: The mission notes that "you have this mission because you played during a missions outage". I assume that this is the period when missions were bugged (sometimes the progress you made wouldn't count). Only if you played during those times will you receive that mission.
Shamose (EUW)
: Your friend bought the Trials pass and you didn't. Correct?
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Higher honor level just increases the chance of them dropping.
Which means that you can be Honor level 5 and still get less fragments than a level 2.In conclusion Riot Games is like those parents who say that Santa Claus is not gonna give you a present if you have bad behavior,you behave bad and you still get the same amount of presents as your good siblings,now thats something.
Hansiman (EUW)
: You're locked to 12 fragments per 28 day cycle. I don't think there's technically a lock per day.
at any Honor Level?
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: U failed out there buddy, "if you arent honor level 2 " so this means if iam honor 3, 4 ,5 1, 0 i wont.. :p jk men U need to be honor level 2 , 3 4 ,5 in order to receive rewards
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: I've played it a fair amount now. Overall I like the impact it had on players. Players have become much more positive which is always a plus, however I doubt it'll stay that way forever. But it's a good temporary community. It isn't exactly new. Sure the different honours have new names and they shove it in your face after each game, but it's still the same really. The only real change was that you get key fragments from it now instead. But as you start level 2 and get the same number of key frags from that as you would have before the honour update, nothing at all has changed. How this will change when people start levelling up in honour is not known. If those rewards are worth it, then great. I'm not yet sure how levelling up or deranking works. If you get honour experience from every game, honoured or not, then it's not really an honour system but a "How often you play" system. Is it even possible to go down a rank? What causes it?
I think the only possible and known way to "demote" up until now is to get many reports under your belt.Im still not sure how someone can level up from level 2,they might add some updates on that,either way i have almost the same thoughts as you about the "how often you play".Im looking forward to see how this whole thing will go after all.
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: Boosters / Smurfs!
Those 2 are way different though,a Booster will most likely continue to play with the basic MMR of the account because the actual owner was too trash and f'd it up,while the Smurf will gain MMR pretty fast having him away from "low elo".Also smurfing isnt even a bad thing.
Capn Evan (EUW)
: Honor your support
Lets begin with the fact that the new Honor System is a failure to the mankind.Now that we've agreed on that,there is no such thing in your team as an honorable teammate,don't even bother honoring.
: You can't reach platinum without anyones help? that's a bold statement to make
thats sarcasm,you are on the internet almost everything is sarcastic.
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: > [{quoted}](name=If I Miss Its DC,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KTNKR4nn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-20T11:58:52.439+0000) > > Spamming pings is the best feature in the game i dont know why you are complaining. I have noticed that the only people that are annoyed by ping spam, are the same people that are annoyed by that rectangular VOID that exists at the bottom right of their screens ... they never look at it and they want it to be gone, as well ... :p
Agreed aka gnwrizeis :D
Vonyalo (EUW)
: 7 years to make ping mute
Spamming pings is the best feature in the game i dont know why you are complaining.
: But its not, as stated before, smart pings arrived in 2013...2017-2013 = 7 ? Lol
I hope you are trolling.
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: As i said in th e post i personally think the current lp system works great , if i personally were to play ranked i'd also get some rewarding lp for wins and i wouldn't lose a lot for losses, that's what you get for being in an elo and playing games in a higher elo (such as bronze playing in silver elo) , well i think it's how it works if i remember correctly My little proposition is more aimed at the "problem" of those kinda players who are "stuck in elo hell because of their team", like i know a few people who think that and are stuck in a seemingly endless loop of +20 -20 lp, so if they do well all the time and it really is because of their team it would be a +22 lp - 20 lp loop , until they see the lights of hope , and on the opposite if it's because they do bad every game it would be a +19 -20 lp loop, to really show them that it really is just them Well at least that's what i had in mind
I have a little theory that I've been applying to myself.If you are stuck as you said then you should just stop playing ranked for a while and focus on getting better on normal games.Ofcourse you wont get the same experience but you'll sure learn something from them if you focus and play with the mindset to win and learn.When you see a difference you can start playing ranked again ofcourse facing the same problem but you can carry way easier and think more carefully.
: More lp for the goodest players ?
