: In my opinion, I don't think they should decay at all! If you've earned the right to an honour ribbon then I think you more than deserve to keep it. It's very rare for me to even come across a player with one, so it's not like they're too common. The only thing which should make them decay are reports.
I had a green one, it decayed over 3 days which is bullshit.
: Worst players - say ez
6ta pr1sna (EUNE)
: YOO, Nerf Fizz
6second cooldown on his E is nothing to be honest, you just need to use a bit more brain and you will stomp like before.
duckarp (EUNE)
: We already had a system like that - team builder, which failed so hard Riot deleted the mode completely. 40-60 waiting queue. Also you can't pre-pick your champion, because your pick should be situational based on the composition of your team and on the composition of the enemy. You can't say "I will play Yasuo no matter what", because you already lost at that point.
"Situational" I always play the support I want to play even if "I get countered". Whatever sinks your plane bro.
: Getting S as a support.
You complain about ranks... When I still don't have runes I need and I am supposed to buy shards for IP just to get enough champion essense just to unlock mastery.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Some call it abuse, others call it working for it. Because you can't just spam it and skins for 390 are mainly crap anyway, same with icons...
: You're not even level 30,ofc they will cry in those games.You have nothing to do in this case._(Maybe don't play Support, o.O)_
What does this account level have to do with who I am? Account level just stops me from going ranked right away, nothing more.
: > K? If they are the same, why EUW shits on FR while EUNE shits on PL? Because people tend to have prejudices, regardless whether these prejudices are actually true or not. Just because some people THINK french or polish are worse this doesn't mean it's true. And it isn't. These prejudices have existed for years and many people have tried to prove it. But in all those years not a single person who tried to prove that french/polish players are worse succeeded. They all found nothing. If you are familiar with scientific method you know what this means: If you try to prove the existence of something and every time you do that you fail, it's pretty likely that it simply doesn't exist. In this case it's even more extreme because not only are french/polish haters unable to provide proof, they are even unable to provide at least somewhat reasonable reasons why they think their theory is true.
You just proved me why god does not exist. Neither elo heaven. Get him a goddamn Nobel prize right now.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: I believe the client connects to EUW by default in France and to EUNE in Poland, that influences the numbers heavily. I don't believe nationality has a relevant correlation with the skill of the average player. I even doubt that many gets flamed purely for disclosing their nationality. But I'm pretty sure that if someone wants to flame you, he'll include every actual information you shared of yourself as a negative. Eg.: being a girl, a brony, left-handed, dog-owner or simply... polish.. or french. I don't think that tells anything about the said nations. Maybe only that that they don't mind being flamed as much as they value being recognized by their fellow countryman online. But the fact that there are numerous players of certain countries on both servers who got flamed for their nationality indicates to me that EUW and EUNE are pretty much alike.
It's not just that, it recommends EUW for france and EUNE for poland because they are closer and ping is lower that way. But it does not stop people from playing wherever they want (I am moving to euw anyway, just wanted to know what to expect :^) )
: A typical day on summoners rift part 2
Came because of the name, upvoted because of puns. Kek.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: DO something about what? They cant force people not to play Yasuo.
Funny thing is, Yasuo is easy to play only in lower divisions (I'd say gold/plat is where people have additional braincells to shut him down) and has quite high skill ceiling, while being so easy to play and many noobs still try to play him relying on luck "I hope they suck and I will go 1v5 them, my crits will instakill 2 of them in no time and then I will just ult the next 3"
: platinum ganking xD
Pffff, get on this guys level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh0_tOpRVbM
GLurch (EUW)
: All the players you play with or against are gold/platin.Only in your last match,there was 1 bronze and the rest in your team silver.The enemy had 2 gold and the rest silver.Now,don't complain. You had bad games too.In fact around every 4th or 3rd game of yours is one.And just as you have bad games,the others do too. Here a list of a few of your bad games: Nami Exhaust/Flash 0/12/17 Zilean Ignite/Flash 2/9/6 Poppy Teleport/Flash 2/8/2 Maokai Teleport/Flash 0/9/7 (Those are only the bad games of him,in fact he also has games with a *really* good kda)
XD How do you have % health damage on maokai W and go 0/9.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Someone needs to teach you how to spell.
{{summoner:14}} {{champion:43}} {{item:3147}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} Rito pls add zed laugh .gif as emote in forums. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Silisa (EUNE)
: They are the same.
"Every game has toxici and nice players". K? If they are the same, why EUW shits on FR while EUNE shits on PL? (as someone from eune, I'd rather have FR on my team)
: NA.
