Akkilan (EUW)
: Amazon Rain Forests!
how rainforest has nothing to do with league ? Neeko ?! this is clear the rainforest https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/frontpage/apps/prod/rg-champion-reveal-neeko/en_US/b85d977b38b2c511e838a1b03ba51b581ce4f2af/assets/img/content/hero-desktop.jpg
: Promoted to Platinum - Solo Q Thoughts
don't share joy on forum, people share joy they got an ultimate skin in chest, 20 downvotes incoming, you are happy to share with the community that love same game as you that you got platinum, already downvote, and an ahole dimininsh your happynes by saying not big deal (like you said it was a big deal), you just share a nice moment anyway i can't reply anymore since they will ban me for hissing at that specimen, so GJ AND GOOD LUCK TO GET DIAMOND NEXT YEAR!
realKano23 (EUNE)
: I miss pre-rework Ryze
hahaha this is the best joke i heard about League in last months miss pre-rework ryze :d he hold records for being reworked :D while you miss spell vamp ryze, i miss when ryze did his damage mainly from mana and he was building frozen heart and Banshee's Veil (which back then had mana in its build), and other mana item he was mana tank had like 4000-5000mana :d, his main damage was his e not his q, and his e was jumping between targets like fiddle e dose, if a feed first version ryze (after game was release) was throwing and e and enemy where one near other they just disappear :d
Glaceon04 (EUW)
: If your opponnent has DOUBLE your CS, they either took it from someone else ont heir team, or you got a max of like 3 minions per wave + a cannon here and there maybe. At this level, ping is irrelevant as long as it's a stable ping in the two digits. Been there, done that. I lived in a main city during weekdays, having stable 29-33ms ping and on the countryside on weekends with stable 65-70ms ping and my CS was equally good (or rather bad at that time^^) in both cases except for the very first game on weekends when I was still used to the lower ping. For example, Noway4u (a german challenger midlane streamer) played on NA servers from germany with 120ms ping and still was at about 9CS/per minute.
that's like giving this advices - u can play with minimap covered, x player got challenge like that - u can play to challenger without warding - you can get challenger playing with 1 hand - etc sure you can cs with or archive all the above, that doesn't mean it's ideal, ping influence cs, sure you can get good cs even at 180ms but that doesn't meant 25ms is not enter then 100ms
JustClone (EUNE)
: Wrong. The ping has nothing to do with cs-ing. If you think that 100 ms ping is what keeps you from being good at last hitting... I cannot express how wrong you are. Competent players get used to the ping they have. If you have brain (and most humans do have one) you will get used to click 1/10 of the second before. Or 1/20 of the second... There is no difference between 0.02/0.05/0.1 , as long as you practice. PATIENCE? No comment... I am no fishing. I watch the screen, and I click on everything that is about to die... I cannot do it, because it is boring... really son? And weave management... in his elo? He has better chance for developing cure for cancer. Significantly better chance... You will turn him into, and I quote here: >eternal gold player With those advice..
People like you make me get banned over and over form boards, since if i tell your true nature I wil get banned, take your cockynes and superiority hat off and calm down. As is hard to see beyond your own nose full of inflated self esteem, just read again what i said, i did not give him tutorial how to improve cs, but just basic general guidelines of many things that influence cs. - cs influence cs, ofcore mr logic that you can farm with 100 cs, but that doesn't mean that 25ms is nto better than 100ms - of course patience is important if it's boring to farm you'll hit it before its time, - it's more easy to learn wave management than deal with boring cs, and wave management actually help the game more than cs in an already bad cs environment as I said -yes eternal gold player playing before that you probably got out of diapers, this doesn't mean i don't knwo what need to be done, or how to play, just because I chose not to do it, - funny to speak about intelligence and having brian, when all you did is write with rage, and superiority, thinking your better than others, just because you can't understand my intelligent post, doesn't mean my post is stupid, I gave intelligence,e mature advices base on year of experiences in life and in game, not tutorials how to cs since I stated i am abd at, becuase YES for me is terrible boring. As in game boards full of punks that think they are smart and superior and if you say something to them here come Mr Hansiman and ban you.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: That being said, my last hitting still is pretty bad. I can get an average farm in many games but usually I fall off in mid to late game Because that's probably the next part of learning how to get a good cs - not just killing the minions, but also to keep doing it at the right times and right places over the whole game.
yes, champions also influence lasthiting, more attack damage you have easier is to last hit since you don't need to wait till last millisecond, also aa animation of champs make it easier or harder. and yes if you want to practice cs (which i don't since is boring) champs like kartus, zilean etc are good to practice for range champ, and champs like braum, alistar, malphite, for melee, basically champs that have bad aa damage.
