Excandar (EUW)
: not to mention the only reason for the delay on timebomb is to, well, savour the temporal character of the mage- and to allow the poor sod to run towards his friends so they can get blown up too. But a tradeoff? I don't see it either.
Zilean q has a super high base damage and 0.9 ap scaling which is also super high with a rly low cooldown. I can see this as a tradeoff.
levi22 (EUNE)
: I'm actually loving this change on ghost because it's whole purpose is that it has a long duration. It's not an instant skill like flash, it's meant to be used to chase enemies down, rotate faster, position better and definitely not as an instant escape tool. If you look at 7.1 mid-lane (previous patches too) most non-assassin champions will take ghost which is not a problem in itself, but if you look at the way it's used, it's just wrong. Every time you try to gank a mid-laner with ghost in the early game (assuming they're not bad) they'll instantly pop it and run the other way. This demolishes 90% of jungler champions oppertunities to get their mid lane ahead before 6. Ghost was used as a second flash against weaker ganks. You can predict a flash or burst through barrier or wait with your burst against exhaust, ghost has no counterplay early on way too many champions. I feel like this change emphasises ghosts place and proper usage in the game and overall is a very healthy for the mid meta. You mention that you are in fact aware of the previous buffs and the problem that it was way too dominant, yet you don't like the way they approach the nerf. Just nerfing the movement speed back would put ghost back into the summoner spell graveyard next to clarity and cleanse where it was a resting for a few years, so it's a no go. What other way would you suggest for the nerf? To me cd increase would be acceptable (that's what i was expecting), but I can't imagine anything else really and I prefer the current change, because this way it's not hitting ghost junglers like Heca or Olaf, while still weakening it for early mid-lane. Greetings from a very happy jungle main.
Ghost wasn't in summoner spell graveyard, it was used on certain champions which made the most use of it and that is how it's supposed to be, not like it was in the recent patches where almsot every midlane mage took ghost cuz it's good to survive early and good to teamfight/skirmish later. And junglers shouldn't complain at all, they have the highest impact in season 7 so far (that's why jungle is getting nerfs too at least). This approach to the ghost nerf weakens it by a lot in every stage of the game not just early.
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