GLurch (EUW)
: 1. This "toxic" community was like this since league got popular.With a large community come of course a lot of bad people too. 2. Just look around the discussions of the board "Player Behaviour"(this one).A lot of people make "discussions",that Riot should unban them.While some of those posts are filled with death threads,insults,...and get deleted. 3. Well,they don't always,but sometimes.They got the automated system for it,and they need nothing more,since a human would also just search for insults,bad words or intentionelly feeding.The system can do this faster.However,in some *very rare* cases a human is needed.For those cases you can send a ticket to the Riot Support and they will have a look at your case again. 4. First,premade reports don't count.You get flagged whenever you get reported and most likely you get checked after the report.However,you get flagged per game you got reported,not per player you got reported by.This means 1 report = 5 reports (in one game). 5. For a report to be approved,it depends on the reason you are reporting.If it is for trolling,it has to be very clear someone is trolling.For example running into towers and having a score of 0/30 at 20 minutes because of this.If you report for flaming,the system has to detect insults.If it is for scripting,the system has to detect what time it took for someone to react to a skillshot or what time the same combos on champions always took.For example it is very clear that someone is scripting,when the timing to react to a skillshot is always 0.01 seconds or the time to do a combo is always 0.3 seconds.
1 report = 9 reports* Also being 0/30 is not trolling. Stop triggering me with using trolling instead of intentional feeding. Trolling is art, you can troll in a game in a good way and a bad way, you can troll enemies, you can troll your team... Wouldn't you get pissed if enemy blitzcrank went to your jungle and grabbed blue just to reset it after you almost killed it? And even then, he most likely stole it and now you can just cry. This is what trolling is, same if your blitzcrank went to your blue.
: It isn't actually about the players.Don't get me wrong,my friend;I don't defend the toxicity even my being a little toxic player,but **root of toxicity** is ultimately the game itself. **->**Did you notice the difference between League and other games? There's so much competition,so much personal ambition,ego(your call) in League. When a player gets harassed in lane,player pisses off. When someone gets ganked by a jungler,they flame their own jungler instead of providing vision for their safenesses. Those are just small examples,you should see why they flame each other for in my games... ^_^ **->**Anyway my friend,**you shouldn't take flamers seriously in the game.**When they "wish cancer for your,or other player's mother",it's not because of their wanting it actually.It's because of their pissing off hard in that moment,and losing their self-controls.I'm pretty sure they become aware of what they were doing after game.But in the new game,the **same loop** begins... **->**I also think it's not worth reporting someone from excessive toxicity.Like I said,it's because of the game.I played many online games,and trust me on this one,they are not as competitive,not as hot,not as bloody like this.But not as funny either.League is the game which I enjoy most.And as an ambitious player,I become toxic from time to time as well,but I'm trying to leave chat section completely,after all we don't need chat to play the game,do we? =)
I main support and I have to ping 30 times for my adc to place a ward and my adc is like... "Why the fuck are you not warding?". K lol, my trinket obviously does not have cooldowns or anything.
: speaking as a noob my self and what i am about to tell you is very important... this is a game the goal of a game is to have fun if you fail in that regard you should stop playing. there was a time when you were a noob too and caused people to loose games. point being 1. every one can have a bad game. (flaming them for a silly mistake is like keying your own car. how often do you see sports teams arguing in and among them selves?) 2. this is a team game nothing stops you from bringing your own team if winning is that important to you that would be the best option(sports teams do not pick up randoms from next to the pitch do they? no because that is counter productive and would most likely lead to a loss why should you blame the random for loosing if you opted for the random) 3. you can not win them all (a fact that remains true in every day life as well as the virtual world) 4. life is what you make of it what does it matter if some one flames you? it is only words said in anger how many times have you said something you do not mean when you are angry? with about 80 billion people in the world allowing one small action to ruin your day still means that, if one individual ruined your day only once per person there would still be more than enough people to ruin every day of your life and and have a surplus for the days of others 5. HAVE FUN, IN LIFE, IN GAMES, IN EVERY THING YOU DO THERE IS JOY TO BE FOUND IT IS JUST A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE PS. no hate please this is my opinion and i am entitled to it. then again so is yours, and so are you so hate a way it is no skin off my nose either way oh and sorry for my poor English not my first nor' second language
Not everyone has/wants to play with friends. So 2 is irrelevant.
Fatalisme (EUW)
: A over aggressive community
It's not agressive. It's just... Full of kids who have god complex(actually that's even worse, imo). Tell them anything, ask anything and you will get shat on.
Rioter Comments
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Icy Spectre,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NTqOcxRz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-15T07:32:41.403+0000) > > I already found a blocker. > > First blood before 3 minutes is a blocker. That's not a blocker, that's a design decision. > TILT EXCEPTION A first blood against a player’s team **before they leave/dc **will prevent a remake vote If a player is disconnected/AFK from the start, first blood is irrelevant. If a player never connected/was AFK from the beginning, first blood will not prevent /remake from popping. First blood causes impact only if all 5 players connected/were active, then someone quit/afk from my understanding.
