+150 health+4 wards and you actually have ad support item aswell. Its pretty funny that people overreacts every preseason to changes.
: [Suggestion] Weekly featured Tips & Tricks on how to succeed
Youtube+twitch is already filled with all kinds of tutorials just go there and take your pick.
: What about "you get two armor items, build 2 2nd lvl champs and get 3 dmg items" case which happens every other TFT game? Do you just not play it? I mean, the old TFT used to be less item-reliant if you ask me and at the end of the day you could go full nobles with only defensive items and still somehow end up 2nd or even 1st if you played well - the new TFT seems to me like it's making fun of me by how broken and important items are and how it's literally impossible to get a decent outcome without them.
I usually build my items pretty late (after wolves atleast) so i can see what champions and items i have so i can get most out of them
: Nerf the hell out of Nautilus
Good counters for support Nautilus: Morgana, when he engages you blackshield his target and then bind+ult and his dead before he can move. Leona, you can literally 100-0 him in a stun lock.
łnfamous (EUW)
: tbh i'm a tft noob, but that's not what this topic is about lol
Well you make untrue claims about TFT in the original post so obviously people will point that out.
łnfamous (EUW)
: i mean... ok sure you have to spend money well, make good comps etc but if you don't get the items or champs that you want, it is bc rng.
You choose your comp based on what items you get not the other way around.
HavickPT (EUW)
: riot create counter yasuo
There is counters against Yasuo already. Mine is Nautilus. Build Tabbies+Sunfirecape and you literally cant lose against him. Other cc works against him well too.
Kalirte (EUW)
: I can t gift or recive gifts
You know its that time of a year again and the elves are watching. Bad boys and girls dont get any gifts.
: She's good when you use her as utility support trough Aery & resolve runes heals and shields op
She is very easy to catch and gets one shotted in my experience. Maybe my mind changes when i finally get to play against good Senna.
: Am I the only one who sees a problem with sennas design?
Its bit soon to say if she is overpowered or underpowered since no one can play her well enough but every single time i have played against her it has been very easy win.
: Nerf Mundo in ARAM
Plays Ezreal in aram and complains about tanky champion that ultimatley outscales him :D
: i can't play the game anymore
Have you tried to update your computer, graphics card etc?
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