Dessassie (EUW)
: Leagueskin is bannabble?
It’s a grey area. Riots stance is “use at your own risk”.
: Hi! I wanted to thank you for your comment and help! I'd have hated if what you said happened, so I did as you said! Thank you very much! Have a nice day!! I now have purchased a change name :D
Don't forget to change your password.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: but why dont i see i want proof that riot is banning these people i am reporting.
They come to the boards and moan about it. The same way they don't know that you got banned and come to the boards to moan about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=EcqiesTg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-10T02:42:53.080+0000) > > I think it has something to do on riots end. > Well at least in my case. > I have the same issue and it started happening yesterday. > Me and my friends all had these on the eune server. > We were on different connections, same game, stutters at the same time. > Went on for 3-4 games and we just gave up. I've had something very similar. Multiple factors: 1) Check if there are any flash players running in the background 2) Enable vSync 3) Run game as admin 4) Check if any other instances of the game are running as background processes 5) Disable your xBox Mouse-whatever setting (don't remeber right), which is on by default (for that you actually have to create an xbox account and go in your windows "xbox-app" - it might be this: "Disable gaming option in Windows 10 which is available in the settings. Go to Settings > Gaming > Gaming mode, Xbox, turn off the options." 6)Reinstall the whole client Can't think of anything else I did to fix this.
None of those were the issue. Either the server or ISP routing were the issue. Same ISP is the only thing we have in common.
: Micro stutter after second game
I think it has something to do on riots end. Well at least in my case. I have the same issue and it started happening yesterday. Me and my friends all had these on the eune server. We were on different connections, same game, stutters at the same time. Went on for 3-4 games and we just gave up.
: this game is unplayable
I find ARAM as a good practice tool for 5v5 head on skirmishes. Not only will you learn how to fight 5v5 more effectively, but you'll learn how to fight against the odds.
: There are various bugs in the game for a while and they still not seem to get fixed
Heimer cannons randomly targeting you across the map, not doing damage but revealing your position.
Rioter Comments
Degoths (EUNE)
: tell mem ore about the botted accounts please
People that sell accounts don't want to spend all day playing and leveling up so they use bots. Bots usually level up in ARAM and TTL to 30. Then they sell the account ranked ready. The problem is, bots will get you banned. Riot takes care not to ban them on sight, since that would potentially show what gives them away, so they do it in ban waves.
: ok so if what you say is right he wished me death i took picture of that and they can see it for themselves he cursed other people and he got out of it clean while i got banned for calling him stupid please this system is bad it need upgrade and fast no excuses of what easier or harder
What he said is irrelevant. There is no way for you to know if he was punished or not since feedback is rare. Only what you say matters. People don't get punished for nothing. You flamed and got punished. Deal with that like a man. You should always post your chatlogs when making a post like this, otherwise no one will believe a thing you say.
Degoths (EUNE)
: Banned for using a 3rd party application?
It could be a lot of different things. If you bought the account it could've been botted, you fell for a phishing scheme and someone messed with your account, you used 3rd party skins tied to a program that is known for scripts etc.... OR You dabbled in cheating and don't wanna say bye bye to your account.
: Get used to it, riot only bans for toxic chat, never for trolling and inting
Not true. It's just a case of what's easier to prove. Chatlogs are a straightforward evidence while gameplay evidence is sparse. Ergo, it's easier to punish someone for toxicity.
: EUNE - Can't see friend-that-is-in-game's length anymore
It keeps happening to me too. It's random but annoying. Restarting the client fixes it most of the time.
: Old league vs TFT
All the toxic people would result to trolling to get their point across. I'd rather have someone flame me than feed.
Shizu99 (EUW)
: Why am I being matched with high level people?
It's the MMR. It will match you with people of various skills until you're set in.
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lHiMrrc5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-05T16:56:06.249+0000) > > even tho im carrying all these matches super hard. > > What they did is irrelevant for your punishment. This is about what you did. It also doesn't matter how much you carried, the rules apply to you regardless of your stats. > > For repeatedly insulting and trash talking other players. > > No. Riot never lifts justified permanent account bans. No exceptions peops like tyler1 get unbanned even when its an ip ban why would they do it to people like him and not rest of players ? theres even a reddit post about how many people got their perma accounts back on NA, as riot usually removes a lot of times.
Check your facts. Tyler 1 never got any of his accounts unbanned. NA unbanning players was a short lived unsuccessful experiment.
: Perma banned for what ????
While not full on toxic, you were poking at your team and were generally negative. Maybe you didn't instigate nothing, but you escalated it for sure. This alone is not enough for a permanent ban. BUT. You obviously had prior punishments that led to this. If you were banned for 14 days this is the next punishment tier. You earned this.
yasuodonut (EUNE)
: ban ? srsly
You earned this one buddy. You're toxic AF.