Okay guys, do whatever you think is best for the game. But personally I never had anyone afk right at the start at the game, and if they did, they would normally relog at 1minute. Most AFK's (intentional or not) happen during 5-30th(to me) minute of the game.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Tralalarm, As mentioned in the [patch notes](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-612-notes#patch-remake) /remake is not live anywhere but NA at this point - other regions will follow next week, assuming no major issues or blockers are found.
I already found a blocker. First blood before 3 minutes is a blocker, I've had it happen more than once, people feeding right away just because they didn't get their lane or champion, first blood happens @1minute, even before if enemy midlaner even tries to get into lane faster. So, why do trolls have power to just go into midlane, feed one kill and afk anyway, DENYING /remake completely? Just like the same power where you can troll the whole game and report people who flamed in your team. Easily get your teammates chat restricted but keep yourself rolling through the games doing the same over and over again until someone gets permabanned. So, let's be real, Riot wants trolls and toxicity to stay?
Neonchan (EUW)
: You need blue essence to get it. What's your problem? You have to invest time to change a number and get some pictures? WOW such an outrage
How about let's make 1-5 mastery levels the same as level 6 and 7? Because that's how you gain mastery, by opening chests and using "blue essence" and not playing the game...
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: For people who don't enjoy this game anymore
This game is unenjoyable since season 5.
Neonchan (EUW)
: The problem is that you are both unpatient and unwilling to spend money. You either spend time or money, that's how it works. Everything connected to hextech is a completely free bonus, no need to complain that you have to invest time if you want free stuff
Tell me more how champion mastery(hello, did we forget what does mastery mean again?) has anything to do with buying champion shards for 1.7k IP or opening chests.
Viavarian (EUW)
: You just need more patience. You can't buy all champions, runes and level every champion to level 7 overnight, that's normal. Key drop rates reset monthly, you'll get your keys eventually.
TL;DR champion mastery does not show how good you are at champion, but rather how much shit you waste on champion just to get icon that is useful for nothing but BM'ing.
Cenke (EUNE)
: after this ends every game is /muteall. And wait for the next free transfer to euw. Had enough kids for 2 years of lol on eune
Where can I get free transfer?
Santirande (EUNE)
: you can buy champion shards for 1.7k ip each, that should solve your problem
That totally solves my problem when I can't even get 14k IP for my rune page.
Vincit (EUW)
: I understand it's very frustrating to play with people like that, but there just isnt much to be done about it. I dont know about the Dota mechanic but I sure would not like having to take control over 2 champions, or having some random filling in that spot. Yesterday I played with an afk azir mid, which resulted in a loss in my series. This made me much more motivated to win my next game (which I did) and eventually got promoted. I always try to just learn as much as I can from a game, and you never know, I've won 4v5's :3
You can win 4v5 only if person afk's in the middle and if you already had lead. Or if your enemy sucks so much and can't 4v5 early.
Driaven (EUW)
: Bans doesnt come without reason try to submit an ticket to riot , ask why you are banned or ask here http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en
Bans for using 3rd party when you aren't even using anything also don't come without a reason... Oh wait, I forgot about false positive, nvm.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I loved duoQ. We got harder opponents because we were a duo, but we could carry because we were good. We can't duo q anymore because we end up matched with either 3 solo players and against 3 premades, or with another duo and against 4 premades. In the first situation, we get camped by the enemy jungler or get visited by their mid 3 times in 15 minutes. In the second, we get 4 man tower-dived at the 10th minute, while our jungler is camping for his premade Malphite.
Whenever I was duoQ'ing with someone it was us who wrecked the whole game, never got anything what you described, but in normals that's common, diamonds playing with their premade gold friends against silvers and bronzes. GG rito.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i love 50 minute games, it means that the teams are balanced so its only the skills that matter, its funny seeing the whole enemy team trying to get nexus tower vs my 4 teammate while im raping their base alone :D
And it's not funny to have 1 AFK and 3 tryhards who think they can win a lost game (enemies have literally 6 more dragons than we do, and they just got baron, nope, never surrender) I mean, it's a normal game, not even ranked, why waste time... And yes we lost that game.
: So i just ruined 1,5 hours of my life
Yeah I hate when riot tells my team to troll me.
Cenke (EUNE)
: 14 days ban for being trolled?????
Don't forget not to type anything in chat for like 3 years after being unabanned or you will get permabanned for saying "hi".
