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Hansiman (EUW)
: > War on drugs will never be won, but allowing it sure as f* wont get rid of it. Riot bans bot accounts in waves, but as you say, it's a battle that "can't be won". There's always going to be bots in games like this, regardless of how much effort the game company puts in. Here's a [dev talk]( about some of the work Riot does to combat such behavior. I do especially like the "bot olympics"
Riot can talk nice as much as they want. They abandoned it the day they decided to use their algorythm to help smurfs instead of banning them. Yeah riot bans bots... but not smurfs. They should... smurfs are cancer to this game. Tell me, do you still believe in the core element of this game? "Two even sides without any advantages over the other?"
Hansiman (EUW)
: But how would you accurately enable this? Players would not connect their smurfs to their main to prevent it, and since LoL is a f2p game, it would not be possible to enforce it upon account creation.
You know.. that is acutally Riots problem to answer. And.. they have. They already have algorythms in place to detect smurfs, but for some reason, they dont want to ban them, or force them to identify their main.. no. Riots solution has been to increase their boosting, getting them through our trash tiers faster. (so they can do it more times for fun I guess). That these scumbags are ruining games for us that belong in Gold and down, just dosent matter.. not to them, not to riot. we hare just cashbags, here to support the oh soh great pros. With their flashy plays and greasy hair. Its actually a horrific way to treat your playerbase. I mean.. websites offer LIFETIME GUARANTEE for accounts bough there. ( if riot bans you, we will provide one for free). Leveling bots are swarming in the PvE community, and people who just want even games in ranked, like we are supposed to have, meet smurfs who destroy the game as often as ever. so what can they do? at least do SOMETHING! War on drugs will never be won, but allowing it sure as f*** wont get rid of it.
: you wanna hear the truth? Life ain't fair, never has been and never will be, so yeah in this case you'll fight smurfs, have to deal with trollers, afkers, better players, worse players, similar skilled players, dc's, duo queuers and whatever else league throws at you. Soon as you realise all of that the better tbh.
You know there was a "good old time".. right? When Riot made this game? Where core elements like "ranked integrity" still meant something. You realize that this game core element was the idea of "two even sides". A core element that is shattered each time a cheating smurf enters.. cause the whole idea is a joke then. Whats the difference between a ranked game and an unranked game? Nothing.. anymore.
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ChiefDays (EUW)
: I own 7 smurfs, all of them around plat-gold-silver elo. I smurf because playing on my main gives me a lot of stress and it's not even fun, and while I do agree that it's unfair, I have no other choice really. Especially when Riot keeps nerfing stuff that shouldn't be nerfed and overbuffing stuff that was previously nerfed too much, and THE DEPRESSING THING IS THAT THIS FKN CYCLE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR OVER AN ENTIRE SEASON. I swapped from ADC to Jungle, Jungle to Mid, Mid to Jungle just so I could ENJOY the game. And those swaps don't happen automatically, you usually learn them smurfing in lower elos.
No choice? You have a possibility to play unranked if you dont like what ranked is..
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rocketownzy (EUNE)
: Ranked Smurf
Look.. another smurf that ruins game in ranked!
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you say Vi shouldn't be played in the jungle? Release Vi was said to be a top laner. Or Brand as a support? Brand was designer as a mid laner. Or Irelia as a mid laner? Irelia was a top laner. Or Vel'Koz as a bot laner? I think you see the point. If a champ can be played in multiple roles, it doesn't mean the champ is bad. He can still be played in the jungle, and in some specific matchups, in the mid lane as well.
No. i dont say they shouldnt be played anywhere.. hell, play Fiddle ADC if u can. There is a very clear difference however, between choosing to play something, and being forced. Brand, is a good but sad example of a mid laner that were more or less forced to supp lane instead. Riot dosent get it how they should balance the champ, and instead of making the challenge and figure it out, they make they easy way and "demote" the champ to supp status, cause its easier. VelKoz is currently a very effective midlaner, designed for midlaner, and are balanced around being a mid laner. That he works as a supp, is just a bonus. Riot aint forcing him to be a supp by balancing his stats to that area. See the difference here?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: He is still a good support, although the support item cost change did hurt him a bit. I wouldn't mind if Riot did buff his E damage back to the glorious days of Middlesticks FeelsGoodMan
He shouldnt be a support, he aint designed to be support, he is designed to be a jungler. Its a token of incompetence of Riot to "devaluate" special champs they cant handle to be "supps", cause they cant figure you what to do.