: /remake needs to be reworked
sadly remake was not created to help people fight the afk problem and disconnect players it was created to cover the problems they have with their game and client that make many people unable to connect (especially after new patches, or changes), so remake is for people that fail to connect to the game (many times because of riot not their own hardware,software or internet) not to deal with afk
: View After Starting in Turkey Server
View After playing in Turkey Server some years back when they tested something on turkey server (and others) but not on EU - the voice of champions, and announcer are amazing, its like a freaking fantasy war movie, it inspire you to fight and give you adrenaline rush, that's why since then I always wanted to have the possibility to keep text in english and put voice in other language - no need to mute since you don't understand what they say, so was quite relaxing experience - they seem to have more fun
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Practice doesnt help you learn to farm
- you need good ms(ping) to last hit ok, if you join eu server from outside europe and have 70-90-100ms ms vs 45ms some people have 20ms, they have advantages. - need patience, i play this game from beginning and I hate last hitting, i don't have patience ot do it, it's boring for me, some other people find it exciting to grind farm, so depends of each person personality - you also need to learn wave management and agro, to make enemy minions to hit in a specific orders yours, so you knwo which minions will die first etc, this is the most important thing to manage the wave and pre plan your lasting (for me this is most boring thing that I prefer to not care about) - on same note of wave management you need to manage the waves when to recall so you don't lose minions in tower, this only can give you farm advantage vs somebody that last hit good but don't manage his wave good, so you can get advantage or taste stay at same farm range as him (this I think was the case why ur enemy had time to roam and also over farm you, because he managed the wave very good so he did not lost cs while he was roaming) As a side note, I was never bronze or silver, but I was always gold, just one season I climb in platinum in season 5, so I can say I am eternal gold player, a big thing why I did not climb more it's the farm. So I tried to compensate by getting avantages in other things, better game understanding, beter map control, better roaming, etc. Also winning lanes by killing the enemy so gain gold from that, but when enemy start to be same skills as me or better than gold difference from last hitting come in play and I cant climb. So at least from my own experience you can get at least gold 2-3 by suckign at last hiting, iron to gold players suck at last thing anyway and ones that lasting good are so tunnel visioned on that that suck at all other aspects of game, so gold gained it get average overall and you have same strength so if you understand the game better in other non boring aspects you can compensate to win games, its more fun and to be honest more useful, lasthing its a patience/mechanical thing while understanding map rotation, vision, objectives priority, focus in fight, what each role/champ need to do, and the strength of each champs and so on it's far more important in an elo that everybody suck at last thing anyway.
: what game did you play before today? This was always like that...you either learn to mind your own business and just report toxic people or you waste your time crying in your little echo chamber where everyone just agrees and says "yes, yes, League community bad"
wtf are you talking about ? league was not like that in first year of league, and was kinda ok in next 2 years, shit hit the fan in year 4 and last taste of humanity in league community ended in year 5 and after.
: This community
Once again community strike with downvotes on what it's an ok, nice formulated and polite post. I understand that brave moderators banned my opinion about the community becuase was put in a rude manner https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/Tg6le6Ts-hero-moderator-strike-again?comment=00010001 but this post is nice write and still hit with downvotes and I am curious if sun tanned moderators that arrived from vacation after letting porns links for 2 weeks on site and then at their return they decide to make endsummer cleaning and to ban people in left and right from forums, will lock or delete the thread or ban this guy
: Clash? Thats the tournament feature coming in 2031?
2031 ? hmm don't rise my hopes man!
: I am sorry, Riot
How can you not care about honor level ? if you are under level 2 you can't play Clash !
