Holymanster (EUNE)
: What if RIOT would make a big change?
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: Most of that ain’t riot’s fault... and has nothing to do with money. Again insulting people who tell you your wrong and crying about a game you never have to pay for... grow up and stop being selfish before making a fool of yourself on here
Of course it's not RIOT's fault , it's the Devil he does it on purpose ruins their game and boosts their sales. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: If you think you can do a better job balancing the game then go right ahead. If you think all the bugs have easy fixes then do it yourself. I'm sure Riot would pay you all the money they get from skin sales if you did that..... Oh wait, you have absolutely no idea how to do any of that and are just mindlessly raging, and yet have to gall to call others children.
I'm sure Riot would pay you all the money they get from skin sales if you did that..... This shows how delusional you are.
: So instead you are going to complain that a free to play game is doing something to get money which doesn’t affect gameplay at all and is completely optional. Your just selfish and childish... and attacking people who tell you your wrong doesn’t help your case.
You literally lobotomized or 10 years old that's the only explanation I can give, I don't give a %%%% what they sell and that they manipulate people into buying their stuff, I give a %%%% about the game fixing it . One example simple Death Recap ? How many years ? Broken champs ? Enforced Metas ? Doing stupid shit canceling it and doing it again next year ? Or even buffing champs before a new skin comes out for them , ye but you don't see all this you see only what you want to see. Ignorant fool. Gl and have fun. SO my point is they are doing really good job at selling the product but forget to actually make the product great and just use it's name and the power it acummulated from previous years.
: Of course. This feeling of triumph over simpler minds is why I even use the boards in the first place after all.
: Okay, you caught me. It's not easily proccable in teamfights. In the sidelane later on, however, it still is. I think AD bruisers usually aren't the best teamfights (or meant for teamfighting) regardless, so why would their keystones be, or why would their keystones suddenly allow them to be good at teamfighting (imagine if Conqueror was easily proccable in teamfights). Anyhow, I absolutely love the rest of your comment. Prestige skins by the way. Cheers!
And yeah about fixing the keystone : The best way is removing it but if this is not possible In my opinion it should be the next thing: make it proc after 3 sec not 4 , make it give 15% armor pen + magic pen instead of true dmg and make it stack additively with other pen (BC builds and so on) , make it give 4+2 AD per level . The benefit of this would be champs with mixed dmg still get the pen they need , lifesteal works properly with your dmg and you can't go through abilities like garen's W galio's W alistar's R and so on. But anyway nobody cares $$$ rule this world apparently kek.
Gabresol (EUW)
: As if Riot could even enforce a META. Their game knowledge is just too low for that. Everytime Riot does a change to push the game in a direction, the game ends up somewhere totally else. Like when they wanted to open up bot for other champions (what kinda worked out in the end) and totally screwed over everything. Also, if they would not care, they would have stopped changing the game all together. It would be like CS:GO, where there is not actualy punishment for anything and no one does actually work on the game anymore.
When you overbuff let's say tanks , you get a tank centered meta and they did it. And listen me on this one League is becoming similar to CS:GO . Look what they are doing in CS:GO releasing new skins ? Revamping maps ? Adding new gaming mode ? Playing with weapons prices and their stats/spray shooting capabilities over and over again , change damage to 9 from 10 and after 6 months change the dmg to 10 from 9 yey nice Job . You need a picture that something is going on when in reality the only thing that is going on it's boosting the profit but forgetting about the product itself. Marketing in nutshell > put in as less as possible >get as much as possible from that. And as long it does it who cares man . And because we have a good knowledge of people's psycho nowadays and with a large pool of statistics it's much easier to do , you know exactly how much you need to throw in so people don't get to angry , technology is amazing but I think this corporate cases smell of abuse.
