GLurch (EUW)
: Server transfers aren't available at the moment, due to Riot running in some issues after disabling them for distributing the end of season rewards. They're expected to be up again sometime in January or February. However, there shouldn't be much of a ping difference between EUNE and EUW, since the EUW server is in Amsterdam and the EUNE server in Frankfurt, which isn't that far away from each other.
Perhaps but I will go ahead with the transfer regardless.
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: What you ask for here already exists. The problem you are describing only exists in Blind Pick. Just play Draft Pick and you can pick whatever you want, exactly like you wish for.
Like I said to a previous comment that draft pick is not a permanent option, for example if you go see now it isn't there...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Draft pick isn't a permanent option because if you see now it's gone..
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Santirande (EUNE)
: there is literally no way to detect if disconnection happened randomly or at players fault, because you can always just unplug your cable/turn off wi-fi. this have been discussed about like 7423 times
Then how does blizzard detect their purposely afk players and those that lost internet access?
: New meta starts in low elo :P
At least I have the balls to stick to my team until the end. ;)
: hahahah Mr HuntSeeker you play crap like teemo and xin zhao support in normals and you are surprised why people go afk?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Actually they leave because they rage quit they lost their mid lane or top lane or jungle doesn't gank them. My choice of champion has never been the reason for them to afk at least no one has been vocal about my option. They say "Oh ok" and that's it.
: im glad you aren't in my region but on behalf of all the players that you force to suffer from your connectionissues: plz stop playing the game
Actually if you have bothered to read my post I suggest that Riot develops software that has algorithms to detect if you exit the game yourself or had disconnects. Blizzard has it for Heroes of the storm. :)
Magneset (EUW)
: Riot should follow the CS:GO way of things. Not punish for toxic behavior at all as in verbal abuse. There is a mute button to solve that issue. No reason to punish. With those removed, they should make harsher punishments for inting/trolling etc. I think that would be a fair way of doing it.
.... Why do you even bother to post this???
: You should probably elaborate a bit on what kind of behaviour you deem toxic.
: How to deal with Turks?
Not really a fan of them my self but the mute button is always there :)
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Connections issues are most commonly caused by problems with the car nnection between you and the server. You're not directly connected to the server, but instead your connection jumps through many nodes before reaching Riot. Problems with these nodes are outside of yours, and Riots, control. However, there are steps **you** can take to attempt to circumvent these problems.
Yes I know that part.. I am saying they don't have a stable connection between the server and the client. For an online game this is unheard of. Usually companies will buy sub-servers which connect between regions which connects Server and client but Riot games cheaps out and basically runs the game on auto pilot. The money they get from esports is more than enough to buy a better and more stable connection between the main servers and the clients. You can't expect to play an online game when there are irratic lag spikes which are caused by third party sources to be happening in 2017. I don't have this problem in HotS or any other online game for that matter. Difference is blizzard invests in their customer while Riot.. they would throw you under the bus if they had the chance.
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: Well mister professional, if you are having problems and other people aren't having problems, whose fault is it? ######Spoiler Alert: Not Riot, but your broken PC.
If you don't like that I am saying the truth about your precious game like a fan boy that you are, you can leave and don't even comment on this topic. But I dare you to defend riot's garbage fest called LoL ,I really do..
: Well mister professional, if you are having problems and other people aren't having problems, whose fault is it? ######Spoiler Alert: Not Riot, but your broken PC.
Explain why my other other games don't create this problem. Could you kindly ? What is the explanation of my PC being able to run the other fking games with no problem or fking crashes or data corruption but this one game called LoL that is the only cancer on my PC? Please tell me...
This article is useless, as a professional I am telling you these have nothing to do with anything. I have windows 10 fully updated with a GTX 960 fully updated. Its not a problem of compatibility is client coding errors which are not fixed. Coding not hardware <<<<<
House x33 (EUW)
: How about you fix your broken ass computer ? And yes that leaver is your fault as well !
My Computer is just fine I have no problems with anything else but LoL and no that isn't my fault its Riot side... obviously
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: My Last Words
dude don't listen to these butt kisser fanboys i quit too and i'm here telling people to do the same and quit. Riot doesn't give a shit about the player base all they want is your $$$ in fact i found out that the more money you give the higher chance you will get banned. No reason needed Riot " fk you give me money b!tch" Player " yes sir , *pulls down pants*" My advice to all LoL players.. stop playing this game not because it sucks but because the company which made the game is a fking greedy unsocial company. The game it self is ok.. but after playing other games i wondered why it is doing so well. Its unbalanced and not playing for months i still know the game is fking unbalanced as shit.. probably can carry your whole team with Zed still? or kata penta with ease? what a joke this game is for kids and fan boys who pull down their pants for their beloved riot game
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: Unfounded chat restriction
Dude listen to me and you will not have a problem again. Do what i did, Unistall LoL and play other games Riot doesn't care about you or anything else other than money and their report system is spreading out punishments for no reason Riot sucks don't bother with them
Coxis (EUNE)
: Actually, it's a good thing.... Title says "Got chat restriction? banned for no reason? This is the place for you!". This post is targeted to all toxic players. Let him take them with him. :D
: Honestly, I really don't see how Riot is any worse than other for profit companies.