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HitYourHead,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Tg6le6Ts,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-18T19:51:18.428+0000) > and play spoiled brats that thing everything revolve around them so they deserve anything. So u said that someone downvoted ur post and u got mad? U just described urself here
what to say to somebody like you ? this is what you understand that somebody downvoted my psot so I got but hurt ?
: But call community Garbage (and other stuff) isn't the best way to express your dissatisfaction.
Actually its proven fact, it's just a statement not name calling. Its proven in every game and every boards interaction, that majority in this community are stupid jerks.
: And well it's simple you broke a rule , you face consequences. Rules are what seperate us from the animals.
Imagine that, how about the thread with porn link that lived 2 weeks ?
: So... people are asshats and downvote a thread which obviously doesn't deserve the downvotes and instead of going to the post and spreading some positivity you create your own thread to spread more negativity... If we are hoping to get a more positive atmosphere on the boards we should most likely start with ourselves.
Actually I tried for years to create positivity, nooby comment in positive threads, and I didn't create a thread about that, I posted in that thread amazed and outraged how stupid people can be to give 15 downvotes to somebody that just share he/she got a skin in a chest. Also if you read that thread are many others that are also outraged by the situation, they just put it in a nice words then me. This thread is not about that, is aobut getign banned for pointign the obisuslty a community where if somebody share a happy moment and in next 30min has 15 downvotes and 3 upvotes is simple as that, garbage! You were around when a thread bout how garbage french players are stood up for 3 weeks and had so many upvotes ? You were around when somebody posted a link to a porn site and was up for 2 weeks ? Why ? because was summer and probably moods beeign volunteer went in vacation, so what this mean that some time is jungle ? everybody for itself everything is allowed since mods are taking a break, but when they decide to come back they shoot the mouth of everybody that pointing the obisuly ? Even that thread with so many upvotes in a thread that stated french players are garbage, even that showed how disgusting is this community.
Shamose (EUW)
: > Banned for saying this in general not to a person about this community Yeah it's always better to insult people in groups instead of individually.
Because its a fact This community is garbage, this is a proven fact, proven inside tft, rank games, aram and normal games, and any other modes that come or had come, every person that have logic and sanity and it's not a hypocrite can clearly see this. Majority of players are stupid, and jerks, having low intelligence are acting brainwashed by streams and guides and memes. the are selected, and narcissist, and play spoiled brats that thing everything revolve around them so they deserve anything. The mod how they act in the game, and we can all see that, don't tell me your games are so nice and surrounded by amazing people and some time as an exception there's a jerk, reality is all games you majority jerks and exception are nice people. To not be able to speak about LEC which is a sport on the game they supposedly like, and every topic on that subject no matter about what has 0-1 comments, to have 1-2 comments in any art thread related to Lague, beautiful art talented people, but to gather like flies on a shit to downvote people that show they got honor level 5 or that they got a skin in a chest, this is an act of immaturity and stupidity that can be simple resume as garbage individuals.
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUW)
: You were not banned, as you can clearly see by your ability to post. --- > This thread is point black racist or a joke No, it's not, but it can easily be taken to troll around the topic in a method to cause a negative reaction from others. Can't you just post without having to tip-toe around what others may perceive as jabs at racism?
read again dumdum ! I said I was not banned and I should have been
Rioter Comments
Dharky (EUW)
: When are you going to release oracle udyr?
right question is **WHY ?** not when
shameemax (EUW)
: kido gtfo before make u cry. this game is not 4 kids . riots give age limits for reason. u know y ?. cause kids like u wana go to school.not play games.KIDOOOO.
you try to prove my point so hard ? :D
SlothSex (EUW)
: Incompetent Riot employee spreading misinformation? Systems broken? How can we trust Riot?
He said that since your 14 day suspension, you got a permanent ban, there's no spreading misinformation you just lack the ability to understand same as you lack ability to behave in a community!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are ADCs called "ADC" if they are building Critical Strike rather than AD?
ADC = attack damage carry which can be anything that has it's damage ad base including Assassins and Bruisers, title improper attributed in last years only to Marksman. Marksman are also ADC no matter if they build critical strike because the damage from Critical Strike is still AD based and recorded as AD (except some weird interaction of champions that can critic but do ad+magic damage, I think coky do that) . Critical Strike its nothing more than a empowered damage usually from AD.
saibot420 (EUNE)
: Well, i still don't get my people hated it? I mean what reason would make you hate being more able to do things?
