: So i got hacked yesterday and this is Riots foolproof quiz to prove im the original account holder
Mate, look, did u gifted or receive any gifts? That is simple, but if you didn't, consider mentioning all the skins that you remember having, icons, champions, friends from your friendlist ( perhaps some who can confirm your identity ), any group u were part of, any punishments you received ( for leaving the game, afk, swearing etc ), if you bought rp, how much and when ( even if you only remember some of them or partially, mention everything )
Mattheos (EUW)
: The Ivern God (Master 150+ LP Peak S7 Ivern Main)
: Fizz is unfun to play to against
I disagree, he is a lot of fun. If you don't manage to deal against him that means you should be playing him and practice him to understand his kit. Once you accomplish that, you will pretty much expect anything he will try to do when facing you. There are plenty of videos of adcs making fun of fizz, especially vayne.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How do I make friends here?
When you type some stuff in chat and someone answers and you keep talking, u may want to add them in your friends list and try to get friends with him/her. I normally type lyrics or random stuff and whoever gets to answer and follow up with something I add them, haha. Anyways, is not easy to find people to get friends with, but nothing stops you from trying.
Koscum (EUNE)
: ^This x2. Also, what kind of software engineer/developer?
In OOP, preferably in Java as is my most recent language. However, I could pick up on my C++/ C# rusty skills if needed.
: Where do you live?
I live in UK/ Bournemouth, but I am willing to relocate anywhere during the summer.
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: I don't...
Only saw ur message today, I left a reply.
: Hi, I look at it as something between Pokemon TCG and Hearthstone, it's a bit hard to explain the concept since english is not my mother tongue but I have a document (not finished yet) explaining how I think it could work, but is obviously open for changes... About making it, I also have a couple of friends, they play League aswell and they are studiyng with me. I am sure they will be glad to help. Any better way I can contact you? Discord or something like that?
If you have a eune account, add me in there and leave me a message to know its you and I'll send you my facebook/skype.
: AR URF is it really that random?!
There is no such thing as random when talking about computers, so you can imagine there is also no such thing as a random champion selection for their systems. However, there is semi-random or pseudo-random which is still pretty random. But, I do agree that the picks seem to be a bit against randomness.
: Card game
Hello there, I like your idea and I think it would make a good game. Could be something similar to hearthstone, but obviously still quite different. This could also be portable to the mobile phones. Tbh, I was actually searching for some projects to get involved with cause I'm a cs student too and need something to do. Let me know if you wanna gather and give it a shot. I'm confident we could do it, but also that others will join along the way. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Can we have harder bots than "intermediate"? Like "advanced"?
Yes please, I need soul'less people to test my new guns, but hey, don't tell my other guns.
Yas, happens to me too. When I get into the champ select I got black screen for a few good seconds. When I finish the game it takes a while for the board to appear.
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: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
Doorguy obviously {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} "Hey what up?" "Oh look, there is the doorguy, what up man? where's ur door?"
wilpo (EUW)
: Help with laptops ( People that know about laptops)
Hello there, If you have a budget of around 1000-1500 euroes, you can find pretty good laptops that will run most of the games at highest settings. What you have to look for in a laptop: i7 processor, dedicated graphic card( the stronger, the better ), 8gb ram at least with the possibility to add more, SSD instead of the normal HDD (you will feel the difference anyday), strong network card that will support even the newest connections like AC/N but also the old ones like G/A, and that's pretty much all. Have a look at Asus ROG laptops, they seem to be quite good.
: Hey, would love to play with you ^^
Haven't checked the boards in a while, did you add me ingame?
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Lerpkat (EUNE)
: REBALANCE The New LeBlanc!
