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Pyrosen (EUW)
: You know it's optional, right? No one's forcing you to read it lol
yea it only pops to my face every time i log in
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Things which i think could be made a possible skin for Zed. General Zed, Jade Zed, Bloodmoon Zed, maybe even Mecha Zed. Also i never said i was professional, i just mentioned my opinion. If you dont want to hear other peoples opinions, dont post on the boards.
I like getting comments bot only building critics are good what u cant use is simply pretty usless and hitman zed would be creative we see a couple of blood moon and jade skin too why would we stick to old things
LA Losty (EUW)
: Yep, it looks like some teenager from a cartoon. It really doesnt fit him and ive always hated this idea.
okey mister professional pls suggest a better idea what fits better an assassin than The Hitman skin! (he is one of the most iconic assassin in the pc colture)
True Sight (EUNE)
: Doesn't really fit his Ninja style.
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: Rune Discard
Thx for awesome replies and GL evrybody on the fields of Justice:D
: Rito pls... Rune Combiner was Just fine.... BRING IT BACK DAMN IT.
I dont think so!
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: New diana skin. riot plz
Harvest Moon is Pretty cool!
: Death recap has been broken since forever. I got killed by revive once. As far as the damage calculations are concerned, it might be that the total amount of damage that's shown has no armor/MR calculations so it shows the true damage it would've dealt, and the lower amounts of damage are the "actual" amounts of damage dealt after calculations with armor/MR. Regardless, still broken and useless. You should just ignore death recap.
Most of the time i do ignore it but it wuld be nice if they just remove it cuz its dumb to have a failing system in such well looking game!
Eambo (EUW)
: Death recap is pretty useless a lot of the time - Riot are planning to overhaul it entirely I believe, when time permits. As for the boots of mobility issue, thanks for the report :-) It seems to be purely visual (you still lose and gain the speed as normal). Edit: Quick video showing the bug:
Yea got it only reported if i noticed thats why rioters made this pretty boards for us :3
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: Refining champion selection
: Casual Ranked 5 Team Recruiting!
HeLLo Skullkiller add me ADC specialist xD
F3 Haumea (EUW)
: Guardian angel kayle
Kayle has already tons of skins Zac(purple no comment skin) maybe Lucian(base+soccer) or zed(shockblade+SkT T1)?
Jannas Bro (EUNE)
: @Skullkiler she isn't nurfed at the last patch? what drugs are you on lol and she's the best support in my opinion very few people know how to play her and counter her the idea is good though but it would be too over powered. Shielding a turret is already over powered anyway lol {{champion:40}}
I dont do drugs man xD and i wrote ''recent'' not last... whatever i dont think that this is so OP but i do kinda main janna too so yep thanks for reply
: It would be nice but a bit unfair for other supports , don't you think ? And i can play her mid spam Q from the tower to get CS and if some 1 push the lane i just shield the tower and dont lose CS under it OP imo.
True but u can freez the lane and u know that the courrent meta assassins eats a support alive on mid + janna dont has a good laning phase so i dont think so... she got 2 nerf at the recent patch idk...
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Medoboss (EUW)
: Pings are esetnial. Especialy in ranked. If you muted all there is atleast a 30% biger chance you will lose
well I dont know... for me fair enough...{{item:3512}}
Good Be3r (EUW)
: Dragon Master Swain
Xaladon (EUW)
: Project: Quinn
OH MY BIRDY{{champion:133}}
Phainon (EUNE)
: Thats global mate, you dont want or need to ping-mute everyone.
I think that that is fair enough u can play one match whitout hearing the pings...
shaharjjj (EUW)
: mute for pings
: new Loading-Screen?
Thats awesome PLs riot! Up vote guys!{{champion:67}}

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