: Is this what you see locked? : https://i.gyazo.com/28ace1b4c2d7ba04cfc84986bd5eba4b.jpg That is normal, the Vice skins come a bit later: https://i.gyazo.com/68345852886241ac7078fd175925ba01.png
Thank you so much i just wanted to make sure i don't miss it thanks a lot {{champion:17}}
: Hmmm maybe I can help you, what is your question? What would you like to know? {{champion:78}}
Well my question is about arcade pass since i got it and i saw there are 2 different reward "shops" to call it and one is unlocked and the other is locked so i suppose the other one will be available in the august if I'm not wrong that's how i understood it so that's why i needed help :/
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: Exactly {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
So if I got you right {{sticker:sg-janna}} all my effort :C through this harsh world of league :C will not be awarded this year :C {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} ???
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Tovabi (EUW)
: A while ago I had 8 games in a row with people either AFKing or trolling and by trolling I don't mean having a bad game, I mean literally intentionally feeding and buying 6 tears and stuff, be thankful it was just one game you had
Well actually i lost about 6 games in a row :D so
: Well, i appreciate ur reply, admitting your mistakes is first step to success (about buildings). And you are right, if you have trash team, its unlikely to show in score that you played well. Go to this site https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/LeeSin/ everything u need to know about champion stats, first items, winrate etc. i would just recommended duskblade, boots, as first items in the early game.
Thanks alot :) ill learn from my mistakes :)
: Who said that you are "supposed" to climb? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Well sadly thats kinda true :D but one day :D
: One thing that helps us progress in life, is having situational awareness. Me for example, I know that finding a good jungler in gold ELO is impossible. So you're left with the situation of having a bad jungler vs a worse jungler. They had kindred. She has no CC. It's literally a positioning thing, if you die to a kindred on midlane (the shortest lane ingame). You say you're a support player, you have 1 support game in your past 20 games, but that doesn't even matter. If you're not comfortable with mid, or in fact ANY LANE, don't pick a hyper-aggressive champ like yasuo. You should expect getting bad junglers (it's not challenger ELO) - and being forced to 1v9. Pick something safe, that is ungankable. Second thing : You should exactly know where Kindred starts in the jungle. You should be able to tell on which side of the map she is - play near the other river bush. Don't over extend when she's doing scuttler - you will be an easy and obvious target. It might not seem that much, but little things like this make the difference between gold and plat ELO. If you want to climb, you will have to improve - no workaround, no nothing. Dying to junglers is ONLY YOUR FAULT. This comes from a top 0.6% player, on the same server as you - jg main.
I know ur right about everything and btw about 1 support game yeah im trying to play other lanes not support because as a support i can only feed adc and if he is not good game is lost and as a mid laner for example yasuo i can carry somehow you know what i mean, thats why i tried playing mid and other lanes but not support otherwise i play support better than mid and other lanes obwiously...i say again about my first comment it doesen't even matter i forgot its just a game im fine now not mad at all, and actually im happy that i was able to talk to you guys to calm me down :D and get some sugestions about playing so thanks :)!
: > IT'S ALL ON YOU. NOT OTHERS, YOU. Concerning the title this is true. You don't have a troll in every game though your personal perception might tell you the opposite. But in the end both teams have the same likeliness of getting a troll/feeder/noob/whatever. That's basic maths. The problem is that Riot is in conflict here. Especially professional trolls (multiple permas) are wasting a load of money on buying alt accounts and champions with RP for new accs. Many invest hundreds per year some even 1k+. I myself couldn't imagine this but then I saw an interview with someone who had more than 30 banned accounts - his main reason to bully teammates was that in his opinion these players were bad and did not deserve to rank up...
I know i know , i keep forgetting that its just a game its not important at all and its doesnet matter cs right now i dont rly care for losing that game it was just currently at the moment...
