Djo Bannana (EUNE)
: WHy do ppl keep banning my annie
I guess they ban Annie because they are scared of playing against Annie Bot: Btw i never banned annie her spells have such a short range xd
22Duster22 (EUNE)
: I think you should Buff Yasuo
You mean on top of the other 10 buffs he got which can be seen in his patch history?
kiel453 (EUNE)
: Help me climp in season 9 ;)
{{champion:240}} Noone gives him the respect he deserves. He might not look like an easy champion but all he really has to do is auto attack enemies and he does insane damage while doing so. Even if he falls a little behind in the laning phase his % dmg will insure that he will always be relavant and he has a very reliable dash and grab ability. Hardly ever banned, Not considered that strong but with the right runes (press the attack) he can take on anyone. Another one i would recommend is {{champion:555}} A support who can hold his own against the enemy adc or assasin while still having CC and a dash at his disposal? Yes please! He has received many buffs too you just need to build lethality on him now (otherwise he has received straight nerfs to his armor build) which to be honest you always should. He is an assasin afterall and has no survivability benefit of health items. I would recommend aftershock as a primary rune and dominion as secondary rune. Aftershock compensates for his extremely low health which enables him to dish out more damage while being safer himself.
: If someone places a gun on your head and says 'talk racist or die' then I think it is a pretty good reason to be racist
If that were the case you should receive no penalty for being racist because it would not be your free will.
: This is how it works. If you're new to the game, if you know nothing and if you never played a moba before, you will be bronze. If you know how to play a single champion decently, you will be silver. When you add good map awareness, you will be gold. In addition to those, if you learn how the other champions works, you will be plat easily. (you dont need to play those champions, you can be a OTP, just learn how those works so you will know how to play against them) 1- Start by trying out new stuff. If you dont know/didnt play any champions, go and play them couple of games. You will learn the basic of that champion. Like, whats the cd on his/her spells, how much dmg he can do with the items he has, the strenghts and weaknesses of him etc. When you learn a champion, it will be alot easier to play against(or with) it. 2- Get yourself a main. I see you already have two main champions. Thats nice, improve yourself on those. You said you have 50+% winrate. That means you're climbing, isnt it? You will eventually get out of bronze if you keep playing those champions, LOL. 3- Learn the wave control. There are tons of videos about minion management. They apply to support role aswell. You have to know when to push hard, when to slowpush and when to freeze(and ofc, how to do those). Ppl thinks its not that important, but they are wrong. Minion management is the most important thing in the game. 4- Improve your map awareness. You're playing support so it should be easy. Constantly be aware of whats going on. Dont just ward the river bush or tribush. Go ward the enemy jungle after you push the lane so you will know what enemy jungler will do next and counter it. Like, if he's doing red buff > wraiths, and your mid is pushed he will most likely gank mid so help your midlane. He will get the scuttle after wraiths if your mid is not gankable, so help your jungle contest it.
Good map awareness in gold? That is not the gold league i know of mate (i am gold myself).
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Last champion you played is an assassin trying to kill you
Not very likely {{champion:201}} has a pure heart.
: uh oh {{item:3157}} {{item:2419}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3102}} {{champion:25}} E,,,{{champion:11}} W,,{{champion:34}} egg,,,{{champion:114}} w,,,{{item:3107}} ,,,,,,,,{{champion:16}} R,,,{{champion:432}} < this...and the list is pretty long tho im exhausted soo ya ,,
Well that is why i said magic resist/damage reduction and invulnerability effects counter it.
: Best secondary role for toplane?
Mid i guess it is the only other solo lane.
: Chat banned days before end of season.
Affirmative no rewards for this season.
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xTigax3 (EUW)
: Which Champ do you like against Garen except tank shredding kiting DPS carries or tank shredding DPS carries that get good peel?
{{champion:122}} > {{champion:86}} if both players are of equal skill.
Ender57 (EUW)
: Do you wanna hear a joke?
I have heard that too many times before.
: Locking End Season rewards behind Honor : the worst decision by Riot ever
Learn how to bahave well and you will have no issues. Toxic players are there own worst enemy.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: So no one gonna talk about how BROKEN Veigar is ??
Who is that? havent seen one in my ranked games the past 3 weeks.
ΕvilΑngel (EUNE)
: Anyone [Good] to solo/duo with?
I might be up for it. I am gold already tho.
: What ult do you think is the best :o (give me your opinions)
{{champion:30}} You are never safe anywhere :). Yes i know you can buy mr and hourglass but there is always a certain horror when playing against karthus because he can damage you AND your whole team anywhere on map.
: {{champion:28}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:29}} Anything with stealth really. You don't even have time for Flash, you're already dead.
: master yi?
Mr Yi is so squishy himself he is food for a fed {{champion:107}} {{champion:56}} or any other 1 shot assasin really.
: Does the game get better?
In my opinion new players are somewhat more friendly and understanding because they don’t have as high expectations as high lvl players but that might just be me.