Silisa (EUNE)
: I am a support main and I can't carry anything on my own, except for a poorly positioned ADC. And I am one of those who complain about DQ. If that is all you got from our complaints, you obviously did not read our comments with intention to understand our issue, but rather to just mock us for not being casual enough for BoostedQ. Dynamic Q was supposed to solve the Solo Q issues (according to Riot), and it only managed to create more. MMR is scrambled eggs which makes match making horrible and teams unbalanced. When teams are unbalanced, games are unbalanced, which means that we don't start with both teams having an equal chance of winning, and the winner being decided by champion picks, mechanics and decision making. Instead, games are decided by: which team got lucky to have higher elo players and which team got lucky to have synchronized voice com premades.
on DQ at least my friends can carry me (I am also support main) Where on SQ you just get fucked 100% of the time. But I still love getting matched with players that have higher elo just because my bronze team has 4 premades who talk shit to me all game.
: You see the difference between his obvious problem with the language and my problem with then and than? Does it mean my english is just as bad as his or even worse?
Not only with "then and than". But arguing on boards in any manner is bannable(already was banned for that, gj rito, babymode 24/7), so I won't argue.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Don't type the stuff that gets you banned?
Even sarcasm gets you banned, you can't type anything at all, it's a noob bait. Just remove chat from this game already.
: I am always struggling with then and than ~.~ not ma native language btw...
It's not my native language either... then - I will do something and **then** I will do something else. than - I prefer something **than** something else. Sorry I have no idea if there are exeptions but that should work like 90% of the time.
Owyn (EUNE)
: {{champion:104}} What if it'd be an electronic cigar? would that be ok, rito? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
If sarcasm is unacceptable, then vaping is too. (I got banned 14 days for sarcasm, fyi rito loves banning for nothing)
: how do you define an off-meta pick? do you have a list for every champ and position? i'm winning botlane with support velkoz but velkoz is not a support. should i be reported?
1 temp slow, 1 knockup, 1 permaslow (because his ult literally melts you until you die) And tons of legit true damage.... he is good support, true damage means he doesn't need to care about damage items and can build support items, and still unload tons of it if he procs his passive and ults... Because true dmg on ult is legit rito. Also asking if you should be reported for playing vel koz botlane is like asking if you should be reported for playing morgana botlane. Remember than morgana is not actually a support? Actually blitzcrank isn't a support either, but that's none of my business (he is just like alistar, can go into solo lane but kinda became useless as new champions started coming in with those "designed for this meta champs, aka this will be support, this will be top and this will go jungle by default", what I mean is, blitz is full AP, but he has that weird "scaling" with his AD on E, if he builds full damage+crit you will shit bricks every time he punches you).
Fernanix (EUW)
: I dont get the joke so... No i didnt miss you.
I love you too.
: I lol'd
I have no idea how I found lollipoppy draven nor how I did find this but I lol'd too... http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/371/320/287.gif
: > Check the games at 10-12 minutes. so you want to tell me that you dont die more often then 3 times in the first 10-12 minutes? Man you are a beast. Means ofc you are better then all your teammates which you get matched with because you have the same mmr. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
than* P.S. yes this is personal attack and I will get banned from boards once again.
: I think that even permabanned players can log in and stuff - they just can't play.
Pemabanned can't login, not quite like you would expect, all they can do is read the chat and press "I understand" and that button exits client. Don't ask me where I know this from...
: Well, in bronze league everyone thinks about its own ass and how to get fed and carry the game alone cause everyone else sucks. I mean, specially junglers whose role is one of the most important at early game, play as if they were lvl 10 account players. No counterjungle, no warding, no drake control, getting salty for absolutely anything, playing ONE SINGLE champion (that may get banned for sure at some point), some of them dont even communicate or GANK. I mean, WTF? Do they really expect to get out of bronze that way? Its been a while since i stopped rankeds due to the Q, which i dont really like but my friends usually told me: "if you have the skill, you will rank up... if you have the skill BUT you are in bronze, you may better create another account cause you wont get out of it until the next season" There is not really much more i can say, bronze is for sure a hell. However, i think you may be doing well by trying to play some normal games (no pressure and less salty ppl) for some time and come back whenever you think you can face the trolls and flamers. Good luck anyway.
"Guys, let's get dragon" "Guys?" "Okay I will just farm jungle for the rest of the game, I didn't want to win anyway..." This is how every game goes when I am jungling.
Tarolock (EUW)
: but its the same system for the enemy team too :D
Nah, this system has hidden passive just like every zed for example does: Zed on your team: -50% damage, -50% skill, + 9000% feed and flame. Zed on enemy team: +150% skill, +666% damage, -300% toxicity on his team.
GLurch (EUW)
: Mom,look!A toxic person!Can I touch it?
For touching him you will get a Darwin award, go for it, I believe in you. (RITO PLS IT'S SARCASM, BAN ME FROM BOARDS ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL BECOME "ALPHA MALE" LIKE OP, kappa)
: In honor of our dear friend, Solo Queue,
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