: ***
First im not autistic and dont say those kinda words.Second Rengar isnt balanced now,HE IS THE WORST JG IN THE GAME FOR SEVERAL PATCHES.And you think he is balanced pls stop commenting
: I actually do miss the old Rengar. The old Ferocity system, the old bonetooth necklace system, and mostly, his old Ult, where he would go completely invisible with those marks aboveplayers heads, I really do miss that. And I remember how many times that guy oneshoted me and I was like 'What the hell is this champ', but I actually miss that, I hoped that at least his ult or ferocity system would stay the same, becase this new one, you can almost never have full 'stacks' when you wanna ult, thats hardly possible to maintain. And with this new Bonetooth Necklace, I just feel like he's off, he has the biggest possible jump right now, which you had to have so many kills for to get, and now it jsut gives.. plain AD, and he isn't such an assassin as he used to be, he is more of an Bruiser/Tank now, if you don't build him tanky, you'll probably end up getting dumped as soon as you jump. I didnn't play him a lot befor,e nor did I play him much now, but those times I actually picked him, I can tell, I miss the old Rengar so much, out of all the reworks and champions. He just feels like he lost his identity after that update/rework. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
{{champion:107}} {{item:3070}}
: http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/EUNE/Pride%202115/matches http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/TR/LeKLaLoL/matches http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/EUNE/INTS%20Constantine/matches http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/RU/Holy%20Moar%20Onca/matches Just shut the %%%% up okay? I agree rengar isnt fine. He should be nerfed more. P.S why do you care about high elo player? High elo play, high elo meta, and high elo attitude will never ever matter to you. 99% of players are below diamond, 90% are below platinum and I didnt see people being able to fight Rengar until platinum 3. Rengars rework was best thing that happened since Kassadin nerfs.
Listen man watch your language.We dont like playing Rengar as a bruiser because he isnt meant to be a bruiser,he is ment to be an assasin.We want Riot to atleast buff him.
: He is the healthiest he has been in years... and yes he is struggling, that says a lot about rengar. Let me give you a history lesson. Back when he was released he wasn't doing too well, then they figured out that top lane rengar was toxic and he became popular... rengar then got reworked getting rid of the toxicity, he was called useless, only viable as a tank, needs a revert, yada yada yada basically the exact same things your saying now (yes your precious rengar that you want back was treated the exact same way as this rengar). Then that toxic burst combo got discovered and he became the most toxic champion in the game, more so than last time... he then got reworked again and it's now current day. Moral of the story is... if rengar isn't being toxic and ruining the game for others all you rengar mains thinks he is trash and want the toxic version back... says a lot. But this is much healthier, and that's what rengar needs cause he has been an issue since his release. And trust me as soon as you guys figure out how to make this toxic again everyone will forget old rengar and the cycle will begin again, because until riot completely scrap his kit and rework it from scratch he is gonna keep doing this.
If we cant get a revert of his rework we want atleast a buff.He is the worst jg in the game for 3 patches or more.He doesnt even clear the jg good anymore.wee would have a better winrate if we played Urgot jg.
: why isnt there option for more nerfs?
why would there be he is the worst jg now?
fifek900 (EUNE)
: that is for adc's mages and squishies fine
But not for Rengar mains {{champion:107}}
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Imean he is really weak now he cant even jg good :'(
: _THAT'S GREAT IDEA LOVE YOU MAN!!!!_ {{champion:107}} {{summoner:21}}
PixelzGr (EUNE)
Solicitude (EUNE)
: Where is the "he is fine" vote option?
How is he fine.He is the worst jg in the game ??
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