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Silisa (EUNE)
: > yeah, gg kid, chess is boring and overrated. Well LoL is retarded and unbalanced, is a fail game not a real sport and/or game. ... > gg kid then > LoL is retarded and unbalanced, is a fail game not a real sport and/or game Your reaction is really mature. It can only mean that I hit the bullseye with my comment.
ok tilt master ... your replay did nothing, really ... is useless.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Ofc you can draw some comparisons, but lets be honest, if you really want to you can compare a lot of thigs. :s In every resource based game you can do both, counter/trade resources or snowball by getting ahead in resources, which usually lets you get ahead further. But because LoL is more complex, it got way more different types of resources and therefore more possibilities to start snowballing, but also to come back.
ok then i will stop comparing, this is not a esport its hardly an online game with unbalanced features. I will not consider this fun to watch, is boring and full of kids with broken real skills. Pro players could be on drugs like Modafinil and other substances like that ... so it's basically broken, the hole esport gener.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I can't argue about LoL being not complex, it indeed is. However complex doesn't necessariely mean bad, it can be quite engaging for some People. But I fail to see how eSports are supposed to be chess-like. O.o Chess mainly has the mind element, while this is included in LoL too, LoL has a lot of different elements too like Reactions, Knowledge (a different Kind than chess) or Teamplay.
well is bad, because you have different factors who are influencing the outcome of a match. In chess you can trade/counter pieces ... here you can trade/counter abilities. And there are factors like playing in downhill ( or in low format ) ... with handicapped or missing pieces... here is the snowballing effect and the economy/exp of the game. So this game is more like chess.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Wait, so this is mainly about LoL being very complex and chess not? O.o Well... to create anything similar to chess or Football nowadays... that game designer must be more than a genious. I'd almost go so far as to call them a god. (But we wouldn't notice untill in a few 100 years) However, LoL (or other eSports) are supposed to be: eSports. eSports is a new category of Sport you simply cannot simply compare to other categories. To be honest: I don't play LoL as eSport, I play it as Video Game. I'd dare say everyone who isn't high elo and/or looking to participate in big turnaments plays LoL as Videogame and not eSport. And yes, I do have fun playing this game, I wouldn't Play it if I wouldn't. If eSports will become a real thing or not... only time can show, it's an attempt to combine Videogames with Sports, but I feel like it is simply too soon to really theorise about it. (especially because Video games themselfs are still a very new Thing)
developers try to make it in to a chess like game, not me .... but there are factors like computer hardware that makes differences between one players/user performance and the others, thats why in my book, this game is more complex then real life sports/games.
: Compare your stats to mine lol. Anyways, regardless of skill one can have fun in this game.
define, fun ... all pc games are fun for somebody. Having a good time, can be single player, multi player, skirmished etc ... but there is difference between games, in this game you can not Save / Undo / your stats ... thats why some players are called noobs and have a bad behavior towards other players players. So your fun will be questioned in time ... wait 50 years.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > chess is 100 years old game, very fun and addictive Depends on one's preference, I think. In my experience, chess is boring and overrated. Usually played and talked about by people who want to brag about how intelligent they are without having to say the actual words.
yeah, gg kid, chess is boring and overrated. Well LoL is retarded and unbalanced, is a fail game not a real sport and/or game.
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: [Don't Flame] [This will help you]
so, riot made a command to ignore your problems in the game then to "repair them". Thank god this paradoxical company was brought by a chinese factory of more bullcrap.
: > [{quoted}](name=RBA RainBowApex,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MNaLiGMm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-22T17:14:06.601+0000) > > If soneone says "get cancer" doesn't mean you'll get cancer. > Grow up mate. That's not the issue that he's bringing up. He's complaining about how people who use it as a term of abuse don't get punished. If anything, the problem _isn't_ a need to "grow up", it's a need to understand that just because one doesn't _see_ offending players getting punished doesn't mean they _haven't_ been punished, nor will it mean they _won't_ be punished.
dude, i know that ur trying to help the community and be a hero here. But really ur doing bad stuff on this board, you got a LvL 23 account with aprox. 800 votes, your just spaming stuff around here, trying to make a logical point in a hazardous place. Players who are grinding out there, between afks, trollers, tilters, pedo bears and who knows what evil minded criminals are judged by the likes of u ? Then .... il quit this game forever. Really ... you just use this account to replay to every "no good" and tilt users of this forum off. Is that your hobby or what is it ? Just so u know, im gonna report... knew something is fishy about u. On topic: The cancer problem is just a "swearing trend" made up by teenage kids in this game, who are whining and bitching all the time. In recent history of gaming i never seen such reactions from players around the world, and mostly the game is so frustrating to play that it do not matter anymore. We all use this "trendy stuff" here and there, stop complaining. If you have cancer then, im sorry, your place is not being abused by a bunch of gremlins in this game, so stop playing. Take a big break.
