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: We need more complicated champions
I want more Support/Healer Champions
: And how exactly would muting a player prevent them from stealing your role?
I talk about flaming
DohBaby (EUW)
: Give us back the Tribunal!
I dont agree with getting Tribunal public again. When i was in the Tribunal i remember seeing cases that were innocent 100% being voted as Guilty even though the players didnt break ANY rules. Many,MANY people just voted Guilty without even reading the chat just to get the RP reward since almost always the case would be Guilty in Tribunal,but not always. I suppose they either Automated the system or they kept Trustworthy people to vote in the Tribunal.
Parmes (EUNE)
: Got a 14 day ban, should i be worried?
You wont get a ban if you say GG WP even if you indeed get reported by a raging 12 year old. If you curse and flame...thats a different story.I got reported multiple times because some people couldnt handle getting killed,but i never got a ban. Just dont break the rules. Also the Mute function exists for a reason.
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: 88 ping but over 1 minute delay
Had the same happen to me 12 hours ago when i played. No raise in Ping,but the game felt laggy from times to times,frames jumping here and there,one moment i am shooting a creep,next moment i am surrounded and ganged. Each time i felt the "lag" i checked my ping.It was always on a steady 80-90 ms,no reason to lag. To be fair it was saturday yesterday so every single 12 year old was playing the game.I guess the servers couldnt handle it for some people. Also it occured more often each time there was a big teamfight.
: Reporting is not enough
Mute Report Move on


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