: And please, add a 3v3 soloq. I don't have friends that like this map so I'm forced to play normals only.
Will add this as soon as I get home. Surprisingly can't do it on phone.
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: The point of this post seems to be that you address this situation and get attention for it. Even if that is true, the fact that you stole his text without permission could be considered plagiarism, which is illegal. Even thought you did say that you got it from his post you should've asked for his permission. If you're going to use a persons name and publish nearly the same text you should make clear that it's an quote every time you quote the text. P.S. I didn't read your post due to it looking similar to this post, so I'm not sure how much deviation you had from the original text. SuchHookMuchWow
Well he pissed me a little bit with it but tbh all I want is riot changing those things for next season so Im kinda fine with it
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: I think that the visual updates and bug fixes are something that they should improve on. The minion wave thing should be changed like the summoners rift one that the minions won't be pushed to either side unless you push it. Jungle monsters should have a little bit more damage, since the fast clear poor sustain gankers are way too oppressive since jungle sustain isn't an problem there. jungle sustain means nothing, it's all about clear speed and ganking/skirmishing there. The altars are in a fine state now, the 1% max health for every minion slain is really strong, and makes your lane sustain a lot better. The Vilemaw timer is already working. If you were to change the recall timer you should also mess with the altar capture time and it just wouldn't make sense in general since that would remove a portion of the penalty of backing and would make lane bullies less effective only in that map. Sincerely yours, SuchHookMuchWow
Not sure about timer. Been playing yesterday and still it didnt work. And timer for altars could be useful aswell because message can often be missing in pings or messages and it can be difficult to determine when they unlock.
: things you forgot a global timer for slaying the Vilemaw (PLEASE) enhanced recall from the vilemaw buff please fix the altar capture, the way it gets interrupted, it's just so fucked up... add these :) oh and about the first minion wave: I personally think it isn't such a big problem since you don't really need to leash, if you ask riot to delay the first minion wave then you'd have to make the first monsters stronger to ballance the fact that you can now leash... and about the lobby bug, you have another way of dealing with that (other than restarting the client): you kick the players who seem to be in the lobby already, a bug window will appear each time, close it, then reinvite the players, a pop-up will say that they have been kicked already blah blah blah... say you want them back. there you invited them again :) oh and i'll also post this on the na boards (it will get more visibility) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/YIzbtxoa-twisted-treeline-season-7-wishlist and YES YOU CAN COMMENT/UPVOTE/POST ON THE NA BOARDS WITH AN EU ACCOUNT
Added already, thanks for opinion. Well it is still annoying because sometimes you have your lane pushed even without making any contact on those fighting minions which may be pretty important and should be constant just like on 5v5 Gotta try this out ;) I will post it maybe tomorrow if it doesnt get any attention here
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