: How to balance Conqueror
I think one point you made is true and not true - it's easy to proc -yeap in lane it is, in teamfight it's not 4 sec is way too long. And yes the keystone design is bad they made it really fast(not in terms of release but in terms of concept) because you know when they were changing the whole rune system they forgot they have bruisers in the game , which is understandable they don't have toplane players in their Dev Team so they just forgot to create a rune for bruisers, which resulted in creation of this whatever it is. In my opinion the current state of game at the moment is like this , you have marketers and salesman who are in charge and their goal is to get profits not to make the product better as long as it gives profits and as long you can increase profits that's it. So the Dev Team is not really trying they are doing some changes just for the sake of doing it , they are getting paid so they need to show something to justify it. Because look if they were really trying they wouldn't forget to make a Keystone for bruisers and then come up with a half-arsed solution of 20% true dmg and they did the same with ADCs just add 20% true dmg to crits DONE ! job is done we can continue of removing stuff from champs and then reintroducing it after time and showing we are doing well. I think people are too naive because if you look you see all the marketing tricks they are using, simple things as buffing champs before skin releases , starting giving you free candy so you want more of that candy, making nice wrap (audio/visuals) so you get attracted , setting up a gamble factor and so on. On the other hand in terms of gameplay what real progress you have in balancing the game in making the client really better ??? If you go to steamers you see all of them saying that it's not fun , yes some of them say you have to adapt and overcome but lots of them agree on the point that the game is not heading in a good healthy direction.
: Welcome to the boards, this has been the case for years now.
And I bet you posting such comments for years and feeling good of yourself ?
: They are a company, they need to be making money otherwise we don’t get to play. At least it’s free to play with no pay to win system... in this day and age that’s a commodity
You don't understand nobody says they shouldn't be making money for godsake , are you all lobotomized or better just to ask your age ? And if you really want to understand where league is going look at WoW.
: Is this meme going to die any time soon or are we going to have to listen to posts like this all the time?
This is not a meme it's the reality , nobody says they shouldn't make money but they shouldn't forget about the game itself ? the client constantly freezing and lagging tons of bugs in game, constantly forcing metas for no reason , buffing champions before skin sales, completely incompetent Dev Team which removes 1 thing then brings it back after few weeks just to show they are doing smth and working , it feels they are doing this job just for the sake of doing it. There is a Video you can watch I think this man described the downfall of companies the best : [(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1rXqD6M614)]
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Is this the best argument you have? an insult?
{{item:1038}} this is a sword you tell me thats an axe what I'm supposed to tell you ?
: Except he’s not... and I counter your vlad with the vlad rework. Riot did change him, he was toxic and riot changed him so that he has clear windows of power through his Q as well as a telegraphed E that allows a melee laner to survive him. Hell vlad laning phase isn’t even that good anymore, he isn’t a lane bully you pick him for his team fight power. So he isn’t cancer, you’ve just got to know how to play around him... he is too strong but nerfs are all that is needed. Vlad was toxic and now is much healthier thanks to his rework.
Sure you see when a champion is healthy when he gets picked Top Mid Bot and is contested ye you right have a good day.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: New Aatrox has retained a lot more than people claim and it just makes taking those complains much harder to take seriously. The only thing Aatrox lost was his AA dependency, which was turned into making him a caster. He still has life steal, still has his revive(in a different part of his kit), still has hard cc and the same transformation ult.
Sorry no offence but Lee Sin has a better sight then you .
: He has a binary kit, very feast or famine, extremly difficult to balance (becomes op or up with the slightest changes), unhealthy interaction with items and stats resulting in diminished counter play (what’s the point of having your W proc every 3 hits of you proc constantly late game with attack speed, not even including rageblade... it’s unhealth and makes balancing the skill impossible), towards the end he became a hyper carry with a strong early game, his level 2 cheese... that’s not even talking about sustain or stat checking. And yes he is very stat checky, and while every champion have aspects of this very few are extremly unhealthy with it, aatrox is one of the worst offenders for being unhealthy And sustain is fine, but what wasn’t fine was how it’s done.... firstly because the sustain is difficult to balance out (can’t be weak because then it feels useless early game with the 3 hits counter balancing it, can’t be strong because the 3 hit counter balance disappears not even that late into the game). Secondly on a champion who is strong early game and weak late game that’s fine as it allows for strong lane dominance without as much fear of poke but as you fall off there isn’t any rush to push you out of late (see new aatrox), on a champion who is weak early game but strong late game it’s also fine as it’s whats keeping you in the game (see nasus)... on a champion who is strong both early and late it becomes oppressive, can’t push him out of lane, difficulty actually having a winning trade with him, and you can’t even wait him out as he will put scale you. That’s the issue with that one, it’s no the sustain is how his sustain interacts with his other issues. And this isn’t riot feeding us lies and us following blindly... hell none of this came from riot. The community has been asking for aatrox reworks for a while now, including aatrox players... what aatrox players didn’t realise though is that they wanted aatrox to be stronger and better during a time that riot where purposefully keeping him weak because he was unhealthy, to make him stronger and better you need to loose what makes him unhealthy... which was his W, blood well, and R... And think about it... unhealthy champion having extremly high win, play and ban rates in pro play... what do you think was about to happen if riot wherent going to rework him... he’d be nerfed to death. Aatrox was going to die regardless of what happened, at least this way we have a replacement to carry on his name.
