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: I don't think you should comment on the balance of a champion who's kit you don't even understand.
For the LAST time all i wanted was to open a discussion to talk and exchange ideas and opinions.All i did was to expression my opinion and read others opinions aswell.I DIDNT say something like "yummi is broken because of this and this please riot fix imediately ".Come on man
: i find yuumi quite weak . Her Q ability needs a buff . the Slow duration is nothing . Her R deals 0 damage aswell.
Hmm i might agree with her Q slow duration being weak. But about her R, its kinda Big hit box imagine if that dealt dmg.She is a healler support not an aggro support.She isnt made to deal dmg she is made to save people and help them get kills.Her R is useful because of her AoE root.
: So... You don't understand all her abilities and you want to nerf her?^^ I don't think that it's a good way to balance a champion around boosting, but you should balance her for a game where everyone has the same elo. She still has one of the lowest winrates in plat+, so I don't think that she needs such nerfs (for now). Of course the has the same problem as every heal support - she is dependend on her team and can't create plays on her own, but can help her allies. As a good Yuumi you don't stay inside of an ally all the time, especially in laning phase it is a permanent switch: Going out of your ally, harass, go in again to get to safety, use Q to harass, go out, harass, go in... Imo we can already see huge differences between players who don't know how to play her ("Oh, I can stay in my ally all the time!") and players who actually try to get the maximum out of her. The second can do way more in laning phase than the first ones. (I would love to see some stats aroundusage of W, her passive and the winrate) > Secondly,im not sure about this but from wha i've seen the ability or that thing that makes her jump from champion to champion doesnt have a cooldown? There is a difference between the cooldowns on jumping on an ally(You and me) or jumping from an ally to another ally. (change of plan) You and me has a CD of 10/5/0 second cooldown on lvl 1/6/11. As a support you aren't lvl 11 most of the times, so as soon as you get of an ally, you can be punished really hard. Change of plan has no CD, that's correct. While jumping you can actually damage her or use CC. I have played against some players who used that very efficiently, like an alistar who used Q OR W to stop yuumi from jumping - afterwards she needed some time to get on an ally again and was punished for that. In laning phase, you can use that to your advantage even more. >Litteraly jumping from Champion to champion forever is annoying. As said above: It ma ybe annoying, but it is not the perfect way to use her. You are extremly fragile and everyone can kill or interrupt you easily while you are jumping. > I think its after her R waves have hit me 3+ times That's correct. Three stacks and you will get rooted (NOT stunned, which is a big difference)
Never said i wanted to nerf her, i said i wanted to adjust/balance her.And yes i am not sure about her abilities thats why im not so confident on what im saying and also im asking about your opinions in the end nor claim that what i say is correct. True you need to leave the champion to harass and get your mana back and that the enemies can use this as their advantage. Furthermore the fact that she has such low win rate imo is because people still dont know how to play with her, nor the people playing the champ nor the people in the same team with the champ(synergy etc) and not that the champion is under powered.I think its pretty common for new champions to have low win rates in the first days or weeks.Also interupting her ability to jump to another team mate sounds like a good plan (ive seen people doing it and ive done it too) i dont think that its possible in a team fight.Except if she gets hit by cc accidently or she jumps into a badly positioned player.
Dewritoes (EUW)
: It's YUUMI. Not 2 Ms, 2 Us. YUUMI. I have no idea why everyone is butchering this name.
Thats a good point and i will edit it Right now.I really dont know how i made this mistake.I think i find "Yummi" more correct or normal rather "Yuumi".
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Chrysies (EUW)
: Money is no solution to anything, it was merely a concept invented to easy the burden of trade which later got distorted from it's original purpose. Currently money (or finance) is placed above everything else, which will be the primary reason for humanities downfall.., whether it be through the climate change which is already to far along to stop, or by a world war for ressources such as farmland and fresh water.
This is so sad but so true.But what i meant from solution to our problems i meant in example education like private universities that require fees per month or year and so on and so forth.Most of our problems are fake and not true.Its really hard for me to elaborate why.
Antenora (EUW)
: D4 isn't even top 1% anymore. D3+ is top 1%.
Oh i didnt know that.Good to know
: bronze: how play gaem? silver: how play game? gold: how do I play game? plat: how do I play this game? diamond+: Why do I play this game?
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
If i remember right my first main was Ashe back in the Season 2 or 3.I used to build the most standard build (Statik/IE/Bloodthirster) but sometimes i would build hydra instead of BT.When hydra was available in ranged champs haha
Chrysies (EUW)
: Your story is literally the same throughout the entire ladder, and it will get the same attention this season as all the previous seasons.., none. Why?- because Riot has no interest in getting rid of boosted or bought accounts, because money is money.., whether that money comes from players picking up champions / skins, or sponsors based in active accounts makes no difference.
I have to agree with you.Its sad that money is litteraly the cause of every problem in our world and also the solution in many of our problems.We dont live in democracy we live in plutocracy.
: watch streamers that climb on smurfs low diamond games are always an adventure for them thing is it doesn't get better climbing isn't supposed to be a walk in the park
I know it isnt supposed to be easy and enjoyable.I like and enjoy challenges and hard situations.But this isnt a challenge its torturing lol.
JustClone (EUNE)
: You know when 3v3 and Aram became infested with bots? When they said: %%%% it we delete dominion, its only full with bots... Now you say ... delete 3 vs 3... In few months, when aram is full with bots... OK... delete aram. And after a year riot be like: Ok summoner rift is full with bots, we delete it... We close the company. Here this is 10% coupon for all the players for brazzers subscription discount... so you can have something to do...
: at least 30% of the players in d4 have bought a boost to that elo or bought their accounts i have been in low diamond since i got to diamond for the first time all ive ever done is to keep the elo as i don't have the time nor desire to improve to climb out of it one season i tried got to d2 and then got inted 20 games in a row back to d5 so i gave up entirely it's not like it's impossible to get out of low diamond the concept to climbing out is still the same it just takes some tilt proof mentality
The thing about 30% is sad because its actually accurate and true.Also i dont believe that its impossible to climb but it really feels like it furthermore about the tilt proof mentallity.I dont have that yet.I lose my motivation after those losing streaks and also lose my will to play the game.My eyes hurt when i see them play and so does my soul haha.
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: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
I rarely have fun in league of legends anymore.Too many people try-harding on normals, abusing the meta or trying their LEC/LCK win tactics and making the game boring.Lots of people being toxic or negative for minor things.The only times i have fun or enjoy the game is when i play with at least 3 other friends , if we are 4 or 5 premades then its pretty fun.But still like i said above try harders can still ruin the game.


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