> Let's take an average game with a 20 lp win - 20 lp loss I personally usually take more LP from wins and lose less in losses,I dont know about the rest of the community but in my case this feels rewarding enough. > > Let's say you carry the game like crazy and yet you still lose : You take the full 20 lp loss > Now what if you feed like crazy and your team loses because of you : You take the full 20 lp loss If you usually carry the game case is your MMR is way better than the guy whos gonna feed and the system accordingly will make you lose less LP than the feeding guys whose MMR's propably not as good as yours > Now on the other side of things , you carry the game like crazy and get the win : here have 2 extra lp for 22 total lp > But what if you feed like hell but you still win because your team carried you : here have 18 lp i feel like this also has been taken care of from my answer above. I'm not exacly sure but I feel like thats how it works.
Baka Red (EUNE)
: No offense, but even though I think your theory has some good points, I think it is mostly false. :) The reason why ARAM teams on the bridge have higher percentage of "God Tier" champions (which Kayle isn't - at least not in these parts of the world & my MMR) is because we the players attempt to make our team stronger in the lobby with rerolls. That is why the less powerful champions often disappear from the team totally and are switched to better champions that appear on the bridge. And if some team is totally bogus, someone will often dodge and eliminate that sucky team from ever arriving bridge. Thus "God Tier" champions appear more often than not. I call this Yahtzee effect (the dice game with five six sided die, little like poker the card game). ARAM rerolls: I haven't detected your 30% of two rerolls result in the same champion that you had in the first place and I have done the two rerolls in row a lot of times. I don't buy this part of your theory either. Sorry. :) On the second reroll, the original champion is again available to be rolled into the team (unless the enemy team has rerolled to get him). Thus you sometimes might get him back in team. I have seen it happen that I reroll champion A away, and my team mate rerolls it back into team after me. However, that is just result of random roll. If you roll a die enough, you might get a streak of hundred same numbers.. at some point. Random is Random. Apparent ARAM accounts is also part of the Yahtzee effect. Granted, there are some ARAM accounts out there, but I think it is mostly result of Yahtzee effect. The team composition on ARAM / Howling Abyss isn't really random, since Yahtzee effect affects it.
I placed Kayle in te God Tier cause she,just like Zilean,has the ability to make a game changing impact by keeping someone alive long enough.Now thats something a Taric can do but not in an instant and in such ease.Also if Guardian Angel was in ARAM I'd never consider her as God Tier. The 30% is a made up thing from my mind,the way I see it,so just a personal view I can accept your can disagreement on this subject. As of the Yahtzee effect,I couldnt agree more. Nice reply.
: It's absolutely random. If there would be a rule like "You can't get the same champ in a row twice" it wouldn't be random anymore. You are talking about a feeling and you kind of hit the nail on the head by saying that. You have to understand that how things feel like and how things actually are are two different things. Or, to be more accurate: Perception and reality are not the same. The reason why threads like yours appear every other week is, that the human perception of randomness is extremely flawed. We are highly intelligent animals and our main strategy to survive is and always was to understand how the world works. This is why we have a natural tendency to see patterns in data. This is very useful because this allows us to recognize patterns very quickly, leading to a more advanced understanding of the world. The "problem" about this ability is that we are so focused on seeing patterns, that we see patterns where there is none. In psychology this effect is called "apophenia", the natural tendency to see patterns in data that is actually random. There is a pretty cool story about that. It explains the effect of apophenia perfectly. When MP3 was invented, MP3 players quickly entered the music market. With the ability to store a lot of music on onve device came the demand to play your entire music collection randomly. Apple even made a brand out this with the Ipod shuffle. When the shuffle was released, a lot of complaints came in. Owners of the shuffle complained that the songs were not played in random order, but instead were played systematically, often playing several songs from the same artist or genre in a row or even play songs alphabetically. Apple checked, but the play order was actually random. Of course they quickly found out about apophenia and noticed that these patterns their customers saw where nothing else than random patterns that were caused by nothing but coincidence. But people still complained. So apple changed their random algorithm and included some rules to make sure songs are NOT played alphabetically and several songs from the same artist where not played in a row etc etc. So their random algorithm is not actually random anymore, but it's specifically designed for human perception to APPEAR random, although the previous algorithm was actually way more random than the new one. This is a beatiful example about how the difference between human perception and reality matters. If Aram is truly random its perfectly normal to see patterns and coming to the conclusion that it's not random. That's how humans are hardwired to think by nature. However that doesn't make it real. It's just a feeling, nothing more.
