Sefi (EUNE)
: ok so if this is WTF what do i ping when the enemy is missing?
Caution? Usually when an enemy goes missing I ping caution in the places I expect them to turn up.
: You are locked into a prison cell with 3 champions for a month...
Well, if I'm going to be locked in a cell I'd like it to be with people I can have a good time talking to. {{champion:74}} : For learning mad science! {{champion:43}} : For discussions about society. {{champion:427}} : For cheer and optimism. And keeping Heimer engaged when I get tired of listening so that he doesn't get Yordle Isolation Syndrome.
sangesland (EUNE)
: I'd go with ryze and tahm kench and have em' ult me out of prison. And throw in a beuatiful woman like ashe to make it 3.
{{champion:223}} : "So, I reckon you'd like to get out of this cell? I can take you, but there's a little something I'd like you to do for me in return..."
crems4 (EUW)
: Very Small Zyra Suggestion/Request
Her E also grows seeds, and has a longer range. E + W combo is very effective at long range if you can land it. If they increased the range on Q, Zyra would become much more of a game breaker, being able to pressure enemies from far away.
: [Champion Concept] Sans, The Final Judge
Okay, the first was kind of funny, but if you keep going the way you're going... Ahem. You know, you might get a better response if you use these for brainstorming and then creating an "original" character. LoL has plenty of expies.
DiMuRie (EUW)
: Why ILLAOI should get an LEGENDARY PROJECT: skin
It doesn't really fit her playing style though. Everything about her is based around the idea of directing a god's tentacles that spawn on their own. The whole point of machines is that they are precise and can be controlled. Also, how does a machine pull out someone's soul? And if she was made more mechanical, she'd be more the slow, bulky type rather than the sleek design of the other Project skins, since she has very slow and heavy feeling gameplay. Maybe Machine God Illaoi could work, but there are a lot of ideas out there that fit her better.
: How do Adc's deal with it in low elo?
When you do get a good support, add them and play premades.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EIy4M67G,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-26T06:59:37.882+0000) > > Yeah sure keep whining about a fighter dunking an ADC. > > Call me when you start complaining again about how its unfair that ADCs dont do as much damage to tanks as to other adcs > > Rock paper scissor. What..? Where are you getting the idea of rock paper scissors from? The game doesn't really work like that...
The game is designed with a loose rock paper scissor system in mind. Assassins beat mages and ADCs Mages and ADCs beat tanks Tanks beat assassins Duelists beat everyone in duels but have less effect in teamfights Supports lose to everyone in duels but have more effect in teamfights Obviously it's more complicated than that but it's the basic theory. Camille is a duelist so it makes sense she'll beat most champions in a duel. However it should also be possible for a skilled player to at least survive against any enemy even if they have a natural disadvantage. Sometimes Riot fails to anticipate matchups that leave one player with no options at all and when that happens too much that champ is known as overpowered.
Sefi (EUNE)
: For me meta was always "self referential" stuff. Like a movie character commenting on the scrip, and similar funnies.
That's "metafiction": fiction about or beyond the work of fiction itself. Metafiction: fiction about fiction Metagame: game beyond the game Metahumor: humor about humor Metaphysics: physics beyond physics Metadata: data about data Metamorphosis: form beyond (current) form Meta knight: ???
: This wouldn't be possible to ballance. Vision is a verry unstable thing when it comes to ballance. An mastery like that would be crazy and litterly every champion in the game would go for it. Ward originally lasted 180 seconds. This was nerfed because vision became to oppressive and now you ask to bring that back. It would create a very unhealthy gameplay experience. So no riot would never bring any vision masteries in the game ever again.
What if the ward became visible and destroyable for its remaining time?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz Ult
It just needs a more clear hitbox indicator. I think it would be cool if it was like a school of fish swimming through the ground and churning up "water" that corresponds to its actual hitbox instead of the snapping-to-target thing we have now. Maybe a slightly longer startup animation when throwing it at max distance.
