Drarder (EUNE)
: how you know ? where can check that?
We have more than 27million people logging in everyday and 7.5 million players playing every hour. http://www.riotgames.com/our-games
: What part of old league? I am here since Sona release. That's mid-S1 i believe. As long as i can remember, there was always one side winning and one side losing. Both sides have an equal chance to win. Both sides have an equal access to champions. There was always "the champion" to complain about. Too tanky. (S1 Fulltank Mordekaiser tanking entire teams with just his shield bar) Too much burst. (Assassin meta! Also Riven) Too tanky AND too much burst. (Juggernauts! NO NO nooo, don't fight them, kite!!! ENEMY TRIPLE KILL) Too slippery. (Nidalee, Teemo, Fizz. Oh the rage inducers) Too slippery and too much burst. (Zed, LeBlanc, Nidalee, Fizz. Oh the rage inducers) Too tanky, too slippery AND too much burst (Riven, AD Jungle Fizz, remember the atrocity?) It is not about the game. The game always gives you a 50% chance to win, same as the other team. You have to beat other people. Can you do it?
You have 50% to have someone fuck up your game and 50% that they will be in the enemy team. League shouldn't be about luck im not saying that it is you can sitll change the outcome of the game but you can only change 30% if your team does bad then you will also do bad. Make the game more rewarding for better players.
hmm (EUNE)
: This game isnt about skill at all. It is simply about luck and not having rito matchmaking team you up with monkeys. I am really fed up with this game, how it is possible to lose consistently while playing good, because your team is just horrible every game.
Indeed and thats why i want riot to make the game harder but more rewarding for skilled players. So that you can manage to carry if you are skilled enough without your team.
: The truth is that people back in season 1 were trash. Yes, even at the highest elo, they were bad compared to now (just watch old competitive play, it's shocking how the skill's level increased in 2-3 years). No one knew shit about lane control, vision, rotation, overall team strategy, etc. so a player with strong laning mechanics had a free ticket for snowballing his lane and destroy the enemy team. Now when u get fed you get ganked by 3 guys, supports and jungler keep vision and objective control and the people know that walk in the jungle with no vision and a fed enemy mia is prob a bad idea. Also gbay say how strange is that people that play since season 1 are fed up with LoL and leaving. It's not like they already played thousands of hours and is more difficult to enjoy a game that you played for 4-5 years than a new one. It's the same thing with every game and happens to every gamers. I played WoW then switched to the Xbox 360 and now im playing League. Prob in 5 years i will play something else. It's strange? I think not. P.S. btw in every season since i started playing (ens of season 3) everyone whined about the meta, op champ, unviable champ, broken items, etc. season 3: wow season 2 was so much better assassin too strong, elder lizard is stupid, blue ez is broken, zyra supp broken, mages are too weak, etc. season 4: wow season 2-3 were so much better, ziggs op, nida broken, games too long, 3 jung viable, nerf trist, ryze op, etc. season 5: wow season 2-3-4 were so much better, tanks op, jugg op, assassins too weak, jungle too hard, adc are bad, tp is retarded, etc. See a pattern?
There are many successfull games that has most of its old players /CSGO is a great example the game has been the same many years now without losing their players or making any major changes. I see the pattern there has never been a perfect season and i agree with that. Still my question is how can riot improve this game? I have seen many people complain but never gave riot actually information to what they want. This community should say what they want instead of complaining. My title is a little missleading and i see that many people skipped reading the text but my point is how can riot keep the old players?
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: new champion that is coming (illaoi)
You should proboly atleast try the champion before judging it you have no idea how much dmg she will actually deal with her kit.
: This preseason is the worst for me so far.
There has always been a season where some champions competly destroy others riot will proboly nerf him soon.
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Takatifu (EUW)
: Both [Gosu](http://www.twitch.tv/mushisgosu) and [Imaqtpie](http://www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie) play Draven sometimes. Check their past broadcasts to search for Draven games. Edit: I completely forgot about [Geranimo](http://www.twitch.tv/lolgeranimo). He spams Draven a lot
Ah i love imaqtpie i will check it out thank you^^
SoulBrakerS (EUNE)
: I rly wanna play with good team but in one team there are 5 players and they cant play every day the same soo then we need more players in the team :S :?
You can find members here http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en most of them are gold+ and many are aiming for challanger or higher.
SoulBrakerS (EUNE)
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Neonchan (EUW)
: Runic Affinity?
20% is not enough i need 100%
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: hi guys, i transfer my lol acc to rusia from eu west, how i can transfer back to eu west ??
You cant well you could wait for a free transfer but that wont happen anytime soon.
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