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: Who is the weakest lol champion of all time?
: Doesn't really work that way. Riot already finds out about most smurfs and matches them in normals. In rankeds a smurf will either play bad (and then he fits to the worse elo) or he will play as good as normally and than his elo will rise to his normal elo. Also you have to differ between smufs and smurfs. If you just have a smurf and play bad such that you get in lower elos to crush people who are weaker than you... than I agree that smurfs are bad. But I know some people, having multiple accounts to play multiple roles. This won't be needed next season, but sometimes a gold midlaner wants to play ADC... but his ADC is so bad, that he would play like a low silver guy. And he wants to know how good his ADC is, therefore he doesn't play normals. So he has one account for mid, one for ADC and perhaps a last account for jungle. I see no problem here. Also I knew somebody who always wanted to play rankeds after getting drunk. As he didn't want to destroy the game for his allies, he created another account and he just played there after getting drunk. Is that a problem? No, after a short period of time, he just got matched with people who were as good as he was after drinking. He didn't feed purposelly, he just was in a state in which he was worse than normal. He won half of his games on that account, so he basically had two elos: His normal elo and his drunk elo. I think having a smurf is here a lot better than playing on his normal account and doesn't hurt anyone.
So a bad cheat is not a cheat then? Thats exactly how it works. and your example.. has to be the worst reasoning ive ever seen. Getting drunk aint an excuse for anything, not IRL, not online. Fact is, your so called friend dosent have any need to play ranked at all.. drunk or not. And if he chooses to do so, drunk, then his ELO will go down.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: ***
A smurf is a secondary account used to play in levels far below your main account. And you call med a baboon?
3Lo (EUW)
: People lose games at every elo. There are stomps at every elo. The player you are complaining about has a 50% win rate & a 2 kda in silver 1. If you want to be the best player in your match every time, play against bots.
And you really think a new player in silver 1 will be able to finish with such scores? WTF are you thinking? Someone claimed he was challenger, he then responded "Plat2". So yeah, i know he is a smurf. I dont want to be the best one. I want to fight in this game like this game was made for. THE SOLE REASON THE MATCHMAKING SYSTEM EXISTS! to have EQUAL opponents! How is this so #%!"%!" hard to grasp. Dumpster region..
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: Ranks dont load
im fuuuked too
: Fizz can be knocked up by Blitzcrank while being untargetable
'just like half the champion pool can interrupt my drain while infuenced by fear, cause they clicked the button fast enough to register their aa or ability. Its just poor coding.
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: #Cincerhulg #Cinderhull It's _**Cinderhulk**_. And read Pyke's passive. All HP gained goes into AD. No HP item increases the HP of Pyke.
oooh shit. my mistake then. I thought it increased AD in addition to health xD
: Don't worry, they'll climb into whatever tier they belong to soon enough
yeah, and an indefinite supply of more smurfs climbing the ropes after that..
Yraco (EUW)
: If someone is playing at a higher level than everyone else at their rank they climb and if they can consistently destroy games like yours they will climb fast. Playing ranked in the first place will be accepting you can get players in the wrong tier, if you aren't able to deal with getting the occasional feeder or smurf you either need to play normals or learn to move on from those games.
occacional? thats a naive and romantic thought..
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: Too early to say but I don't think he's as bad as some people are slating him to be
This has to be the first Riot post ive seen in a century.
