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: Well, that cleared things a bit, but still there is no problem with support, first guy simply sent you a reason for ban, he couldn't do anything else, because that's not his area of work, so after you insisted that you're innocent, he forwarded your case to another specialist. That one actually checked your account and confirmed that your account used exploits. Mistakes happen, but seems like there was no mistake this time. So either you are lying there about your innocence or you used exploits without knowing that you used them
As i have said i didn't use any and i dont really think are any exploits in LoL what can you actually exploit to give you or your team any advantage....
: They ban you even if you use mk-lol. Why? Because you can use skins(that don't give your champs super-powers) and they are sad and rage like stupid aborted kids, because you don't want to buy a fucking useless skin.. :- ( So, it's pointless to argue with that stupid bots that emails you, because there is no logic in riot's decisions, like never was. The only logic it's hidden, but very obvious:))). Also enjoy this fairy tail
But they said the ban is not for the custom skin programs that i used.
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: I don't get what's the problem here. Firstly, sometimes e-mail isn't sent,might be a system error or mail service blocking out the email or something like that. Then you can log into the account to still see that chat logs etc. Secondly, it clearly states that you were permanently suspended for use of scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends. Thirdly, they DID NOT say anything even close to "hey mate sorry we were* wrong". The Rioter said "Upon my investigation I have observed that it was involved with the usage of an exploit that gave it an unfair advantage over others with the game, and not for the programs you have mentioned". This means you gave them list of third-party software that you were using and they said that it was not for said software.
The reason is not the software that i used OK but i am and never did use any other then the one i have listed in my post above yours the only programs running while i am playing LoL except them are TS3 and Viber for PC
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: Can you include your messages to support as well? First two answers are templates, so no point in commenting them, but third answer looks more specific than other two and it looks strange without knowing original message
Yeah i will here we go: 21.06.2016 19:09 I have never used any kind of scripts or hacks i used only 3rd party program for custom skins its name is Skin LOL and MODSKINLOLPRO so those kind of programs aren't allowed as well ? If have stopped using any kind of custom skins program until i receive and answer. Thank you! 24.06.2016 01:57 I am 100% sure that i have never used any kind of exploit/hack/cheat or w/e its unfair in the game which can lead to me or my team mates getting any unfair advantage over the other players. As i mention i have always played correctly and under the rules of Terms of Use for League of Legends.I might rage in chat from time to time but that's normal for all the gamers please look up more in to this case and see all of my games most of them are with my friends which i play every night with you can see it in my match history.If there is an option to see a replays for all my games please do it. Those 2 are the only ones i got saved in my mailbox.
: hacks=exploits. and besides. where did they change it? you said in the start of the post "Hello Summoner, Your account has been permanently suspended following the use of scripts, hacks, EXPLOITS or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends. and later they confirmed it was a exploit. so whats the big deal here?
So Is it my imagination or this "Regardless of intent, use of unauthorized third-party programs is explicitly against the Terms of Use, " Doesn't it mean that i used a program ? Then i was using an exploit and no hack and exploit are 2 different things usually by hack more people understand 3rd party program which is editing the game in some way to give you advantage. And by exploit : A glitch/bug inside the game which lead to you or your team getting the upper hand in a game.
: Sorry to dissapoint you, but that's the standard response everyone gets. No one changed the reason for your ban, these are simply the first two standard responses players get when they got banned for any kind of illegal software, no matter what kind of software it was.
So they are always changing the reason from 1 to 2 when some is asking them why did he get banned ? Not to mention they are not letting you defend your self in anyway because there is no way for the banned person to prove anything. Yep that seems legit. How am i supposed to defend against this? I don't know why i got banned but they wont tell me as well how can you defend your self from something you don't even know about ? Here is a little bit more: Hello again Summoner, I am sorry but I won't be able to go into specifics as this could compromise our investigation methods. Often times when players write in they are looking for how they got caught so they can avoid it in the future. I am not saying that this is your intent, as I don't believe it is, but this is why we do not give specifics for these sort of suspensions. Templar Iytsuna Player Behavior and Game Support
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: Yes, Ultimate Skin Installer is allowed, but modskinlol is using skins that are already in the game, that's why it isn't allowed.
All of the 3rd party programs used to apply custom skins or any kind of skins have all the skins custom created or riot released skins inside of it ...
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: I don't believe this program is allowed and thus you recieved a permanent ban.
I have checked the forum and there are quiet a lot of topics on this subject in all of them its said that custom skins are allowed because they only change the visual appearance of the champion only for you same is for ward skins.
: they dont send anything to you. i didnt get anything either. doesnt seem to be working.
Yes i haven't gotten any message in my e-mail not from riot support and also no any message saying me why was my acc suspended .
: Hold me back so I don't super saiyan all over his a**!
I really love to see people helpful as you ...
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: Contact Riot Support and ask them, also check if you had MKJogo or any other 3rd party software running and tell me what it was.
The only 3rd party software i used is modskinlol.
: E-mail riot support? DUUUH, would've never thought of it huh?
I did send a support ticket but it doesn't hurt to post here as well.There might be some 1 who can help me out .
: Account being permanently suspended
There is nothing in my spam folder as well. Also i don't have a date for the ban or any chat logs appearing when i try to log in to the acc. Just a message saying i should check my e-mail.
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