RPG3000 (EUNE)
Zyra is better for dealing damage. You can carry as her, so she's good if you don't like being dependent on your team, which is important if you're not playing premades. She's definitely the better midlaner of the two. Sona is an incredible team support that can turn a good team into an amazing one, but she can't do much on her own. Oh, she can do some damage, but it isn't her specialty.
Harpwn (EUW)
: MOBA Directory - A Site to catalog and compare champions across different MOBAs
This is great. I love this kind of comparative analytics... Could come in handy for my own game design projects.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Is Bottom the hardest lane to carry from?
Bot is only the hardest lane to carry from because you have the least individual control over your own success; you are directly dependent on another player (support or adc) to get ahead. If you _do_ get ahead, it shouldn't be harder than any other lane. You might be having problems due to matchmaking issues. It seems that if you do well, the game will place you with less skilled teammates expecting you to carry them. This requires unique skills that are different than the ones you need to simply win lane.
: Let's talk about the supp role for a bit
It's only in the lower elo that support becomes a real problem. Where it it entirely possible that you could be stuck with a partner that has literally no idea what they are doing: testing a champ for the first time, not actually coming botlane at all leaving their support to try and defend against 2 enemies alone. A lot of players give up playing support in low elo and never try to learn the role when (if) they make it to higher elo.
ˉˆºˇˉ (EUNE)
: About Veigar!
His main damage source is easy to dodge, and his stun relies on your enemy making an easily avoided mistake. Veigar's usefulness drops off sharply in higher skilled play as a result... Unless he is paired up with a strong CC support.
: How can Teemo blind Lee Sin, the BLIND monk?
Teemo's blind is actually a neurotoxin that messes with the visual-spatial and kinesthetic perception of the brain...sort of like being drunk. It doesn't actually blind anyone (compare to Quinn), it just makes it impossible for them to coordinate an attack. Lee can normally see with aura vision, but it still affects him.
Xêm (EUW)
: Irelia has a 56% winrate and is really annoying to play against, and has been for multiple months but people still complain about Yasuo?
Yasuo's win rate is dragged down because he does require skill to use and there are a lot of unskilled people playing as him. The problem is that once a player does have his mechanics down he is extremely difficult to counter effectively even if they are equally skilled.
Astarac (EUW)
: Some ideas about people wanting to ff after 5 min
It could also motivate players to start out poorly, harming their team's chances for victory.
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: What is your favourite ability in League of Legends?
LeBlanc's W. You cannot beat LeBlanc in a juke-off. She is simply the best there is.
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Tiichu (EUW)
: Do you forgive someone who flamed you during a game if they apology to you afterwards?
Depends. If they thought I was intentionally trolling and then realized I wasn't, that's one thing. But if they call me a noob or whatever because I had a bad early game and then start complimenting me when I pull ahead later? No thanks. Who wants to be on a team with someone who will flame whoever happens to be doing poorly at the time? They're guaranteed to screw up future games. Report them and be done with it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Give base turrets (inhibitor and Nexus turrets) more durability with time
I'm pretty sure it's intended to make the game break out of laning strategy and into teamfights as it progresses. If turrets were still hard to kill late game, a defending team could basically prolong the game indefinitely.