Beautiful reply.I haven't really digged into it that much cause Im simply not interested in such things but this really made me think for once,nice one.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i love how ppl make up stuff like this when they dont even know what random means... go and look it up (actually here is good video from Vsauce about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rIy0xY99a0) it is entirely possible that you get the same champ 200 times in a row, thats how randomness works
As I said in the beginning of my post,I'm not good at math,If I were I'd get information and calculate the shit out of them just to prove its not random.
Declined (EUNE)
: I remember you, I've always found your name interesting, especially considering what it is I do ˆ-ˆ All you can really do is wait, and pay attention to the drop rate. I know mine recently reset because I earned 3 in a day, so I can use that as an indicator for when it'll reset again.
Thanks,a nice strategy to follow :3.
: Most people use the general overview anyway and EVERY thread is displayed there, so concerning visibility it barely matters where you post it.
I think its more like Youtube.If you put a nice picture which will then be displayed on the general overview,a nice title and the Board being Help & Support will help you get some more attention,let alone posting something at hours of "high traffic"
: > So if you had a God Tier champion youll get the WTF RITO in your next game or something totally useless for sure Yesterday I got Brand two times in a row without rerolling. Theory falsified^^ > The thing is that 30% of the time if you reroll twice youll get the same champion as you first did I can't remember this EVER happened to me. You don't happen to have any proof for this thesis, don't you?
No,I pretty much made all those things on the spot none of the things Im saying are proven.Its just what I feel like its happening and I also got Brand more than twice in a row for sure,but how "random" is that anyway?
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings If I Miss Its DC, I have 9 or 10 chests but no keys, so I know how annoying it can be, but please go have a look at the FAQ Eambo created a while back regarding Hextech. The 12 shard key limit per 28 days can be exceedingly frustrating if you have an overwhelming amount of chests compared, especially if you're a good player and haven't got any trouble getting chests. You can find more information regarding the Hextech Crafting System [HERE](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/KZnWzcGK-hextech-crafting-and-mastery-frequently-asked-questions).
Ay lmao we've played some ARAM games together didnt know you are a Wrenchman.Anyway all im saying is that its been an awful amount of time since I last earned a key fragment and I got kinda worried,I guess I just have to wait more.
: Back in december I won at least 2 games daily and I had to wait 5 weeks before I could drop one single fragment. I was kinda pissed. Now, I have 16 chests on 2 accounts. Well.
I have 13 chests and 0 keys,I feel you.
Infernape (EUW)
: I wouldn't say Kayle is "top tier". She is incredibly item dependent and is shit early. The only thing she has going for her is her ultimate.
Kayle's ultimate can be game chaning though because the duration is 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds and the cooldown is pretty low 100 / 90 / 80 seconds without any cooldown reduction items.And if that alone isnt enough some as myself have seen many Kayle pentakills to put her in that Tier.Just a personal opinion I guess.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: I've always felt that ARAM isn't truely Random though I have no way of proving that. It seems to me it works like crit chance. You have x percent of a "god teir" aram pick, if you don't get it, next time it is a little easyer, and again and again. I played Skarner my last 2 ARAM games and man am I already god awful with him but before that I had the likes of Zyra, Kennen, GP, Katarina. Also dw mate, I have work in the morning and its just turned 3am here and I'm still wide awake to talk about this video game that I play for enjoyment
Im really glad someone kinda understands the pattern of ARAM as well.I dont know if you happen to play it but I think they are using the same system for "AR URF" but there you can see that its not AR at all in the first 5 games.
: I think you'll need to repost this in the morning in order to get some responses.
Yeah,also nobody's gonna look at the category "champions-gameplay" so there it goes for nothing...
SharpScar (EUW)
: Question About MMR
You might think Im trolling or mocking you but the asnwer is simple yet complex...Git Gud.
: Some toxic behaviour is just unacceptable . . .
If you wanna use the Internet you have to live with the fact that there are some weird people aroudn the globe,best thing you can do is ignore/block them or join their culture.
Rioter Comments
Sobx (EUNE)
: Yes, there is a reason and he posted it above, so stop trying to be a smartass and start using your brain. To answer your question: the key drop is fine.
So you are telling me that there is nothing wrong while I havent got a single key in 3 weeks and the reasons are posted right infront of me.Tell me kind sir,where does it say that if I keep on playing for 3 weeks I get 0 keys.Keep in mind that the last key fragment I took was 3 weeks ago and before that I had 2 key fragments waiting to make a Key so in 4 weeks 1 keyfragment.