: To the moderator who sleep too much and someone else need to do his job
Trolls are really good with mods downtime. A couple of months ago some guy posted hundreds of accounts with the usernames, emails and passwords. It was up for over 8 hours.
Belkano (EUW)
: So, I just transferred my account from RU, and then my inventory became a mess
It probably has nothing to do with transfers. That same bug happened to me randomly today.
: Can't login
Couldn't log in. Switches from check servers to password doesn't match. Tried changing password. Doesn't work. WTF RIOT.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Outside of any RP they give as part of the new player experience, no not really, they haven't gifted serverwide RP in years :P
They don't give RP to new players anymore.
: i bought qiyana but i didnt get it
Talk to support. Same thing happened to me, but I'm swimming in BE since I have the full roster and contacting them is too much of a hassle.
: Teamfight Tactics or Teamfight RNG [POLL]
I'm personally done with it. It's too RNG.
: should riot unban all players ?
They tried permanent chat restrictions and it just led to more prominent toxicity in the form of trolling. People want to vent their frustrations and a permanent chat restriction just makes them troll and feed.
: LoL China Login Issues
Did you verify your QQ account with ID and phone number? Also you have to choose QQ as a login option.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=wjEAhnAH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T09:53:47.191+0000) > > It's a beta. > You are a willing participant and no rewards were promised. > Nexus blitz was totally different. it was still beta with nexus blitz
It's in beta like nexus blitz was, yes. But there is a huge difference. Blitz was a part of an event and TFT isn't. You should carefully read before you buy a pass. Also they said that there is a chance rewards might come a week after release. They need to make sure everything is stable enough for a smooth experience.
: TFT and pass ?
It's a beta. You are a willing participant and no rewards were promised. Nexus blitz was totally different.
: Runes deleted AGAIN AND AGAIN after every small or big patch an Riot support is NO HELP
Are you by any chance using overwolf apps or blitz app? Or any kind of item/summs/rune importer? Those can mess with your runes big time.
: Hello ImainLilSatan, My account was as safe as humanly possible, I used a strong password. I refuse to believe that we live in a world where if you're hacked whilst being as secure as possible that the fault is with the end user.. It's like saying if you created a password that's 24 letters long with multiple numbers and you still get hacked, then it's your fault for not having a secure account? And anybody is susceptible to being hacked. Not only was my account hacked and the hacker played like maybe 3-4 games on my account, I instantly secured the account and created a support ticket, which Riot would be able to verify. I was then banned the next day for cheating. I honestly don't know how I can be more secure then the actions I've already taken. :/
You failed to keep your account safe, which is outlined in the ToU. Also it doesn't matter if the hacker cheated and not you. It's not you getting banned, the account is. It was compromised. No one hacked you. If you really had a strong password, you probably fell for a phishing scam. That's the most common way of obtaining account details.
: Hello Cypherous, The password I used for League was unique to League, also my email password is completely different. So whoever hacked me, couldn't take my account completely because the password was unique and a rather complicated password. :/
Cypherous is mostly right. You are responsible for keeping your account safe. Whatever bans the account gets, it stays. Even if it wasn't you. ToU was broken by both the cheater and you.
: Apex Legends was longer in development.
Are you seriously comparing EA to Riot games... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Guys remember this
It's a beta. Google the definition.
billis778 (EUNE)
: Unfair Riot
Swearing doesn't get you banned. Being a toxic prick does.
: ready for new toxic event?
You should read that again carefully. It just states how many tokens you get for a win/loss during the event.
: while i don't think they should ban for funnelling you are pretty wrong about this what about the singed/nunu support with Smite guys who are well known for being banned by riot for playing how they want, despite the 55%+ winrate they had as well as communicating what they were doing
We are talking apples and oranges. That strat was so unwelcome that people were reported for it no matter if they won or lost. The funneling strategy doesn't have a major impact on the meta and people can easily adjust to it while the same couldn't be said about the singed/nunu smite. And even that wasn't punished until the community went ape about it. Riot didn't want to ban people for it at first. If you followed the story behind it you would know it had nothing to do with gameplay, but it had everything to do with how the majority of the community finds it "toxic" for the lack of a better word.
: what do you mean by "dumbs down the game" exactly? they cannot stop it for technical reasons but if they are discouraging it of course it's because it's unethical and unhealthy at the very least, so by no means it should be treated like a "perfectly fine strategy what's wrong with it" in a highly competitive game, unless you're an hypocrite that abuses it for freelo, ofc.