Obviously. She is op right? Can't do nothing about it, any attempts to play against the new LB are just useless. The thing is, it's not true at all. Go play against a good summoner, let him pick a random champion from the pool of those who are barely played and if he is better than you, you will still be raging about his champion being op and needing a nerf. Why ? Well, mostly because we got used to always put the blame on something, someone and never take the blame to ourselves. Instead of creating those kind of threads, you would be much better off playing leblanc yourself, understanding her better than you currently do so when facing her next time you know her capabilities and when you should engage / stay away, etc. Also most people don't even consider remembering when the enemy used spells, whether they have ignite, flash, ult, etc. Those little things, if you know them, can provide huge opportunity otherwise you will feel like they always have flash, ignite, ult and therefore you will most probably stay away or engage in useless fights. And Merry Christmas.
SolegaTM (EUNE)
: Poll: which camera mode you use?
Unlocked camera, WASD for moving camera up,left,down,right and 1234 for skills. Ya, I'm a beast.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: [Volunteer Christmas] Community Games !
Hey, who should I add to be able to join ?
: Random drunk, manic depressive post.
I am afraid to die, at times I wish I just disappear, stop existing all at once. Can't do and its painful. When people want to see if I care, they ask me If I would die for them and I tell them thats easy, ask me if I would live for you and I'll have to think about that one. I am going through an exhausting number of depressions everyday, somehow still breathing. Haven't yet earned a living, still in uni, but my soul feels old and tired and I have no idea what this life is about. I go on and keep the routine cause I don't know what to do else. Sometimes I go on and read and read posts on people writing about their depressions and their existential problems and so many other things that people normally can't handle, but also wont share with their friends... What's the reason for this comment? idk, maybe a bit random
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: Why do you play LoL?
This question provoked an uncontrollable desire to speak up. Thousands of years of silence have come to an end. Why I and perhaps some of the others like to play league ? The game itself is challenging by having to beat up 5 other people that you most likely don't know. Way better than that is that you get to choose from a multitude of characters, each with different play styles, weaknesses and strenghts. The game doesn't end nor the round for that matter, when you die. You can build up strategies, you can combine items to put up the best of your character, you can play mind games ( baiting ), you can learn some valuable skills ( following your mates into a team fight, positioning depending on your capabilities, evaluating fire power vs resistence, evaluating win chances of damage trades in seconds ). It's not only that... you have characters that look good and bad, boys and girls and...monsters, you have skins to customize them, you might even find one that suits you perfectly, you might like one's attitude or play style or the feeling of playing it, you get quite a lot of excitament to be honest from all sources. It's a good way to spend time if you are not sure what to do else ( >tv where 90% of what u see and hear is fear,dumb sh.it,lies and fakeness ) The feeling when your madly "killing" everyone in your enemy team ? jez, Id like to see u getting that from the real life without being a serial killer. The fact that ur placed in a team - sometimes it helps with anxiety, making friends problems, talking issues, shyness, etc You learn about objectives and as you play the game you get a better understand of it which is good cause in life it's good to have,respect and aim objectives, otherwise we would be all just IDK BRUH, MAYBE ILL DO THHAT OR THAT OR THAT OR THAT As I said, its rewarding, you don't have to wait 1 month to see the result of your actions, you see them immediatly like do a penta, feel badass or pro or however u like. You get to talk shit otherwise u wouldnt have where or who to tell. Can be fun sometimes Wow, thats a lot of reasons I play league, cool. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: I know the feeling. You might wanna take a break from ranked, play some training games or just mess around a bit until you get your spark back. I've found it's tough to do well when we're in a down slope. And don't get too philosophical, it messes up your head, lol. Be well, and I am sure the tide will turn for you eventually! Never give up, never surrender. But do take a break occasionally :)
TTekkers (EUW)
: How deep down that existential rabbit hole do you want to go? Stuff can get really weird once you throw some conclusions of quantum and particle physics into that philosophical can of worms ....
I went once so far I almost got into a serious depression, I just can't seem to get to a point where I know my point of view about all of these, there are too many options and how none of them is but theories, how could one ever be sure of something []
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: anybody wanna play im feeling lonly here
add, I have no friends to play with so yup
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Xaxar (EUNE)
: ADC Role has the worst impact on the game. Or is it just me?
You honestly haven't meet me playing jinx, WHERE DA BULLETS COME FROM MAN ~ THE LOOSE CANNON {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}


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