: Well,this is basically a team game so it's only natural that it becomes more and more team dependant. > The soloq-meta has shifted in a direction where everything has the potential to nearly one shot you Oh please,Annie has been one-shotting us for years but the community started complaining last year with the rise of Syndra,excluding every assassin because that is their job (as far as I recall). > There are certain types of champs (generally high damage output champs, which are susceptible to cc) that are good against badly coordinated teams and these champs punish unrealistically hard that it is ridiculous. Not necessarily.Let's say that the enemy has a Master Yi.Your team can simply pick a Nautilus to keep him busy for at least 3 seconds or a Rammus to taunt him and perhaps kill him.If your Rammus has thornmail and yi has no lifesteal then most likely Yi is dead.If not,it takes at least two people to take him down.Two people out of five is a great coordinated team? > On the other hand, champs that need to scale and require a certain macro-game understanding are pretty useless at lower leagues, since no one plays or has the knowledge to adapt game-style. On the contrary,since people in lower elo many times don't know how to end the game,champions that scale great into late game seem to shine at low elo.Picks like Vayne,Veigar and Nasus are really good picks if you are willing to learn how to play with them and get out of low elo pretty easily.There's a large amount of players that do not understand how dangerous these three champions can get,should they get fed or farm a lot. Also,people do not need to adapt to the meta.Take for example OTPs.They have been practicing their champion for so long that they may be nearly perfect on the specific champion's mechanics.Considering many OTPs have low champion pool from which to pick from,it seems fairly difficult for them to adjust to the meta and far safer to keep playing the same champion. > What has happened is that you are left with certain types of champs to play with or you roll the dice and wait for a knowledgeable team to play with (doesnt matter if you lose or win when that happens, the game is simply fun). How can you expect lower elo players who look at their minimaps every 15-20 seconds TOPS and have no clue about jungle-clearing-times and -paths (I am currently in gold division, although 80% of my games are normals) to adapt to such meta-dynamics? No,you can play whatever champion you want and still climb the ladder.Let's not forget that OTPs still exist.You do not have to get a knowledgeable team to win as long as at least one of you can guide them into victory.During the laning phase,you should constantly look at the map and inform if any enemy is missing.Ping on top of your teammates to back off if you notice any suspicious actions (such as enemy mid laner leaving his lane) no matter your lane,be it jungle,bot or top. I am currently sitting at P1 in flex and I never learned the jungle clearing times nor paths.I simply decide what path to take depending on the composition of the enemy team and my champion,should I get jungle.Now,if you are a jungler then maybe you should learn those stuff,but they are not necessary to win. > What happens is that players pick up certain champs and play a 1-Style-game every game with no communication and regard/sense of team whatsoever. Just a few days ago I was playing Ekko mid and I was doing horribly.I was getting mad at myself for not being able to kill the enemy mid laner or jungler despite the chances that I had.My jungler was trying his best to calm me down,from talking me out of it and ganking my lane making sure that I will play better. > League of Legends has, in my opinion, become weirdly unbalanced as it was never before. Remember when AP Tryndamere could kill you with 1 or 2 uses of E? Or when AP Yi was a thing?Yeah,I remember the pentakills. AP sion?AD sion?Both killing you in less than 1 sec with that point and click stun.His ulti used to give his team 50% life steal.Are you telling me that this was balanced? Remember old katarina?Basically in mid lane she spammed her Q which hit 5-6 targets meaning that you were guaranteed to lose hp. 5.00 attack speek Kog maw?(Though you may still come close to it thanks to the new rune I think but the rest of the tree is pretty bad for kog) Remember the golden age of pre-nerfed AP gragas?Ultimate and E and your team is dead. What about lethality MF? Unbalanced champions will always come and go. With the reworks of champions and items and the addition to both the champion and item pools,it becomes more and more challenging for Riot's balance team to keep this game under control and I believe they are doing a nice job.It is only natural for one thing to go wrong. > simply isnt fun anymore. Fun is subjective.
You give examples, as it would proove anything, but it dosent. Single examples will always exist. When you look at the big picture, the OP is absolutley right. Its also so visible, how Riot has shifted its attention from the many millions of players making this game into what it is, into the pro-scene and social playing. Remember season 6, when Riot forced social gaming on us? How being with friends gave you an advantage? Remember how last season, they pretended to "roll back" and give us soloQ? well guess what, now they have sneaked in the advantages of social gaming anyway. They have prioritized flashy assasin plays. They have increased damage with the new power runes because this are supposed to draw more crowds spectating the pros. It might enhance the strategic aspect of the pro-scene, but it obliterates tactical and strategic depth in the one Q that makes this game, SoloQ.
: A Honest Feedback: The New Metas for Solo and 5-Man-Premade Games (and why I may delete the game)
First shot will have first kill, which will win late game. Riot, hear this guy out you igonrant "¤"!%!..
: The Fiddlesticks Situation
i voiced the same concerns for 2 years now, but all the forums say are "look, fiddle has 50% win so he is cool" and "fiddle are so n00b" and other intelligent things. I used to have a 70% win with him, but after 14 conceutive nerfs .. he aint viable anymore.
