: League feels really unbalanced and unfun to play atm.
: Love it, what 'bout his blobs though?
Welp it's not going into the game , this was just to see how fast I can flesh out ''viable'' concept for skin . But I could add blobs and front back view when I get the spare time .
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HookedOnLsD (EUNE)
: How to correctly submit a tick about boosted player
TICKET #35644018 please review ASAP for boosting ty [](https://www19.zippyshare.com/i/65ULFN9F/49316/BOOSTEDAF.png)
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fawkes (EUNE)
: Is platinum new bronze?
Plat was always the weird elo it's a place where it's rly easy to reach You need one of the following. High Mechanics High Game knowledge High Gold proficiency Semi good One tricking now when you get a player who is used to play on mechanics and just push and a player who has great decision making one will piss other of for sure issue is that none of those two will realize they need to get their strength from HIGH to TOP to move out of there and the legend says either you breeze trough it or get stuck griding as to many good players Riot gave you (yes that other one) will tilt as the flame and troll get to hard to handle . Also they refuse to play meta in most cases and to build a team comp **and don't ask for that as they will flame** and you will see that most games are won trough the team comp 8/10 and that goes to 10/10 as someone will tilt when they see they got out drafted .
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Our focus is to make sure that all the stats from finished games are safe.
Should just shut down and fix instead of that , but then EU might want a coughmpensation.
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: why cant i honor the enemy?
Exactly showing honor to the enemy is more honorable from your side especially when you get matched with inting cripples .
: Well clearly you didn't dodge good enough if you died to her lol She's literally useless if she doesn't hit her spirit echo on you and even if she does - you can fight her for it and you'll reduce the CD that it's up You're also playing Riven which is a losing match-up HP>AD in lane
as i she doesnt hit it i go in she istagib me on cloth armor vs duskblade, y obliviously balanced . nvm next time i see that crap ill just play something random and int till end. Riven is bad matchup vs everything atm as he got so many nerfs he cant win anything unless player is demented playing useless champ.
: I know this is a rather unique concept but have you considered clicking slightly to the left when she presses an ability
hm tried doged was 2/0 ahead had items she had nothing lv7 vs lv6 all in with ignite vs just one cloth armor while i had full duskblade gotoneshoted, but thanks for trying.
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Saibbo (EUW)
: If you look for a 1070 on the nVidia site you can buy the reference card(founder edition) if they are in stock and they sell in your country. These cards may be the best OC but still work fine. It's to bad that you can't find a cheap amd combo, i'd suggest you to try to check amazon from other countries (amazon.de/amazon.it/etc..) that uses your same currency, i don't think there should be any issue.
Nothing is in stock here went with the config above same mobo same 1060 same ram better HHD left the new 600W on this one will move the 800W in case i upgrade which i don't believe i will i'll probably save up for new one if needed i don't have that much uuuuu max settings syndrome i can play in medium low for all i care as long as the game is not boring i don't play for graphics , they all look crap to me as i worked in some 3D studio for a while (non disclosure agreement :/ ) and i know how much more ''details'' could be pushed in current game engines... am kinda sad i did not get R5 1500x for some streaming but i could not put out the money for the way higher priced B350 in my country . But as a gaming pc it's fine everything works on ultra or w/e they call their settings atm with smooth gameplay (not fiddling with settings they just auto) . And yes they tax even amazon from anywhere like 20-35% lmao. Anyway thanks for the help !
Saibbo (EUW)
: So from the start: - Mobo is ok for ram and CPU (idk the ram frequency but i guess you want the cheapest is 2133 mhz so it's ok anyway) - OC, if you plan to OC the CPU is not overclockable - Get only 1 stick of 8GB right now RAM is basically DOUBLE the price it was few months ago, 16 GB is more than enough for gaming, 8GB are OK (it actually depends what games you plan to game, but yet 8GB are enough even for games that may recommend 16gb) Now what i would suggest you : - 800 watt psu? I don't really get what PSU you'd use, but if you want to buy one pick a 450-500 watt, that combo will use like 150-200 watts and PSU work at best at 50% usage. Pick one from an actual known company and not a "cheap chines" one, if the PSU fail, all the PC is gone. look for a "80 Plus Bronze" certification. - To be completely honest I'd suggest you to take a ryzen 5 1400/1500x, idk where you live how much it cost but here on amazon is cheaper and perform the same in game but has way more performance in everything else, also you can OC and the Stock cooler is way better than the intel's one is a win-win in everything. the motherboard for the ryzen are the same and compatible for next 5 years instead of intel that change every year so you can upgrade whenever. The best mobo is the B350 that can let you OC the CPU. - Be sure that the GPU is the most expensive past of the build and the case the least one. As right now the prices are still shit so a 1060 6GB is still the best option if you can find it at 280-320 euros (you can find the reference GPU from Nvidia site at 300 euros if the one you find are over priced).