: These DAMN "SCRIPTS" , will put someday the end of League Of Legends ! :(
: The basic rules for key fragment drops are: * Key frags are only dropped from wins. * Key fragment drop rates work off of a per player cyclical reset timer, similar to chests. Higher drop rates are slightly front-loaded and gradually slow based on the total number of key fragments you’ve received in a cycle until the reset. * It’s possible to earn 4 keys (12 fragments) in a 4 week period. This matches the number of chests players can get. * There is a bad-luck protection rule that puts a maximum number of wins between key frag drops. * Players get a small drop chance bonus if they were in a premade. for me all looks fine
> [{quoted}](name=Proud Weirdo,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=H5eczPE6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-09T00:08:14.977+0000) > * There is a bad-luck protection rule that puts a maximum number of wins between key frag drops. > > * Players get a small drop chance bonus if they were in a premade. I've been premading like non-stop these weeks as well and Im sure "a maximum number of wins" aint 30
: Ill just copy my post from another thread about this where I just posted: Yeah, I think something fishy is going on..i already posted on topic ~10 days ago where OP had same problem as me..stuck on 5 fragments..i actually got my 6th fragment after ~25 wins, but now after that no signs of 7th fragment for this cycle..and im above 30 wins now..at this rate there is no way im gonna get all 12 fragments for this cycle (my cycle resetted on 21.4.). This is a first time something like this happens to me, I usually farm fairly easy my 12 fragments per cycle and it never took me 30+ wins for another one..so it looks like its kinda bugged or like they severley nerfed drop rate... I also contacted support that night before i finaly got my 6th fragment and they said to me its all just random, i mean yeah i know that, but for one year since hextech crafting started the drop rate was NEVER this bad like this month, this will be the first cycle i wont be able to get all 4 keys..
I didnt even know you could get 4 complete keys in a cycle.Anyway I havent got a single one in 60+ games or so and I was trying to see if someone else has the same problem as me.Im glad we are both %%%%ed.
: The basic rules for key fragment drops are: * Key frags are only dropped from wins. * Key fragment drop rates work off of a per player cyclical reset timer, similar to chests. Higher drop rates are slightly front-loaded and gradually slow based on the total number of key fragments you’ve received in a cycle until the reset. * It’s possible to earn 4 keys (12 fragments) in a 4 week period. This matches the number of chests players can get. * There is a bad-luck protection rule that puts a maximum number of wins between key frag drops. * Players get a small drop chance bonus if they were in a premade. for me all looks fine
Posting something everybody knows,thanks a lot.Im asking if there is a reason why 60+ games after I havent got a single key and yes half of them were wins.
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They won't provide you with this evidence, since it can be used to circumvent detection systems in the future.
So they can do w/e the freak they want,they'll just say "you are boosted lmao git gut" and then ban you.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Im not complaining about a thing,im just asking if there will be a second (permanent this time) ban if i happen to reach more than platinum cause thats how they kinda decide if you are boosted or not. No, they decide if you're boosted if you've partaken in a form of boosting that violates the ToU. If they simply banned people for reaching platinum and above, how do people end the season in platinum and above?
Thats great and all,but where the freak are the evidence of the ban,in which game was I being boosted I want them to point it out and let me know what big of a scum I am.And ofcourse people arent getting banned for reaching platinum,except me.
Doomley (EUW)
: First of all, this post doesn't make any sense. Why did you make it? Are you complaining that you are getting banned for elo boosting when you aren't actually boosting anyone or are you complaining about getting banned for correct reasons? Or maybe you just want to brag with your win rates that a lot of other people can achieve too?
Im not complaining about a thing,im just asking if there will be a second (permanent this time) ban if i happen to reach more than platinum cause thats how they kinda decide if you are boosted or not.Second of all many of the comments I got in a previous post that I made about the same thing was saying that my win ratio was too high and thats why I was being boosted."There is no way you can have over 60% and not being boosted".Sidenote here,who the %%%% brags about having 60something% ratio when they only have like 30 ranked games played?Id be "bragging about it if I had like 300 games and that win ratio.
Eveninn (EUW)
: The old doesn't have them anymore, so now I prefer the new one. ^^
You make me sick :( RIP OLD CLIENT
: Even better, don't accept the friend request.
Even better,delete your own account.
Rioter Comments
: How do i report someone post game?
Or you know,just block him.
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