Montazuma (EUW)
: I'm sure it makes sense in your mind, but in the real world all you achieve with this verification, is that A human player enters a code to log into A account, it doesn't magically alter how match making works.., not even when you make childish attempts at belittling others.
verification prevents smurfing - which in turn prevents people with high skill to mask as mdeiocre players and use mediocre players in silver/gold as cannonfodder. This isnt hard to grasp m8.
: > [{quoted}](name=Icepaw,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JQnJJfGd,comment-id=0001000000010000,timestamp=2018-05-26T07:40:14.664+0000) > > It was not a statement, it was a question wether you believe that could be the case... if it was a question maybe add a ? to your question xP I don't think dota is really losing players. It is THE answer for all people who don't like the cartoony look of league but enjoy mobas.
eeh.. I dont want to be rude.. but there always was a questionmark in the end of my sentence =)
Montazuma (EUW)
: I understand that the verification = 1 human login into X account, but for you to extend this into somehow making matching and thereby ranked better I don't understand. You talk about equal skill and then move into Riots simplistic matching tool which is pairing teams based on team-wide mmr (not elo since that's something entirely different). To be able to match players based on equal skill, you first need to remove the team-wide mmr matching, since that alone can cause a new players (unranked) at 1500 mmr to go up against a seasoned gold player, since it doesn't look at anything beyong the mmr rating. This means the unranked player has 0 statistics in terms of ward count average over a given number of games, has a 0% KP etc etc, which only further increases the possibility of a unequal matching in a given lane, something that isn't negated at all by saying there is 4 other players on the team which has X mmr rating. It has nothing to do with verifying X person entering a SMS code in order to log in.
If you dont understand the reasoning above, there is nothing more that can be done to help you until you graduate preschool.
: > [{quoted}](name=PANAGIA PARTHENA,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JQnJJfGd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-25T14:12:43.592+0000) > > Its what kept me off playing dota 2 for like 6-7 months.Dota 2 also lost like 10% of its playerbase at the time it was introduced, for some months. Are there any statistics for proof? please post them
It was not a statement, it was a question wether you believe that could be the case...
Febos (EUW)
: There're websites that can provide you with fake phone numbers, but it's much easier (and safer) to get a real phone number from your favourite phone company. I don't know what is the extent of Riot's capability in detecting false numbers, but I can tell you I have 4 different numbers right in from of me and they are all legal with no owners yet. Where I'm from, they are distributed for free from time to time. My dad has had a few laying around and gave me some (those 4 I mentioned above). *** So yes, it's really easy to bypass this type of security, especially when you do it with malicious intent.
Yeah, its easy to buy drugs in my country too. But since laws make it illegal, use of it are far less widespread than if the goverment would sanction it. Just take a look at alcohol, its a sanctioned for of drug, but its legal and easy to obtain. Thus use is widespread. You do nothing more than underline my point, which is that you can kill smurfing, but you can reduce its use severly.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: There is not a single game where the developers WANT you to smurf. It's just a matter of how easy it is to prevent and why people smurf. Like in league for example, some people like me smurf to play with low skill level friends. If people would smurf only to ruin games for others, then it would be punished or at least measures would be taken against it like valve does with cs:go and dota 2.
You dont think that those 2 things can happen at the same time? Im not saying smurfs want to destroy games, Im saying thats what happens when smurfs play, regardless of their intentions.
Febos (EUW)
: I'm not wasting more time with this. I already explained why they can't prohibit it. I even gave you a statement from Riot. Do whatever you want with that information.
If they can prohibit smurfing in clash, they can do it in ranked. Its just a question of will.
Montazuma (EUW)
: Explain how SMS-verification will make match making better, because it makes as much sense as saying you can trust banks if they implement the very same thing.
