: help me i have random fps drops even tho my pc is decent for league of legends
Try playing with medium-low video setting and force the client at 60-80 FPS. Also, if you have Addobe Air or Pando media Booster, get rid of them . They're well known in the League for causing problems with fps-related issues. And last, check for add-ons of your graphic's OS. You mentioned AMD. If you have the AMD Gaming Evolved platform installed, try disabling it if it interferes with the game. Such programs can interfere with your game by changing the settings everytime you launch a game (I actually had this problem, the client setting and AMD evolved setting recomended were different and the game went slow-motion). Hope it helps.
: Suspended thanks to Premades
Riot made the after-game reports automatic. As in, computers check the numbers of the reports, rather than watch the whole replay of the game and see who's guilty. And you can't blame them. There are soooo many reports in this game that nobody has time to check every single game ever played to check for how accurate those reports are.
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