Thanks for the reply man, ye it's just some stack ram and i know intel non K is not OC able am also aware of 8GB vs 16GB but i intent to use it some times for heavier multi tasking like PS+CD4+Zbrush when i don't want to swap to main rig 800W is just from my old PC that doesn't req as much (not even close and it has 85% efficiency so pointless to waist it) Am aware of how good Ryzen is i sticked to AMD even before problem is B350 is 100eu where i live and for some reason the one above is 50eu and i5 7500 and Ryzen 5 1500x are same price Yes the GPU is a money hog here i wanted to get 1070 at least but there is none in stock builds and solo purchase is 750+ eu and 1080 is 850 so i basically get this to pull trough a year when i can get the 1080 when Nvidia shell out new stuff and it's cheaper than 1070 atm or same price . LTDR. Thanks :)
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Like naming and shaming of T1 how was that then/still allowed ? That is called information sharing sure someone can have a bad game or just be out of the focus but how many times did i see one tricks inting when they get something else or ppl just inting for fun . > You think most players even care to google something, or verify stories? They're bound to attack somebody immediately if they're told that that person was toxic. Well most ppl don't care to even log into boards let so boards should not exist ? And beyond that I mean it has no use, Riot write what they want, ppl argue anyway here, not much is shared, no Riot polls for changes nor they actually give a f about posts here especially non NA boards. So what's the point ? I play on NA acc as well and that server is different way less ppl who will argue with you bcs you said something is not amazing about some random game they play and they sometimes even get some Rioter response tho Riot has been slacking and way worse than ever in that segment 0 actual feedback is taken into account from common players , unless it's a bug report . Unfortunately this or any post wont change anything , they try to make money as any other company out there and rare are the teams like CD Project RED who actually give a fck about ppl that play the game.
: Why don't people understand that farming is necessary
: 1. These new runes actually offer more chances for theorycrafting in my opinion. The majority of the old runes and masteries were just stat buffs. 2. There is more build diversity than there used to be outside of mid lane, but that's being fixed next patch. 3. Supports when from having sod all gold gen to having enough to stay relevant. How is that bad? 4. Prco items? Do you mean items with active components? Because the number of active items hasn't increased all that much. 5. Matchmaking has always been a bit screwy at times. 6. Pretty sure the maths has been done and you get as much BE as you would IP in the same time frame. 7. Do you mean no changes in the meta? Because it changes quite a bit. It's just that more champs are playable in most metas than they used to be. 8. Doesn't flex allow for 5 man premades? 9. Not entirely sure that it counts as safe to try and turtle against a fed enemy team. If they let you back in, that's there problem. 10. I personally like the changes myself. Adds an extra dimension to the game.
Am sorry but all i see from your profile is one-two seasons of playing and bunch of sticking up for Riot so i can't acknowledge your response. But makes me glad i moved to EUNE from EUW. Thank you for commenting .
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: Best Kha'zix Skin? Why?
Mecha bcs: Transparent for target selection Shows when they can see you i don't even notice most skins in game so am guessing those are upsides for it. Also don't look at the splash arts look at VFX/sounds animations etc. to see if they fit your taste .
Nea104 (EUW)
: Basically every game is unbalanced, also in Normals or Aram. It's just their matchmaking system that is (maybe intentionally) flawed.
Yeah but those should not matter as much and ARAM is about random part i guess and Normal should be for fun, practice and testing/learning . If they implemented this MM into draft and got more serious one for Yolo Q that would be in line with logic imo. Also am thinking 5v5 aka team ranked Q should get reintroduced with something in line of LCS pick and bans for ppl who are into that as it would be interesting to se Riot abuse more of fantasy behind this game for that part , i mean that is the reason ppl play sports games after all and this would be like best simulation they could get . But back to the topic yeah it's most likely intentionally flawed, i don't think that they are that dumb to hide behind some ''it would be to long of wait'' and excuses like that i think it's probably some psycho crap where you should feel emotions for a game to give money and what better way to do that in a game w/o true lore or good back story than to make players have ups and downs etc. Anyway thanks for calm response it's appreciated am just hoping more ppl will get on board to maybe push this kind of plausible improvement idea forward .