Banks have imlemented personalia verification ages ago. Banks with online services are not only using phone validation, but instant double authentication process involving encrypted codes each time you make a transaction or login. So I guess it makes sense for Riot to at least verify 1 human individual to each account. Now, since you didnt understand this, it makes sense you dont understand why smurfing destroys ranked integrity, so Im gonna go by it step by step. 1: Riots (and all MOBAS) are built on the principle on equality. Equal sides, equal starting points, equal everything. When you start a match, the optimal starting point is 10 completly equal players on a an equal map with equal possibilites. Why? Cause then its down to the combined skill of the team who determine the winner of that match. 2: To determine a players skill, Riot has developed an algorythm, on a popular term called ELO, which is an integer\number on how good you are. Winning increases this number, and winning against better players will increase it more than if playing versus lesser players. 3: This number is one of the main factors the matchmaking system will look for when determining teams. It will always try to match up people in the same skill level. 4: When you reach an ELO (division) where you are roughly winning\loosing 50% times, you are seen as belonging in that ELO. **_NOW, the complicated part is, that your skill is not constant. It fluctuates based on hundreds of factors, including age, stress, mood, time of day, time of year etc etc. So while you in certain period average Platinum5, you can somehwere in the future, perhaps belong truly in Silver1. _** 5: SMURFS! When a high tier player, which are placed in ELO around Diamond, he will have an ELO of around 2500. A silver/gold player will have an ELO of around 1500. When the high tier player enters a ranked Q with a smurf, the matchmaking system will believe he is as skilled as a silver player, and match him vs silver players. What happens when a pro meets an amateur? He will own the game of course, making it pointless for 9 other players to play. They dont stand a chance. And that is what we mean by "destroying ranked integrity". Fooling the matchmaking system is gaining an unfair advantage, and SHOULD in any SERIOUS MOBA GAME be concidered cheating!
: Fail to see how this would have a positive effect The top of the top make smurfs so they can actually play more then 3 games a day due to long que times. when people reach the rank they want they just casual play it, they make a smurf and start playing competitively because they want to beat their previous record. If anything disallowing smurfs and alternative accounts would most likely drop the player-base % quiet alot Master/Challenger Streamers would be 50% que times 50% playing games. 5-8 hours a day I mean i have separate phones so I can still use my smurf but for the other people your just banning their account because they already have one.
If the playerbase goes down that much, is just beacuse Riot are including smurfaccounts in their total player number value they brag about ever year. Time to clean up the filth.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
and u can pay a random teenager 10 bucks to borrow his for 3 secs. Smurfs are like bad drugs. You cant eliminate it, but you can reduce its damaging effects.
: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JQnJJfGd,comment-id=000000000000000000030000,timestamp=2018-05-25T15:21:00.806+0000) > > The term Riot uses is "allowed... for now". > Like I said, they can't prohibit people from making new accounts. > Yes they can? They could just write in into the rules. Very easy solution. Yet they dont do it cause they allow it. TOS are not made by allowing every single thing. There does not need to be a passage with: - You are allowed to use the following words: A: Aatrox, Albania, Apple, ... They just say : dobt offend others and its fine. Everything else is allowed, also smurfing. ;-)
Smurfing is offending, and its also destroying the fun for those playing ranked against smurfs. So if its offending and destroys the fun for others.. its breaking those rules.
: > [{quoted}](name=WondersOfNestra,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JQnJJfGd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-24T21:03:33.230+0000) > > they did the same on dota and it stops people from smurfing and simply swapping to alternative accounts if they get banned Its what kept me off playing dota 2 for like 6-7 months.Dota 2 also lost like 10% of its playerbase at the time it was introduced, for some months.
And you are sure most of those 10% werent smurf accounts not being used anymore? ;)
: I like the idea, atleast then bronze/silver players that can't climb no longer have any excuses as to why they can't climb. Only downside is - what if a player gets a ban? How will they play ranked on their new account?
eerm.. arent the purpose of a ban, to exclude the player from playing for a while?
Ashen Soul (EUNE)
: But smurfing is allowed in TOS, and even pro players smurf. Everybody in league has more than one account, its a common thing in league.
I dont. I have 1 account, and there just isnt any valid need at all for more than 1 account. If you want to practice, go normals, or create a custom. Tired of long waiting Qs? Well, accept that your high skill level has less players around, and if u are in a hurry, play customs or normals. If you for some reason must have a second account, dont play ranked at it. play normals ffs.
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xt002 (EUW)
: Are the games way to snowball heavy again?
You are spot on. Riots desire for flashy assasin play has led to a downsize in the "common sense" department. Where Riot 3 seasons ago took steps to avoid snowballing, they have now in the eyes of pro sports dumped all reason.
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