Ok. Let me start with the reply first. >what do you mean by "dumbs down the game" exactly? It makes multiple distinct positions act essentially as one to gain an early lead for a carry, which in my opinion takes away from the game as a whole. >they cannot stop it for technical reasons but if they are discouraging it of course it's because it's unethical and unhealthy at the very least It's not unethical. You are giving your carry an early lead. >so by no means it should be treated like a "perfectly fine strategy what's wrong with it" in a highly competitive game It's a competitive game, strategies come and go and I have no idea why you would claim it's unethical. Every sport has a lot of different strategies and formations to exploit a certain area of the game. It's the basics of competitive sports/games. >unless you're an hypocrite that abuses it for freelo, ofc. Using it is not abuse, and I don't play much ranked at all. I barely hit 15 games a season just to tick off the placements and if I'm extremely bored. Now to explain the strategy to you. You funnel gold to a hyper carry champion to give them an early lead so they can carry you through the mid game and give you a substantial lead in late game. This strategy got popular and semi successful due to games being shorter. If the game changes over time we can only expect the strategies to evolve with it. Time will tell if it will stay or not, but most likely it will die off. It's a valid strategy and no matter what you say will change that. Now stop moaning because someone found a way to get ahead. Because that's all you can do. Moan and yell at a wall or just deal with it.
: if they are discouraging doesn't that mean it's a sort of cheating/boosting/cheap strategy/not healthy gameplay that gives too much of an edge to the players abusing it? i mean, we are all ready to cry for nerf to "overpowered" keystones/items/champs or whatnot, but at the same time somewhat funneling is considered perfectly acceptable? i don't see the logic here
No. They are discouraging it because it dumbs down the game. Strategies come and go. People used to think 1-1-2 + JG is cheating.
Yorio1 (EUNE)
: Injustice
You were literally running in to die all game long. As soon as you'd revive you'd just run straight in to die. I hope it was a permanent ban.
: Funneling should be reportable
Strategies aren't an offence, nor are they cheating. No one can stop players from using funneling. They can discourage it as they have in the past by changing income but they certainly can't stop it.
: What do you mean proof? How do I proof that? Any software that I could use to record the chat would get me banned. I dont have proof. I am _not allowed_ to obtain any proof. How would I measure the AFKness and Intness of other players? I can't. Not even riot can. But I do have many years of experience with this company. I have over 100+ banned accounts, I know exactly what happens when you start flaming.
>Any software that I could use to record the chat would get me banned. This is an outright lie.
luckymath (EUW)
: Ban from 1 report?
One report is the same as nine reports. Post game chat is looked at the same as pre game chat and game chat. You can’t be sure the other person didn’t get punished since feedback is rare.
: A question about ARAM tanking.
Most important things in ARAM, in order: 1. Tanks 2. CC 3. Poke If you have all 3 of those and utilize them well, you win.
Arsene (EUNE)
: How the hell did you even find this 3 year old thread :D
By random. I just couldn't resist but reply.
Fhaca (EUW)
: Why is it forbidden to hope for death to other players?
You can hope all you want. No one is saying you can't. But as soon as you start spreading your toxic "hopes", you breached the ToU.
: Best fiber speed/provider to get low ping to EUW in Saudi Arabia?!
Ping has nothing to do with your speed. You could have a 10gb connection and your latency would stay the same.
Styros (EUNE)
: another garbage grill champ , ty rito , we need more garbage grill champs
: I think Tahm does counter bruisers and melee champs in lane. But he falls off pretty hard mid to lategame imo. Personally, I'd recommend picking a ranged top into him (in my case I've been using Malzahar with Rylais to slow – glacial augment champs could work) which lets me slow and permakite him. Once I get Liandry's torment, that's when I start burning that toad alive.
nananano (EUW)
: player since 2009 tribunal system was BEST thing this game had. some people even put their heart in it and those that do not at least felt immersed and as a part of community. Have no idea how can people defend this automated trashbag cosmetics wash game at current state
Because it has a better judgment rate and is not backlogged.
Arsene (EUNE)
: Why do you even use linux???? Its fcking garbage
As someone who uses both windows and multiple linux distros ( manjaro, popOS, debian ), I call major bullshit on your “assessment”. Linux is better than windows in almost every aspect. * More secure * Has a lot of different distros for different needs. * Easy to customize almost every aspect of the OS to your needs. * Community support varies from distro to distro but more often than not it’s awesome. * Most reliable OS ever. * Respects your privacy It excels at everything. It can do everything windows does but better, and on top of that it brings more to the table. The only reason linux is not everywhere is gaming, but that changed and it’s spreading like wildfire. Linux is the future of gaming. Open systems are advancing so fast that developers are turning more and more towards them. Not only will linux catch up on the windows gaming, it will most likely take over in time because it's easy to use, reliable and not dependent on closed systems. Oh... and if Linux was “shit”, it wouldn’t be used in more than 90% of gadgets you use every day. Even your android is based on a linux kernel.
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