Don't know I did not read the boards to much that period. I assume same problems that people complain as always, bad matchmaking, not fair games, people somehow abuse and exploit it.
saibot420 (EUNE)
: Why are there 2 different ranked queues?
Actually what you say that it use to be one single rank was the case only for a short period when they made Dynamic queue, in rest every time it was like now with solo/duo queue + 5v5 ranked , team ranked, and now flex. But I admit I liked the idea of dynamic queue, same reason like you said, you could play with 2 3 4 friends and also solo so everyone wanted to join and care about it, while now they don't care about flex or you play normals, was cool to be able to play solo or with friends and have same rank. Also best thin of dynamic queue was that if you had a good team you could ask them if they want to play more games, and its was great you invite them and play more games with a good team, while now you can't do that because you need to invite only one person, if you invite all you need to go into flex and it never work because people are to hyperactive and it take to much time till you invite them all in a new queue they leave, and also becuase they want to play solo/duo queue so they don't have mood for flex. BUT COMUNITY HATED IT! they hate dynamic q as they hated this year polisional rank (which I also loved the idea and I am sad i didn't even get to tested it)
shameemax (EUW)
: account baning
Wow you toxic players are so funny. {{champion:35}}
oboy4life (EUW)
: So I got perma banned
Ohh so they change the permanent ban message :( I think it's not fair they changed the message, in past permanent banned did not exist you were suspended till 2200 or something like that, so you could eat healthy and exercise and in 200-300 years get your account back. It's really not fair from RIOT that now people are permanently banned while all other toxic players from past have a chance to get other accounts back if they manage to download their memory into a clone, android, or just live long by eating quinoa.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: I don't like searching in google for this staff but here is a proof https://www.aimforest.com/cheat-detail/teamfight-tactics-lol-chess-gold-hack-script-download . Even ELiteVipers the website for cheating and staff started a forum for team fight tactics and there are AutoBots that build by themselfs an autocombo etc .
Dude scripts exist in normal League also, scripts that help you make things fast are different than hacks to give you power, gold, resistance, low cooldowns, and other stuff. Haks don't exist in league they don't exist in TFT also because everything is server side, and contrary to stupid movies is also impossible to hack a server, also nobody will hack a server to cheat in a game. Hackers hack a server for retrieving sensitive data about clients for profit, to punish the company that use the servers for some reason like greed, like somebody hacked gta5 on playstation and gave everybody millions of inghams money, but that was made as a statement for greedy game companies or playstation not a kid to cheat in a game. So if League servers would be hacked you can expect like everybody to have millions of RP or all champions or all skins, etc. Stop confusing things, also jesus because a page say it has an hack that give you gold, go ahead enter your username and password on that page then come on boards with other words that are used wrong on boards like "I GOT HACKED".
: granted bad players could just spam 3v3 bots and get to lvl 30 no problem
Yes, but at least there they understand the champions they play, also i'm sure nobody get to level 30 playing just one champ because is boring (except maybe smurfs, but then it is irrelevant anyway), so they test and understand multiple champions. But in TFT they learn nothing about league not even basic farming, or some infos about champions abilities or pasvies. Also I doubt a real new player will just play bot games since if he like the game he wil for sure go into normals, but TFT beeign 100% different game somebody might like the genre so much that they do just TFT and level to 30 and then maybe they become curious and go into rank with no ideea.
Smerk (EUW)
: You can't have 8 premades in ranked, it's limited to 3 and there are also restrictions based on ranks just like in League.
well didn't know, that's even less "cheating" then
thwifo (EUNE)
: Riot's ban programs are disgusting
ParaProxus (EUNE)
: Game is completely broken...Not able to even open the client
Lazyyawn (EUW)
: [TFT] Daily petition to add actual rewards after matches
It should not give XP because is bad if new players get to level 30 playing TFT then get into rank. Sure they can do that playing coop vs ai or ARAM but at least in those games they get to understand champions and what they do, but playing TFT which is different game is worse. But the game for sure should give in game currency, saldy now Be is tight to XP so they should just make Be gain for TFT like old IP, base on the place you end after each TFT fights.