: Yorick ultimate
Some of it is kind of necessary for balance, since if you could pull the Maiden out of lane when she is in danger it would greatly increase her sustainability and she's strong enough already, but it is annoying when I want to roam across a lane and have to avoid getting close to any enemy minions to keep her from joining them. Perhaps when summoned initially she could follow Yorick and chase enemy champions targeted with the Black Mist, but won't attack minons or turrets, and pressing R again would cause her to automatically join the nearest lane and act as she does currently.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 29
**Yorick** Yorick could probably be considered my main right now - he's the champ I feel most confident with when I'm aiming to win games. He is one of the best split pushers in League, if not _the_ best; what he lacks in mobility and dueling potential he more than makes up for in lane momentum and turret-busting capability. When you get a good rhythm going he can apply excellent pressure with his ghouls, escape ganks and secure kills with his W, and force enemies to defend or die with his game-changing ult. Lifesteal gives him ridiculous sustainability since his ghouls and Maiden proc it, turning him into a tanky powerhouse that can remain in lane basically forever. If he's lucky enough to get fed he basically turns into a slow-moving but unstoppable glacier that leaves enemies with no choice but to run away and let him and his undead army overwhelm another turret. He might not get as many kills as your Vaynes and Yasuos, but nothing stops Yorick and his spooky ladyfriend when they're on a roll. **Karma** Karma's my go-to support choice in non-premade games, when I'm not sure what kind of ADC I'm going to be saddled up with; she's better at "pure" support than heavy-damage mages like Zyra and Brand, but still packs enough of a punch to manage a lane on her own. Fittingly enough given her personality and philosophy, she is the epitome of balance; she doesn't excel in anything but there's nothing she's bad at. She can damage, zone, rescue, chase, kite, shield, slow, stun, heal, and waveclear. Her shield is great at helping your allies escape danger or chase down kills, and she can even give her whole team a quick burst of speed and defense in a teamfight. Also her warrior pacifist philosophy is very relatable, so it just feels good to play as her. **LeBlanc** I picked up LB after the rework, for one reason and one reason alone: Shadow of the Rose. Endless trickery and mindgames! That said, I'm not actually that great with her; I like the flexibility her regular ult gives her but still haven't got the hang of using it to its full potential. Her baseline abilities are pretty standard but fun, especially the supreme mobility and outplay potential afforded by her W. She can dash through walls, lead enemies one way and then suddenly appear behind them (or vanish into some brush), and even do it twice with her ult if she's in a pinch. Also her clone attacks are nice once you get the hang of controlling them. Oh, right, and she can also deal a lot of damage and has good waveclear. As for Shadow of the Rose, well, it's not objectively as good as most ults seeing as how it doesn't actually _do_ anything, but it's just so satisfying when you make a successful play with it - chasing enemies away from a low-health turret or ally, or even better, chasing a weak enemy into an ambush, with a mere illusion. _evil LeBlanc laugh_ Sometimes an extra second or two makes all the difference. My primary lane is Top, second is Support/Mid.
: >Is Brand meant to be a support or a midlaner? Yes
: Elementalist is just an upgraded chroma pack, and every one is hyped x)
It's more like 10 unrelated Legendary skins that Riot decided to package together and call an Ultimate.
Rioter Comments
: Why bonobos?
Because of the added alliterative appeal afforded by "boosted bonobo". That's it really. It also happens to contrast nicely with "competitive chimpanzee".
: Is Yasuo broken?
Unless you counter him, Yasuo is hard in laning phase. You probably won't beat him, so focus on not feeding him. Best strategy against Yasuo I know: Just farm under your turret. Also build tanky. 4 out of 5 Yasuos will lose control and dash straight into the turret fire 3 out of 5 will get frustrated 5 minutes into the game, try to kill you, and get blown up Building tanky can help you survive his ult If he tries to ult you he will get shot at If he's smart you can wait for your jungler then 2v1 him Best case scenario he dies a bunch of times, or has to retreat so you farm more than he does. Worst case scenario you tie with him in laning phase. He's less of a threat in midgame as long as he's not fed.
Izover (EUW)
: I dont mean all like tahm kench. When i refere him it was meant to be seen for the buff of speed tahm gets. But what i really wanted is to be perceived as imagine a gryphon that can only use a certain skill when mounted, or gets a passive boost when mounted. More in that sense. PS: Parasite support? never heard the term do explain pls
Right, but like I said, they'd need to make "mounted" graphics for all the champions that could ride them so it's pretty unlikely that we'll see something of this sort. A parasite support would be like a creature that goes "inside" an ally and rides around with them. It could grant them buffs while riding, and maybe also have the ability to shoot stuff or attack with tentacles or a stinger that shoots out of their "host's" body.
