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Evile Theif (EUNE)
: I have heard some thing about a new server?
There has been no official announcement.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: My account was brute forced, is this common a common thing and will there be a solution?
: Is there a problem with the servers?
It might occur that certain in game servers experience connectivity issues while majority of players in other games are not experiencing any.
: Can moderators just delete posts they don't like?
As an ex volunteer and moderator I very highly doubt that your posts were purposefully deleted and without any reasons. Logs are kept for all actions and you can always contact a Rioter or another volunteer here on boards to check what is the reason of post removal.
rica3000 (EUW)
: Problem in the results submited in a tournament I organized.
You can directly mail their Tournament team to this mail: _tournamentseu@riotgames.zendesk.com_ Just make sure to use the mail that is connected with the LoL account. (This will just create a ticket in a correct department immediately)
Eambo (EUW)
: (Re)Introducing - The Volunteers!
Uhh, shiny! Perhaps I'll rejoin you guys some day!
Kadsemon (EUW)
: Can you immediately get to a division V?
As far as I remember, this is possible. However, you would have to have very **very** high MMR.
: Studies on eSport
Community forums may not be the best place to get a lot of users answering. Try sharing your survey on one of the many Facebook groups. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: You are back ;)
> [{quoted}](name=sander599,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=NnVkvq9a,comment-id=001a0000,timestamp=2016-08-05T19:10:20.705+0000) > > You are back ;) Not completely unfortunately. Hopefully back to old activity within a month or two.
Husker (EUW)
: Which team are you on Pokemon GO?
I always trust my Instinct. ;)
: I did sent a ticket, still waiting for an answer, but so far I keep seeing my ticket with new activity, but no comments. No idea what that means.
That probably means that your ticket is being moved to the proper person/department that can handle these kind of tickets. Just don't bump it and you will receive an answer asap.
ExFlbO (EUW)
: Need help in RpArt
You can only get very small amounts of RP that way as a one time exception (up to ~50 RP) so you can buy something from the store. After you have painted something LoL related you can send in a ticket to [Riot Player Support]( and they will consider your request.
egohero (EUNE)
: Riot Points
Riot Points can only be gained by purchasing them through in game store or by winning them through [tournaments](
: Should I spend £25,000 on a Rolex or on League of legends?
I won't go quite opposite of our dear Hanishmen, but...
Squwell (EUW)
: Scottish Competitions
Hey Squwell, most of the currently running tournaments (or the future ones), should be announced [in here.]( You can utilize the search function to see if there are any nearby LAN's or you can contest in some of the online tournaments. You can also host your own tournament for which you may receive some prizing as well [here.](
: Dominion icon nowhere to be seen
These are definitely not added to all of the eligible account at the same moment. Just to be sure, have you had 100 wins **before** Feb 11th? If you do not receive your icon within next 24h I'd recommend contacting [support](
Stell (EUNE)
: Eminem - Lose yourself , holy shit i can't stop laughing at this
I am wondering how people do not know about this one tho:
kiwishrew (EUW)
: What does it take to get Loss Prevented?
Loss prevention is only turned on in cases where majority of players are facing difficulties with their games. Cases where LP won't be turned on: - local power outages - players AFKing on purpose - local ISP problems - other similar issues where Riot has no power to act
: Oh... Well that's redundant... Why the heck would you give yourself an upvote!? kinda ruins the purpose of them. XD
You are automatically given one. So unless someone downvotes you, you will always get +1 upvote recorded there.
Both EU servers should have pretty similar tiers in terms of skill up to ~Diamond 1. D1 is where the difference starts and EUW players are better since ~~most~~ all professional players play on EUW server and those who want to do something with their LoL career are on West as well.
MikeyPie (EUW)
: When will the FIFA World cup 2010 skins be available again?
No one can really tell you for sure since Riot doesn't usually give out this kind of information too long in advance.
: Japan Account
You cannot make an account in that region yet. Japan is still in Closed Beta and only people with an invite can participate in the server tests. And even if you could create an account, I would highly suggest not to do so if you are not actually living there.
: 3rd party program....i don't understand or what dose it mean.
Programs that let you zoom-out more than usually, additional jungle timers, scripts of different sorts etc.
Husker (EUW)
: What is Battlegrounds?
Hey Húskér, could you hint us if there will be any tournaments available for players that do not have their own regional clients? What I am thinking about are countries like Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and other SEE/ex-Yu/Adria countries. Or perhaps a tournament that is not limited to X region but rather to the whole server?