No Riot is in fact worse company i have seen they don't care anything about customer. Riot support shows it all its all automatic message and you can't find justice in an unjustified ban or restriction Also their system which reports players is terrible and they don't do anything about it
Jonxx (EUNE)
: I play every single of these, and all are just as good as LOL. It just depends on person taste. Also you will just get this thread downvoted into hell, because most of what you've written is just a mass of bs. You'd know that if you've read some topics on these boards. And just like The7thSeal said. If you don't like it, then get lost. No one really cares.
maybe but the company which made LoL isn't good at all :) LoL as the game is ok btw :) i'm talking about riot
: If you've quit League, why are you spending this much time on the message boards?
I'm playing other games i am just here to help others realise how terrible this company really is :) plus i have nothing better to do :) think of it as a hobby
: Anyone think that the new report system till tribunal is down is a bit too much?
Yes i do man, I quit the game after this new report system is BS... btw i made another topic on why you should leave league :) now i just hate riot in a fanatic type of way. not fanatic like the lcs team just fanatic in a maybe political or point of view way :)
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JamesLe (EUW)
: I am Really srsly crying
First things first, Ignore anyone who is not me, they are either trolls or fanboys. This is what you are going to do : Unistall LoL for ever It causes many pains and its not worth it. Riot doesn't care in fact they make the game more toxic. Do what I did, I unistalled LoL and now I come here help people leave this dump and play games where no toxic or a company who actually cares about people. I suggest Heroes of the storm :)
: Chat disabled
join the club mate, you will have chat restriction for ever even when completing it. same happened to me and Riot wont do anything about it, in fact riot doesn't even care if you are toxic or not! Join Heroes of the storm game by blizzard its 1000% better than riot's game
mxmmx (EUNE)
: Chat restrict for NOTHING !
Join the club mate :D me too and you know what i did? I quit this dump so called game Now I'm playing HoS and its 10000% better I would suggest joining me and forget this Rito game
: Banned Again.
You are 100% right my friend! I quit this dump to play HoS Blizzard ftw !! Rito FTL (lose)
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huckasex (EUW)
: actually you would have EXACTLY this chat with me cause you want to act innocent and act like riot is the big baddy here and have you every thought of NOT replying to such insults in ANY way? also you dont get rid of your CR by beeing neutral, you have to be positive. not talking isnt beeing positive
If you believe i am a liar why would you still post on this tread? I did not reply to the insults because I did not want another chat ban but I got a chat ban anyway now I wish i did reply... According to riot you do not get banned for not talking but I fail to see the truth in it
huckasex (EUW)
: and i tell you that false reports do exactly nothing
If i was toxic I would not have this chat with you, instead I would be going and raging in the game. I am not a toxic individual I never swear at people and I don't harass them. people call me "bastard, retard" and I say ok ty because I don't want another chat ban, yet I get another chat ban
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Maybe what you said wasn't exactly polite. It might have been flaming without you realizing it, that happens. It will be better when reform cards will be sent for restricts as well. Anyway, false reports do nothing, the system checks if you actually broke the rules or not. So you have been deemed guilty.
I cannot expect you to believe me but I am not a toxic individual. I know that false reports count because people did report me for verbal abuse even when not chatting. This is the second time and riot still has not replied to my tickets with any evidence to justify the chat restrictions.
huckasex (EUW)
: its irrelevant what you find though its riot rights to ban your account for whatever reason, it just happens now that you broke the rules by beeing toxic and thus you just got a resriction instead of the full ban riot doesnt have to prove anything just accept that, whining here wont change anything
Please do not mistake my intentions as "whining". I am not playing league of legends again. That doesn't mean I can't find justice on what has happened to my account which i have spent a lot of time and money on. I am not a toxic player but yet my account has chat ban. All i ask is for riot to give me evidence which shows I am toxic.
Pooochy (EUW)
: Okay, this is way too much now (Chat restriction)
My friend do what i did, unistall LoL and play other games. Riot report system is not working and Riot does nothing to change it
huckasex (EUW)
: cause name&shame yes, the names are in the chat history, but not what those people said
I personally don't find that a problem it is something which happened and If riot does not tell me what i have or haven't done to deserve this chat res/ban which can actually prove my innocences
huckasex (EUW)
: cause names etc would have to be removed as well
why would names need to be removed? they are on your match history after all
Urgoth (EUW)
: I got chat restricted and then this happened..
I am telling you the system is not working and Riot refuses to do anything about it, I have also been chat banned for no reason
: Premade parties reporting for absolutely no reason...
This is true, Riot does not check for false reports I assure you I have been chat restricted for no reason but only when people false report me!
huckasex (EUW)
: or 3) its not worth the trouble to edit the chatlogs in a way they are safe to give out
why would chat logs need to be edited? you just show what was said and that is evidence. Just like in other games
GarikZ14 (EUW)
: I totally agree with this thread ! Maybe I will also stop playing league and give up my challenger dream xD But it's true,someone flames at you and pisses you off then you just say something even if you rarely flame and boom perma ban-(happened to me)
I do not flame back when people flame me, I do how ever receive reports for negative or verbal while not being a toxic player which would probably justify the reason i have received chat bans
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