Silisa (EUNE)
: In Season 3, I was stuck in Bronze. Because I was a noob and convinced that I was in elo hell because of bad teammates, I created a new account with the goal to level it to 30 and play ranked there. Much like you did. However, once I got to level 30, I decided not to rush it. I played a lot of normals, I started watching guides and my own replays. As time passed, realized how bad I actually was when I first started playing ranked. I could tell that I have improved, so I went back to my old account with the decision to get it out of Bronze. It worked. My advice to you would be, if you are tired of playing on your old account and want a fresh start - level the new one and play there. But don't jump into ranked immediately. Who knows, maybe you will learn something from the experience, like I did.
I think you have a lot of point here... I mean I'm playing like almost 1-2 games a day and someone today told me that I musn't play that much because of the MMR thing :(( I'm reading a lot of giudes and I'm doing stuff acording to them, but I have teammates that get 0/3/0 at 5 minutes already. I'm talking about top and mid.. and then when it comes to the late game me and my adc can't do a thing, because they are like +2, 3 lvls up ahead of us, not to mention that they have a lot more gold and items, which I assume you know what I'm talking about XD Anyways, maybe I will continue in my old account but with not that much of ranked games... Thank you for the time, mate! ^^
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Play Fizz. Btw, how can you play with 27-28 lvl rankeds? this is how... :((
: Guess he/she is talking about normals. Would be pretty pretty unlucky to get under 30tn in your ranked game lol.
Nope, I don't mind playing with low lvl in normals but here is a proof...
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