Pokku (EUNE)
: Did I miss something? 00:30 GMT = 2:30 GMT+2 (most EUNE), and I don't think many people play then.
You kinda did. Have you consider countries like Poland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Czech, Serbia, Croatia, etc.? That is 1:30 our local time.
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Important: We're introducing scheduled maintenance windows
EUW times seem to be reasonable, however 00:30 is way too early for EUNE players. This should definitely be looked at one more time.
: Personal Shoutouts To The Boards Community! ^_^
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: does that just mean u have to comment a lot in the forums :P{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Well it certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't post at all. Some activity is required for both being noticed and then remaining in the program.
: Previous Summoner Name
I don't think that is possible, if there is a way I would like to know as well.
NeroAnjelo (EUNE)
: How can I Transfer My Account (username and password) from LoL Garena PH server to LoL EU/East
Unfortunately, since Garena servers are not hosted/published by Riot Games such thing is not possible.
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Can someone affected perform a traceroute to our platform IP? Open up CMD and type in: tracert Please paste in the results here. Thanks.
[Hope it helps.](
TiG Mav (EUNE)
Hey MuckFav, please post in this discussion so we can have all info in one place for Rioters to look at:
: help i cannot give my brother
Hey DragonSlayerXA , have you tried restarting client to see if it helps? Also, have you been friends 24h+ with your brother?
: EUNE LAG.. Ranked game stuck in queue getting Error and msg Retrieving data and every time losing IP
Greetings, please read this sticky thread and post the info there so we can gather all info in one thread:
Greetings, please read this discussion and answer with some useful info if possible:
: [EUNE] Champion select issues? - Post info here!
1. When did you first encounter this issue?: Two days ago. 2. What queue have you experienced this issue on? (Blind, Ranked, Draft, ARAM, etc.): Ranked 5's. (did not play other queues) 3. How often do you experience this issue? (10/10 games, 1 in 10 games, etc.): I had it happen several times in past two days. 4. What are you doing when you experience this issue?: Landing in champ select. Seems like no one is picking anything (since no champions are being chosen on the left side). You can click on stuff, however nothing works. Can't select a champ, can't ban, lock in etc. Usually, if you are the o*ne that is supposed to ban, you will just get kicked out after not locking in your ban. And finally, it seems that you receive same amount of Unknown errors as the number of times you tried to click on select/ban/lock in. 5. What OS are you using?: Win 8.1 6. What is your ISP?: Hrvatski Telekom (T-Com) 7. What country are you from?: Croatia 8. Do you play on any other server (IE: EUW?). Does the issue occur there also?: N/A 9. Finally, can you please upload log files from when this issue occurred from on pastebin: [link](
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: Strange things happen in bottom left corner
Thought I was the only one having this issue and my PC acting funky, guess not. Thanks for reporting!
prasmen (EUW)
: why riot ban my all accounts ???????
You should receive an email notification/description for your each account.
AttiGod (EUNE)
: Refund Glitch
Hey AttiGod, please try restarting your game client first. If it doesn't normalize, please contact [Riot Player Support ]( explain in details what happened.
Nethlarien (EUNE)
: Riot Points from Riot?
You can't get that kind of amount for free of course, however if you are missing few RPs to buy something from the store (max ~50) Riot might actually provide you with some.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: 3 RP Riot...
I am not 100% sure if you are asking for 1347 RP or only 3 RP. If it's the latter, you can contact [Riot Player Support ]( I believe they will be able hook you up with some. :)
: Riot can I have 6 rps for this drawing? :)
You can't! Unless you contact [Riot Player Support](
iDonaldz (EUNE)
: plz help I need to talk to support !!!!!
Have you tried restarting your client? If not, do that first. If you still do not have your RP back, please contact our Player Support through a ticket here: and explain them in detail what happened.
B3d4y (EUW)
: now i have band 20 min
Have you left some games recently? That most probably why have you received this low priority queue. All you can do about this is just play through these few games and make sure not to leave any. If you do leave games again, you might receive temporary account suspension.
Riot tmx (EUW)
: 25/1 update: after performing some software and hardware changes to the Queue system we saw very promising load tests results over the weekend. We decided to re-enable Dynamic Queues in EUNE and monitor performance over the peak period tonight. If everything is fine we will re-enable Dynamic Queues in EUW, and all the remaining live regions early Tuesday. Expect more updates later tonight.
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