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: For a long time it wasnt. League was bunch of soloplayers on a map who had their 1on1 for 20 mins of the game. If you were able to abuse that and win your lane hard, you could win the whole match. Tbh, i think this is what made this community as shitty as it is. You could allways blame someone else. The jungler, another sololaner or in most cases the support. Riot saw this and changed it. Its more about your team now and not about winning it alone. Some people dont want to change. But they will or they will leave. In the end, we got a better game and maybe a more mature community.
This community will never be more mature because its Free and moba. If u want a more mature community, play mmo games or minesweeper urself. And now we can always blame someone in dynamic que too. When i do premade (3man premade +2 randoms), i lose like 70% more because of the 2 random players. They cannot use pings, cant gank, cant use teleport, KS as support, noob picking, useless champions, always free champion picks, etc..... SO ITS 3 V 5 ! AS A PREMADE AND NOT SOLOQ ITS HARDER TO CARRY IN A 3V5 !!!! More about a team now yes.... Everyone have to admit that this is a moba and !!!strategy!!! game, not just a FREE downloadable game. My opinion is, dynamic queue sux because i dont want to get boosted, and its worse than the old soloq/duoq: -not only premades, there are the same noobs like always BUT with their chosen roles. Yes they are noobs cuz cant even think what to do and how as mentioned above. Till season6 we had ranked teams 5v5! Was fair as both teams could use skype etc, till ppl could play solo/duo too... ( 2 types of ranked gamemode were, now we have 1 ) Riot should give 10 champion bans per game. We have 130 champions in League and we can ban 6 of them. And if u play a harder champion, the freelo boosters or the majority takes the noskill, easy champions like the devourer champions and getting free wins, or if they are in ur team, then lose :) **Season 6: the easier the champion, bigger the win chance.** **-> sad but true!** **Example, One of my matches 2-3 days ago: (dynamic que, duo join, EUNE)** Someone said as bronze player: ban garen because of OP. We didnt ban him then he started to insult the team. Enemy team did not pick garen top, it was Ekko toplane with jungler yi +devourer under 14 mins :))))) 1. As u see, it wont be more mature community, the instalt insult is an example and the match didnt start yet. (just an example out of 9000 ) 2. 6 bans is not enough at a 130-champion pool because a premade or even a solo will be total hell cuz of unbalances. ---> it should be 10 bans: 5 bans per team, every players could ban one, then its fine. 3. Ranked should be soloq/duoq with chosen role queue. --> the premade issues is solved, but not the toxic community. ( And there would be ranked teams 5v5 as always.) And wait a sec, this game is Free, but doesnt mean we cant say anything about the system. Ppl can say that the rest of the community dont give a sh1t about the forums and the dynamic que. Do u know why? because its a free game and they wont care anything whats in the game, especially they are lazy to login to a forum or just vote on website. Not only a teamgame, not even sport game. Its a moba & strategy game, especially for me which has started to being a "hollywood theater" Times change. Now downvote me for my opinions and not being blind.
Sceizer (EUW)
: Riot's ultimate secret
This topic is 100 times funnier and was better than Draven Day from Riot. I give u guys a {{item:2009}} NOW URF TIME IS COMING!
Nalenthas (EUW)
: Set up for disappointment. Draven-Day instead of URF
I'm disappointed rly. Last year we had 14 days of pure FUN. And this year we will get 2x3 days of FUN (total 6! so its 8 less!) cause they traded the real fun for 3 days of Draven 2d... The stream about Draven day was the same like the whole "event". It was funny for 20-30 secs, then it was annoying/boring. It was only a poor NA vs EU rivalization show...
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Give us an option to turn the Draven heads off
the Uninstall function disables these 2d heads. :)
: Worst april's 1st ever
2015 was the best ever made in videogame history, and 2016 is the worst. Best Riot balance. the problem is, it needed 12 months to fix it. {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} Last year it was 14 days alltogether. Now we will have 2x 3 days = 6 days. GG. No respect from Riot to the community?
: "UHH stupid Draven Day! I WANT URF! NOW!"
URF PLEAZE!!! i want spam {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:53}}
Identic (EUNE)
: 2016: The 2D jokes...WORST EVER MADE
no, my main is trundle and i dont need a special champ to faceroll the keyboard.
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Identic (EUNE)
: LollauncherUx.exe since patch 6.6 is Virus? (Riot)
My opinion is we should wait till we get from Riot any infos/news... Computer/account security isn't joke in our age and its a game only not our life to ignore these detects. (Think about it: u bought ingame skins/champions with cash...) We won't be less men cuz we didn't play 5 more matches...
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