: For me League is dead
If it helps it's same throughout the ranks thou most of low elo afk is caused by bad internet but that is the only difference . Anyway anything under diamond 3 is low elo. I would suggest learning 3 hard carry solo Q champions if you want to get out. Kata Akali or Yasuo sure you will lose some but still game will depend on if you can carry or not. But you'll see if you make it to gold, plat or low diamond it's all the same crap.
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: New letter on eune - č
Hahaha and i wanted to add you in game but i could not change my name to ČmarJeleneRozge
Pisha (EUW)
: [Fan game] Final Fantasy meets League of Legends
I love FF universe but i never played it for some reason i played Last Remnant if that counts , any how i liked to bump this up. fyi idk i made a small game using game assets in game maker and posted it on forum back in the days idk i did not get sued but better safe than sorry i guess . GL {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Alakažam (EUW)
: So there’s no way to reset mmr... not a surprise but :( I ended in bronze 3 in season 7. I know I was (and probably still are) super bad, I mained support and like to think I did help my team a lot... still, you can’t win them all and i steadily fell down from bronze 1 (still bad to begin with). I went away from ranked and started playing a lot of normal games and aram, to get better with some champs (like ma boi bard). BUT now that I (hope I) have improved a little, even if I do well in placements I will be placed near bronze 3... Not complaining or anything, it makes sense and I probably deserve to be stuck down here with the rest of the noobs, but feelsbadman{{champion:432}} {{item:3070}}
escaping that elo should be simple enough. chose your 2 main roles chose 1-5 champs pref 3 that you will master and 2 that you will be effective on make sure they have few/all of the following : 1. can instagib or trade or hit multiple champions * this one is most important as you will have to carry your self out 9/10 times 2. have early-mid game pressure * have a spike at those points of game 3. have cc * stun,knock up,knock back > snare > slow > no cc ofc 4. have built in dash or jump * boosting escape or engage potential 5. easy to play * this is where most ppl go wrong but that is in the further text 6. tilter effect / snowballing * when ahead you can kill anyone on their team even if they are ahead of you So basic path to go is chose champion that is either strong at that moment (Google ''god tier lol'' ) or that is not hard to play but still can do things w/o need to know advanced mechanics lowering the chance of misplay and thus outplay against you . see {{champion:1}} mid ! So let's say your a supp and you want to progress that way (which is valid as i used supp to reach gold and then went to early pressure assassins to get master on my old (read perma banned acc EUW as well) first look at what is op and if you can play them and if they are easy and go trough the check list ! example of classic champs for supp: {{champion:12}} can trade multiple champions so can {{champion:89}} and {{champion:412}} as they have aoe abilities that are not to hard to execute {{champion:89}} doesn't require much skill to play but is stifled if behind has 3 cc abilities but can not protect (she can but read on) the team she is engage champ {{champion:412}} is all rounded champion that can deal dmg has cc, shield, escape, engage aa poke but is 4/5 hard to execute well for multiple reasons (skill shots, timing , positioning for agro/defense and last hitting whit {{item:3097}} {{champion:12}} has ton of cc can deal dmg (if built that way) can both protect and engage from same position is only stifled by mana and cdr that you can get from one item only hard things to do are WQ combo 2/5 and not to forget to use your ult ofc there are many more things you can do but the basic ones do the job . So he would be go to for supp of the above just make sure you cc the right champion/champions {{champion:432}} is added as you said you play him. He has skill shot cc that is conditional (has to hit two marks) heal that is charge up and can be destroyed (interrupted) and magical journey is complex skill to use effectively last but not least his ult can be a fight changer for both sides that and can be easily turned against and is not used most of the times as if not used extremely smart can be just ignored . Now don't think i hate on Bard i think he is really useful in some matchups but lacks consistency to get you to higher elo (like when i play zed kat syndra lee brand etc. supports ) I would suggest finding what are op champions , what are most common matchups you face, as every elo is different on supp especially, so you can chose what works in your favor especially pre 6 , how to trade in those (you will learn this whit experience ) and what you can counter other team comp whit (being that you play supp you can go by feed adc counters life of enemy ) anyway don't worry if you there is really low difference between bronze silver gold and low plat . and just not tilling and playing op/easy+list above should get you to gold at least . that is all i could provide to help , gl hf out there !
: anyone wants to edit videos for me for free (league only)
I can make you an 3D intro for 50eu that is the cheapest offer i can give. editing is boring you can learn it using yt in like Vega or Premier Pro but you'll need a good PC.
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