I counter you with Vladimir , he still exists he is not nerfed he is cancer and still they don't change him and ye on top of this he is ranged so your arguments invalid sorry.
: Because old aatrox needed a rework since he was broken on a fundamental level. He was hypersensitive to even the smallest changes, and depending on minuscule adjustments to his core items he would be either nigh unplayable or just completely dominate over all other picks.
He was always playable dunno what you talking about and he became stronger because of the reasons I stated in my response to the other post : Conqueror + fast paced games. And he couldn't dominate all the picks never what the current AAtrox is doing at the moment ...
: Everything that made Old Aatrox who he was also made him unhealthy and in need of a rework... so any successful rework for aatrox would also have to make him not aatrox. Adding this as a new champion doesn’t work, you’ve still got Old Aatrox in the game and still causing the same issues so you’d have to just rework him again
What was unhealty that he could sustain himself endlessly ? Oh then I can tell you the new one sustains himself even better and you can't really stop him because if you walk in range you get rekt. And people were playing him in High Elo all the time with success but he spiked because of Conqueror and how fast paced the games became. All this bullshit from RITO that he is a stat check and whatever is just hilarious because you have a ton of champions who a stat check and overall the entire game is a stat check so just I don't understand how people believe them blndly like damn sheeps ...
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: There's some early snowballing that Riot intends to address and reduce: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/yUOepEEG-early-snowball-813
We need more drastical changes not patch the bleeding with plasters but acttually stitch everything together so it works they are doing the right things but it takes them months and months until they do smth this way they just ruin the game and I understand most of them don't play the game so they don't feel the frustration the players feel so they don't feel those few extra months of pain the players feel and it frustrates and it is obvious like day and night but they still refuse and you have a feeling that the dev team actually cares only about their pay checks and not the game or the player base , because the Audio Art departement the guys with live streams are doing a huge work and an amazing work and this guys are just AFK 80 % of the time thats how it feels .
WøOxer (EUW)
: So I assume you want 2 hours games?
when you can destroy in 30 seconds 3 towers I dont think gving the mextra 50 % hp will make it 2 hours ... but whatever you just want to critique and hate without any constructive response ...
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: You're just complaining about unrelated things tough. Runes have little to nothing to do with the jungle. Not to mention that rng adds variety to the game and makes (generally) for a more fun experience via variety, it's obvious one person will feel cheated trough luck. Not to mention that we're talking about a few low impact coin throws a game. Also, junglers that are out of meta now haven't ever really been in the meta, minus nunu. I asked you to tell me how to solve things, not say how X won't work without trying it for a while.