: Orange Essence
How much did you spend on the game?
eS Zakumi (EUNE)
: Looking for someone to help with mission EUNE
I can help you I do have some skins despite being f2p.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > i dont even know what do i have to explain, the so high damage or the low cooldown? It's intended to give kill pressure in lane. You choose it if that's what you're after. --- > or the fact that everyother spell is useless in comparision to it? Teleport is not useless, thus it's picked over ignite in certain conditions. Heal is not useless. Exhaust is not useless. It depends on what style you're going for.
While i think ignite is a cool situational ability that can rival teleport or exchaust i think it is a shame that you **have** to pick flash due to the fact that it outperforms the other summoner spells in mid/high elo. I wish there was a bit more variety there.
: What if we could remove Zed's death mark by killing Zed?
I personally think zed takes a lot more skill than mr press r -> grey screen for your victim of choice {{champion:56}}
: If you've ever considered maining top lane, read this:
Rusope (EUW)
: People not taking Flex 5v5 Ranked serious
I litteraly quote a player on my team who went lee sin as support in my 5v5 ranked flex game: “relax it is only flex”. Guess the only competetive mode is solo/duo. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I tried out Inting Sion, what I've learned and what should be done.
Sion needs to deal 50% damage to towers in wrath form.
RayFer (EUW)
: It's emotes though. I'd rather you have the option to disenchant.
As others have said skins are purely a cosmetic that gives no in game advantage and it is a huge sort of income for the development team. I personally have 5 legendary skin shards (that’s gonna take forever to collect the essence for) but hey at least i can craft 1 of them soon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
C4libur (EUNE)
: What aboue me telling them at the beginning of the Match "Can you please surrender so we can save our precious time together and do not to harm each other violently with Swords, Axes, Hammers and Magic? That would be appreciated."
Maybe YOU should surrender then {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It tilts them and it's fun!
If you play with a mindset like that your account will likely see a ban at some point.
WetEel (EUW)
: sensitive players
Flamers are despicable human beings. They think the only way to feel better about themselves is by kicking others in the mud. I am glad that bans are given out to keep a somewhat healthy atmosphere.
: i dont get honor
It takes time.
: any good champ and ez toplay and carry with in top ? bc im playing jax in top lane
{{champion:86}} is your free ticket out of bronze the most simple champion in the game while also the tankiest.
: Either that or the system is not functioning correctly (which it isn't), or you just didn't get the pop-up but someone got punished for flaming anyway. All the possibilities~
Oh i do get that pop up what i mean is it is a shame you need to report so many toxic players if people could behave there was no need for punishments.
: That great feeling when you get...
I would prefer never seeing that screen pop up OP. That would mean players finally learned how to behave themselves.
: Please Nerf My Main
Just wait for a fed {{champion:56}} {{champion:107}} and you will find there will be little you can do to survive.
RayFer (EUW)
: Orange Essence REALLY sucks
I think it is actually amazing that emotes unlock for good once you get them in a chest. You dont need any orange essence for them.
: The Climb - How's yours going?
I am in "elo heaven" in all three categories (gold) which is fine for now. Platinum+ in at least solo/duo will be my goal with the new ranked changes next season. Btw is it true that you will be rewarded with bonus LP for a win if you volunteer to autofill in season 9? :)
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T00Late (EUNE)
: Emotes in Aram
I can relate bro :/
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Champion prices are not based on the difficulty, they're based on when they were released. The oldest champions are cheap, the newer ones are expensive.
Yes i get that. A shame he is one of the funniest champions in my opinion same with pantheon.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Warwick isn't an assassin. He is a bruiser / tank, thus being far more suitable for a new player.
The tankyness that wukong might lack (his passive actually helps a bit) he makes up for in stealth. Wukong can gank unseen whereas warwick can’t really gank before he gets his ultimate and he is easy to kite. Warwick has an easier time with jungle monsters especially dragon i give you that.
Rioter Comments
: yo rito, buff nasus pls
Doggy can already kill you with 1 Q if he knows how to farm well.
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: Best counterpicks for darius & garen ?
{{champion:240}} CHAAAAARGEE. % based damage, very high dps, has a reliable dash and a delayed hook ability that makes it hard for enemies to escape. Feast or famine champion (you don’t want to be behind as damage is his speciality) but if you play the early game right and pressure the enemy laner you will have a good time.
: You play Support as this champion: {{champion:223}} trust me, it works wonders. Whenever your ADC wants to do a highlight play, you eat him and put him back in the babycage where he belongs until he has farmed and grown strong and to a teenager that can do some stuff.
What can that do? the adc will just move back into the fight as he can leave your tummy at will.
: Why is urgot so strong
Kite him and poke from long range -> well played you succesfully made urgot’s life miserable as he is slow and has a short attack range. He is strong against immobile melee champions so draft accordingly.
: Low priority queue
20 min? I thought you need to wait 5 min unless you have had many disconnected games of course.
: I'm dying, and League is all I have.
You are not the only one who have incompetent parents who refuse to protect you against truly horrible bullies. Yes i had a similarly disgusting upbringing. Please do not give up life is what you make of it so remember to make every day great.
VeryToxicYi (EUNE)
: Malphite and yasuo are ment to be played together not againts!
The Odyssey event confirmed how strong they are together. Best buddies.
Leogolas (EUNE)
: Who Better ?
{{champion:86}} So much damage and tankyness. Of the two darius is better but garen really strong right now.
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