: [TFT] change play option in TFT lobby
I played so many tft games, won or got first 3 places only to see I got no LP because I accidentally played normal because of this :D
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: - How they hack ? when evrithign is server based ? - Botting with accounts well this I assume is possible since you can have 8 premades, but like that they can be 8 friends that help each other leaving but let one win then let other win and so on why you care ? Contrary to soloq where they can get in your elo and ruin your game if they are artificially boosted, in TFT you don't care about others ranks if they are boosted or not being a solo game. Why it affect you they are higher elo than you ?
yes downvote me debils ! but you can't give a logic reason or have a conversations
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: TFT hackers
- How they hack ? when evrithign is server based ? - Botting with accounts well this I assume is possible since you can have 8 premades, but like that they can be 8 friends that help each other leaving but let one win then let other win and so on why you care ? Contrary to soloq where they can get in your elo and ruin your game if they are artificially boosted, in TFT you don't care about others ranks if they are boosted or not being a solo game. Why it affect you they are higher elo than you ?
: Stuck in LPQ
I was wondering myself if they don't magically detect your tft afk and punish for.
Sarokh (EUW)
: Congratulations to me!
heh :D At Least you got it :)
: They buffed Nasus?
shhh we don't talk about it in public
Lari (EUNE)
: Ninja support idea
When I read the title "Ninja Support" I instantly thought of this as only way to make a ninja support to look like. https://i.gyazo.com/059ddf0b0fc770a2daa5e1e7fc2b715d.jpg
Siboniz (EUNE)
: how can i choose waht key configurations to play? i think i use to play normal cast
In game, you can go to training mode to test better Go to options - > hotkeys Play with Normal Cast All or Restore to Defaults (top right) Quick cast is my example where you don't see the range If you chose quick cast all and mark in bottom -> replace quick cast with quick cast with indicator than you can have smartcast but see the indicator but you might need to redefine the keys in quick cast with indicator sections (if you scroll down).
: my account just got hacked too someone help please
League hackers the smartest hackers in the world !
Siboniz (EUNE)
: abilities change?
There's 3 key configurations! - Normal cast - you press a key and see ability range and when click the mouse you cast the ability - Smart cast - you do not see the ability range and when press a key the ability is cast - NEW! - Smart cast with range indicator - You press a key and see the ability range and at key release the ability is cast I think in these configurations is your problem, or you have a bug :)
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: CBLOL worked with the missions for me the other ones don't work
yes i know those worked better then rest, still not the point of my thread i don't care about mission since they don't work i don't stress i care for players that always want to contradict and to pick on players that have problems becuase they dare to touch riot holly aura, and to show them now that those players did not lie, just that nothing more
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's absolutely no need to be so aggressive towards people that were simply trying to help. The missions worked for a lot of people, so it's not like everyone had the problem. While I don't know why it took so long to get a notification up on the service tracker, Riot support has confirmed the issue for a while already.
It's a difference from people that try to help with advices, and people that act out with smug comments and stuff. It's simple fact that many in community downvote everything that players say something it the game is wrong, no matter how logic it is and how easy is to fix, and they never believe riot ever make mistakes. This is just a recently example players lived in ignorance not believing others that have problems - now they see rito admit it!
Lariatas (EUNE)
: same shit happened in worlds . And I think some time way b4 . THey just need to scrap this mission since they never manage to do it right.
Actually it happened on evrithign they new release, mods, missions etc
Shamose (EUW)
: > SHAME on you from support that replied to this problems with messages like "we investigated and it seems you didn't watch enough time to get the missions" Well don't give support a hard time. If they get to hear from the dev team resposible for it that nothing is wrong then they can't answer with anything different.
Well maybe, but still how you feel to be told you lie in your face that you didn't watch enough when you knew you did watch hours of live stream. Anyway I don't care about support, this post was more for people that constantly contradict somebody and downvote someone and keep invent excuses, maybe you didn't log in, maybe you didn't do that or that!
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Watch and Earn no progress
after 5 days they finally admit it in "!" in the client/boards! some players have bugs with that
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