Ye 3 infernals vs 3 Oceans low impact lul
Kioshek (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Holymanster,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MwhTAgwh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-17T09:08:04.559+0000) > > I don't think junglers decide the game but they had too much time for camping , they coudl afk in one lane atleast 2 min which would help a lot the opposite side if your jungler is not responding , but I think some changes were too forced though we will see in around 1 week how it works. And I think there is one single lane that really decides the game now it's botlane because ADC + Support have some disgusting powerspikes with their cheap items which makes their snowball really hard. > And yes you can talk as much as you want but at the moment RIOT is even ignoring the simple statistics that show their game goes into a sink ... > And I don't know what they were expecting when they took guys who ruined up other games to do the job and none of them plays the game so how the hell they will understand that what they are doing is good ? > https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2009-01-01%202018-04-26&q=league%20of%20legends Well there will be changes to ADC items, prices included. Zeal will be more expensive,... stuff like that. And I have read, that RIOT plans to invest in support items and their power x price ratio. So... botlane will have some changes as well. ;)
Ye I saw it's a move in right direction and I think they should make support items more expensive and with better stats because now supports get almost the same gold as laners , they made them with worse stats and lower gold values because they were getting less gold and they wanted to keep this items from other laners though it had the other effect like we see junglers taking both {{item:3109}} and {{item:3050}} and AP champs building {{item:2065}} which give them fast spikes. Also I think a really nice thing would be removing Grevious Wounds out of the game and make all current Healing effects 0.7xcurrent value which would solve a lot of the problems some champions being incredibly broken if enemy has no grevious wounds and complete garbage if there are grevious wounds. Overall they are doing the right moves but it takes them around 6 months to realize the simpliest issues which makes me feel like they don't even play the game ... And also I think it's already time to remove sightstone from the game and rework trinkets and put one more slot for pink ward.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Having an assassin in support... great... more bad decisions from Riot.
: RIP League Of Legends (2009-2018)
I don't think junglers decide the game but they had too much time for camping , they coudl afk in one lane atleast 2 min which would help a lot the opposite side if your jungler is not responding , but I think some changes were too forced though we will see in around 1 week how it works. And I think there is one single lane that really decides the game now it's botlane because ADC + Support have some disgusting powerspikes with their cheap items which makes their snowball really hard. And yes you can talk as much as you want but at the moment RIOT is even ignoring the simple statistics that show their game goes into a sink ... And I don't know what they were expecting when they took guys who ruined up other games to do the job and none of them plays the game so how the hell they will understand that what they are doing is good ? https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2009-01-01%202018-04-26&q=league%20of%20legends
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: How about making a more descriptive title than "Summoners". How about: "Barrier Underpowered vs Ignite" or something like that? I agree that barrier is in a bad spot right now, I can't really see myself taking it, if I don't need ignite mid or top TP and ghost are better options and the benefits of heal over barrier are too great if you desperately need the survivability. The power of morellonomicon and ignite are okay counterarguements against heal, but then you might as well take ignite yourself.
Sorry for misleading. I just always call them summoners didn't complicate myself probably to lazy :)
Febos (EUW)
: Barrier is the "counterpart" to Heal, not Ignite. Most people will pick Heal anyway, so what you should be talking about is Heal vs Barrier. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/spells/all
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HdQro4rf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-24T00:14:54.408+0000) > > Barrier is the "counterpart" to Heal, not Ignite. Most people will pick Heal anyway, so what you should be talking about is Heal vs Barrier. > > https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/spells/all If it comes to 1v1 ignite is obviously better , not speaking about heal because it heals 2 targets and also gives them MS so it's obviously again better , my point is people who are doing balancing are getting their money in vain it feels like a bunch of monkeys who just poke their fingers here and there without really understanding wtf they are doing or as I said they role a dice. They are doing some stupid changes then reverting them back to how they were and just wording it in another way that completly contradicts to what they were saying when they did the changes. I have a feeling they don't even have the client installed on their PC's or laptops. For example they made botlane OP so they can survive assasins and 3 shot tanks , because of this they have to buff tanks and tank items so they can survive 5 shots atleast -> this leads to tanks dominating toplane and only champs with true dmg and overloaded kits can deal with them -> which leads to creating a new keystone for bruisers which will give 20% penetration in form of true dmg -> which will lead again to tanks being destroyed against some autoattackers without any chance to survive the