: regardless about the Yasou game, look to the Leesin game, in 31 minute game you couldn't buy a boot completed as a fighter, or duskblade as a dmg dealer. you almost dealing the least dmg every single game, buying armor in the early wont make u go ahead really fast. were playing Gnar top in 21 minute / 25 minute both games have no boots completed. GoldV spamming ranked just to get people say you are gold nice. now i congratz u that i don't play ranked because of that, you typical buying the {{item:3117}} or {{item:3022}} {{item:3071}} every single game, which i can assume that you don't look what the enemy team have as champions and build against them. if you are pro and they are trolling, i should go kill myself. have a nice day.
Well i didn't say im pro or that i will be in the future because im not playing this game profesionaly im playing it for funn i mean trying to play it for funn...about building okay i admit that i dont have idea what im doing but most of the player in my division dont to be honest and somehow the things i build work somehow and i know that that one thing changes alot but not in my division...and about gnar okay that was a mistake i started playing him on ranked even tho i got him like 3 days ago but that has nothing to do with my coment about players...because if im playing for example lee sin jungle and build phantom dancer on him and come to gank any lane if i use my spells as im supposed to we will kill the enemy laner even tho i have phantom dancer...if you get what i was trying to say...only thing that matter is will my teammate come to help me...lets just not talk about this anymore after all its just the game i raged about it forgeting that its just a game and its for fun i will try to play it if possible for fun, not competitively and i hope i will be able to.
: As not all athletes become olympic gold medalists, not all players will be able to climb to the top. Some will have lower, others higher skill-caps. Some will grind when they feel they can't do it any more, others will stop. Everything depends on you. The ladder looks like a weird rhombus. A few very bad players in low bronze, numbers rising until Silver 2-1 Gold 5 , then rapidly decreasing until the top. Gold 5 is top 30%, Plat 5 is about 10%, Diamond 5 is about 1%. You've made it to top 30%, that's already awesome. The "feeding teammates" are a STANDARD ENVIRONMENT in which WE ALL PLAY, and climb. It's not just you - it's virtually anyone who ever climbed out of ANY DIVISION. As you get a "bad teammate" - the enemy gets a "bad enemy player" - same thing happens to you, roughly 50% of the times. Just because you take a sample-size of 10-50 games, that doesn't mean anything. On a seasonal level, your lost games due to "feeders" MINUS the won games due to enemy feeders are roughly equal. So it's all about the rest of the games, where your impact decides if you climb or not. Some of us overcome it, some don't. If everyone who played could have easily climbed, we would only need diamond and master/chall tiers right? No. Blaming others doesn't work, nobody can fix that. You can however overcome, either having a bigger impact and carrying 4v6, or just grinding out, waiting for the enemy team to have a feeder, and get a freebie. IT'S ALL ON YOU. NOT OTHERS, _**YOU**_. PS : https://imgur.com/mX3nBhZ 'Sup with that ? Lowest kill participation/damage/worst KDA/0 control wards/2cs per min/least gold/tabi vs a fed fizz that destroyed you....etc. CmonBruh - not like this.
Yeah you are right about everything you said, but the last part about the game i lost maybe im not best yasuo player but i could play average for my division if my teammate who has a job to help lanes did actually help me... And i know that everyone will say your blaming the jungler but look enemy jungler came at lvl 2 and helped enemy laner and mine barelly came on my lane...but besides that if i started like that dying first in game and giving my laner advantage its obwious that i need help whitch i didn't get and how could i get back in game if im stuck under my tower waiting for enemy to come and dive me and kill me...how could i comeback in the game in not that good to overcome enemy who is 2 lvl. higher than me + i cant farm...after that its easy to blame me at the end...you pointed out right that game... it looks rly %%%%%%ed when speaking about bad players and looking at that screen of my game...okay maybe im not the best with that champion or at that lane whitch means i need extra help whitch i asked for but didn't get...btw i actually play support rolle the best in my opinion...and you might say that i shouldn't of played rolle im not best at but i could be good if my teammate has done his job... and now im again blaming my jungler but its just like that...
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Maluber (EUW)
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008041688--June-6-Updating-your-registered-Date-of-Birth-EUNE-Only It was from last year. If the update bit doesn't work on that link then you should submit a ticket to support as they will be able to update your details for you.
Oh my god im so stupid i didnt even look the date i feel so stupid now sorry for even asking about that my bad :C
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