Zekzo (EUW)
: You must remember the enemy team can make use of the ultimate too - regarding the passive, the target under its effect has a 1 second invulnerability stage where they can easily flash out etc
Since she decides when to ult, she would just do it when her whole team was right in front of the targeted turret and the enemy was not near one of her own. 3 seconds isn't long enough to take advantage of anything if you aren't there already. And 1 second of invincibility isn't going to stop the enemy from chasing them when they respawn. Even flash isn't helpful if they respawn in the middle of the enemy team...assuming they even have flash. The only thing that would prevent camping is if they got like 10 seconds of full invisibility as well to sneak away... which would probably benefit _them_ instead.
Infernape (EUW)
: I'm assuming you were playing Evelynn jungle (does she even work anywhere else?). The grading system compares you to everyone else that plays the same champion in the same role (so Annie mid would be graded differently to Annie support for example) and it awards you with a grade depending on how well you did compared to the average player. It looks at things your KDA, warding, kill participation, CS, objectives taken (among other stats). KDA is a small part of it.
How does the game determine your role? Aside from taking Smite for jungle role.
: I had the same experience several times. I think it would be good option, if you can not ban a champion, which is chosen by your teammate. After all, the pick and ban phase is for building up strategy and by chosing champion before ban phase, should mean something, not to be just new reason for trolling
Yes, but then think about all the overly popular champs that will be picked in every game by either your team or the enemy if they are not banned. (Yasuo) They could make a popup display saying "an ally wants to play this champion. Are you sure you want to ban them?" This would prevent careless bans, although it would do nothing against actual trolls. To be fair, if you have someone on your team who is trying to make you lose, you probably aren't going to win anyway.
: well I think Lee is fine atm. Playing against him nearly every game and most of the times I can beat him with Vi.
I think the issue is less that he is overpowered and more that ward jumping adds an unhealthy and presumably unplanned aspect to the game. Wards are supposed to benefit the team, and placing them frequently is one of the hallmarks of a good player; this is in effect regardless of which champion you play as. Ward jumping gives players a reason to save their wards when playing as certain characters, which can harm their own team.
: The problem with Urgot is that he doesnt have clear personality. He is a reanimated zombie on a robotic lower body. He is also a hightech weapons platform. Riot, pick one pls. His kit is also a problem, because he wants two things at the same time: Stay in a moderate distance and damage someone (EQ combo and ranged AAs), but his R wants Urgot to be this Half assed tank who engages into teamfights. He however cant do these objectives at the same time, because if Urgot builds tank, he lacks damage. And if Urgot builds AD, he cant use R or else he just gets blown up. You cant unfortunately fix urgots problems permanently without getting rid of some abilities. I heavily favour a poke urgot direction, who blasts you with Rockets, lazers and granades from afar (Imagine like Xerath but more ugly)
Well, that's what I'm saying. I think changing his W could solve this issue. If his W converts damage sustained into attack power, you can build him tanky, lead the charge with R into the middle of the enemy team, and then deal a ton of damage when the enemy focuses you, even without attack items. Then when the heavily damaged enemy team runs away, you can deal additional damage from a distance by shooting them with homing Q. Or you could build him for AP and use him for long range poke, keeping the W and R for escapes the way he generally works now.
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Zekzo (EUW)
: [[CHAMPION CONCEPT]] Sheathe, the Queen of Harmony
Okay, there are a couple of problems with this champion. The passive is quite problematic since it would be possible to simply camp the spot where the enemy died and kill them repeatedly as they respawn, with no reliable way of countering it. Unlimited kills for little effort. Her ultimate...late game, it would basically allow her team to group up and destroy any given enemy turret or structure with no counterplay. Even capping it at 3 times per game (an awkward mechanic that occurs nowhere else in LoL, for good reason) that still is a serious game breaker. Having her abilities be powered by ally deaths is probably not the best idea, as it would make her unable to do anything unless she was playing poorly. Perhaps you can make it boost her power when an ally dies, instead of being the way she gains stacks.