lane, excessive shields -> revert some assasins so they can burst in 1 sec because if the targets have time to react your ADC get a 1k-2k %%%%ing shield -> also give the new champ Irelia a shield breaking passive and possibly in near future an item for destroying shields , this reminds me of heals after making them too powerfull they had to implement grevious wounds which really destroy those champs the same thing happening with shields. The idea is they are lazy they don't try to solve the problem or think it through they just find a solution to deal with it fast so people kind off say ye ok it somehow works out. Why not make all current heals/regen abilities heal like 0.7 of what they do now and remove grevious wounds from items and you can leave it only on ignite and make ignite do less dmg and be specifically picked to counter this champs and giving up on other summoner. Make heal and shield power stack multiplicatively, rework Michael's and make it give only 10 % instead of 20 %. Make support items better and cost more and who cares if other laners buy them because they do it anyway especially in competitive, in my opinion a support shouldn't be a half of a player or have worse stats or items then the rest roles he contributes to the game the same as other players , I think their thinking is completely flawed because if the support does to well they are like it's just a support he shouldn't be so tanky / he shouldn't be doing so much dmg - why not ? . Increase ADC items cost , change items in a way so ADC's can't get so easily 100% crit because it's not crit anymore it's just simple autos. Remove the % health dmg + fllat damage on tanks , make abilities do one thing or % health dmg or flat dmg not a combination of both, stop giving every tank a shield - ORNN could be fine without a shield and his mechanic on W was nice but they removed it though it wasn't never a problem (problem was his dmg and spamm factor)laughable they gave a really stupid reason for it , it was unique and it was nice but they are pros they removed it and you know why the reason is stated above they don't have the %%%%ing client isntalled on their personal computers for sure. DUSKBLADE ? WTF is this ? Deathfire Grasp was removed from the game but they design an item like DUSKBLADE which is the deathfire of AD based champs. Black Cleaver - Bruiser Item nerfed Why ? Because ADC's and other ranged guys abuse it ? Oh really and how about implementing an existing mechanic in the game and make the debuff MELEEE only , wow problem SOLVED. No better nerf item that counters tanks and helps bruisers to defeat them and after buff every bruiser by giving armor pen in their kit or creating this Conqueror stuff. Ye also doing overloaded abilities/passives which do dmg heal give ms etc. -> try to balance Remembered one more make a damn QSS item for AP and tank users which would share the same passive with ZHONYA and GarGoyle stoneplate , make it give no stats and cost 1500 gold -> part of 3 items one is already in game need 2 more. That's from the top of my head , sorry if it's too much , there are a lot of things that I would like to discuss but I think whatever I say doesn't even matter at the end because probably even you won't read this till the end , but if you did thanks and sorry if I did mistakes or it's hard to read. That's it.
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: Nah it was always like that. The new generation has an ego feeling like they are more and better than the old one. It is an ever ongoing circle. {{champion:75}} The Cycle of Old and Young continues. You are old and too dumb to comprehend tech, they are cool and smart. Because kids... kids never changes. /insert music: https://youtu.be/BOJ8U55xnH4 EDIT: About the comment itself: Naaaaah it's just your everyday ELO stuck people. Bronze to Silver are derping n00bs, trolls, and tilted people stuck in everlasting cycle of losses outweighting wins because of the MMR loss streaks. Gold has derps who somehow surfaced from the raging ocean of ELO Hell, people who don't try anymore because ELO Hell burned them out, people with ego boosts because they are better than the ELO Hell scum... my god Gold is diverse. Well it's basically a gateway ELO. Then comes plat and onwards. You are in the extreme minority of players which gave root to great levels of elitism and bloating egos. They feel themselves WAAAY above everyone else and think that the glory of Challenjour is only at arm's reach and only their %%%%%%ed booster temmates keeping them back from kicking Faker with the rest of the world Challenjours in the ass. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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Holymanster (EUNE)
: Sightstones, Wards & Supports
So they still cling to Sightstone system :( {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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Jyu Hell (EUNE)
: is this a joke? the new mode?
I won once in Onslaught , but there is another thing that annoys me why the %%%% to make the quests I must have a 5 people premade group ? When you don't have the old client chat system , so you can't find 5 people you have to write on forums or speak with people you just played ... WHY if you don't have a way to easily create a premade using the damn new client which is only visually better then the OLD one in rest it's behind the OLD one , WHY you force people to complete the quest in PREMADE groups and don't tell smth like there are quests for SOLO players because throwing a bone to SOLO players is insulting. WTF is wrong with you ? CREATE A WAY TO EASILY CREATE PREMADES THEN GIVE QUESTS THAT REQUIRE 5 people premades dumbasses . Finished GL HF . though don't think you will have fun {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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Nar7ia (EUW)
: Darius Q hitbox bugged?
I think it's because of the ping, happens quite often to me
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