Gotenbih (EUNE)
: I've been wondering for years what happened when Zed opened the box
The box was empty. The secret ninja technique was that there is no secret ninja technique. The darkness was inside him all along.
TheZemo (EUNE)
: Is this some joke?
It sounds more like a bug. Might be a good idea to wait for a little while between opening chests.
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Izover (EUW)
Someone who carries other champions? That would be really hard to make due to graphics, every champion would need a new riding animation. The idea of a parasite support that could ride inside other characters and use abilities from inside them has been suggested a few times. It could be more plausible.
jacktjong (EUW)
: The Limbo-rift is just Summoner's Rift, but with a blue filter, basically. Watch this: The idea is that enemies can still do stuff, but are a bit like ghosts/spirits, so they can't do as much as a normal person would.
I see. Seems to me that he may be overpowered. The ability to force an enemy into a 1v1 basically ensures a kill on supports or ADCs, even without the extra bonuses he gets in limbo. Jarvan and Camille can do it, but that's their ult. This guy has it for his basic abilities.
F1 Rammus (EUW)
: Can you buff god damn Kalista?
I wonder... has anyone considered turning her into a support? I know, it's weird, but hear me out. Her kit contains a precision-activatable slow, a vision-granting ability, and the ability to pull an ally out of danger or throw them toward an enemy, all abilities that would seem to shout "support". The reason why she was nerfed is because she was nearly impossible to outplay, she had the damage and mobility of an assassin but the range of a marksman. Getting kills as her was too easy. What if they put back the mobility, kept the damage at a reasonable level - still possible to get kills with but not easily - but increased the utility of her kit? Take her out of the ADC pool and make her a support that helps her allies get kills by dancing around the enemy and weakening them with her spears. For example her E could also lower the enemy's armor for a moment in addition to slowing them. Kalista has always felt like this weird mix between ADC and support that doesn't really fit anywhere in the meta. Maybe making her more support-focused could let her gain relevance again without making her the unstoppable damage-dealing force she once was.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Limbo, the Withered Soul [Champion Concept]
Maybe it would be more clear if I knew what Warframe was, but what exactly is the Limbo-rift and how does it work? Are enemies just stuck to the wall, or is it some sort of parallel dimension where they can walk around but only interact with other units in the Rift, or something else?
: sick of supports that dont pick a support
Support is a style of play where you focus on setting up kills for the carry, any champ can do that...some better than others, but sometimes you can discover some effective combos playing off meta. I've had some success with support Yorick. W = free shot for the ADC (free full blast ult if it's Fortune), E or R = weakened enemy ready to be one-shotted, get them fed, split push later, win game.
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: The first scripter I've ever met was also a xerath, I wasn't laning against him but I know cause I was shaco jungle and he could always see me when invisible.
Is it even possible to detect invisible enemies with scripts? I would guess that if an enemy is invisible their location simply isn't sent to the client, which means that scripts shouldn't be able to read it.
A2000 (EUW)
: League Theme park
Sounds cool. I don't know Planet Coaster but here are some ideas: Ryze's Realm Warp for the monorail system Comet of Legend, a roller coaster that takes you around the entire park, starting and ending at Mount Targon Demacia and Piltover can have more rides, while Noxus and Zaun can have more walking around attractions (because order vs chaos) Jayce's Ride of Tomorrow Singed's laboratory, kind of a mad scientist themed haunted house thing filled with fog machines. Green fog machines Jinx's Shooting Gallery (or Caitlin?) Bandle City could be the children's park Bilgewater for water rides and boating Fizz's Flume (the boats look like sharks) Gangplank and/or Fortune could have the slow boat ride Ionia can have performances of various kinds, shows and acrobatics Kench's Eatery Snow making machines for Freljord, with skiing and sledding, etc.
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