: What the hell man? You go into somebody else's house, poop on the carpet, look them straight in the eyes and tell them "lol, it's fine, I don't think that's wrong at all" and then you just accept it and expect everybody else to be fine with it as well? You shouldn't chat at all if you don't want to follow the rules. The rules are that you shouldn't all caps spam insult people, which would be a no brainer for everybody. But this just shows that apparently it's not a no brainer at all.
ok, got it, do not poop and stop using caps.
: Nice try, you're just arbitrarily angry at my regularity on this board just because I (and now that I think about it, a lot of other people) happened to have clarified actual cases of toxicity in a thread you posted. You're really not convincing me that you deserve to be unbanned if this kind of childish, patronizing attempt at character-assassination as opposed to making an actual legitimate point is your way of dealing with people who are critical of you. Because if this is what you think is ok for you to do on the boards, it isn't exactly unreasonable to say you're fine with doing similar things in-game as well, even without having to read that chat log you posted. Grow up.
>you're just arbitrarily angry at my regularity on this board >clarified actual cases of toxicity in a thread you posted Trolls need a hug.
: Hello Inmate94656981, If you really take a honest look in the mirror, is this the only game you got reported? I find it hard to believe it is just 1 game that caused you to get restricted. Or is it? Kind regards, Meton
yes, it was just one game. Also, i try to help others when playing ... give some tips and maybe coordonate the team to victory/ better positioning. They were premade, and i was fustrated because yorick did not knew english, they were *flaming/blaming* him and then adc, mid and jungle reported me, because jhin telled them to do so. I did missed some combos with Alistar, by mistake, we had a very good advantage of the game on the scoreboard, also first buttom turret of the enemy was down. When we started to push mid, after the second turret down and clear win path, jhin goes vs 2 or 3 alone, unguarded and dies. He blamed me, and the chat u see up. The game ended in a lost, because although they played good, can't stop the snowballing effect. Also, this is bronze.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: You have really bad Approach pall ... I was punished in 2013 and since then i have my account with all my ultimate skins and everything and i was never punished again. What's the magic in it? Are you stressed? Do you feel like playing LoL? No? Dont play it. Go play some other free games like Duelyst, Town of Salem, Team Fortress, Brawhalla ... All of those are really fun to play and relax. LoL can be stresfull we ALL KNOW THAT ... But there is no excuse for breaking summoner code. My bottom line is - "If you cant say anything nice, dont say nothing at all" ... And its working ... I even joking really hard with teamates and even call for reports (They start most of the time at the start of the match :D) in Joke when they start it and i was never banned nor punished. The thing is joking and such is fine ... Problem is what you said in this game. You were extremely negative and stressed out. You can make it and be better i belive in you! With Regards! Bob.
: Then just look at this: > Inmate94656981: U RETARD > Inmate94656981: RETARD I will never understand why people think that this is accetable behavior. For me it's equally bad as all those cancer wishes and both should be punished. If you're angry shout at your computer, but don't write it.
for u, good point. For me, is ok.
: Why should you ignore him? Listen to him, he's right.
because he always talk big on the behavior issue, just look at his history ... who qualified him as a "behavior expert", not me !! Basically he's doing this for points ... long post, for something that i wrote. He could not catalog properly flaming vs negativity. I choose not to listen to him .. thank u.
: > [{quoted}](name=ZerOwnagE,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5GyOcTei,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-15T16:27:48.614+0000) > > Trolls, AFKs, feeders...products of Tribunal...why Tribunal you ask? Well, Tribunals job is to ban those kind of players. But wait...we still get those guys in games, and they continue to be like that, regardless of warnings they get, small 5 minutes of waiting before they can play?! No, that's just for the afkers. The tribunal dishes out chat restrictions and bans. And your entire statement comes off as, "people still get murdered, therefore law enforcement doesn't work". Just because misbehaviour is visible doesn't mean they aren't getting punished. It just means they aren't punished _yet_.
Dude you comment a lot in "behavior" section, slow down and watch the sky. I know nobody likes u, but, you try to hard mate. Your so happy in game, with flowers glowing around u, say no to drugs kids.
: > [{quoted}](name=Inmate94656981,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0QmdG09E,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-16T01:35:18.898+0000) > > Ok so yeah, i evaded the afk system and maybe im a little pissed about this hole game, but really, you restricted my chat for saying "retard" and "retards", when others are insulting with "cancer" and stuff like that ? You still flamed. It doesn't matter what everyone else did, because this isn't about them. > > Game 1 > Inmate94656981: dont blame yorick > Inmate94656981: stop blaming Negativity. > Inmate94656981: ok > Inmate94656981: il afk > Inmate94656981: hows that Negativity via afk threat. > Inmate94656981: all muted Negativity - you're not supposed to announce your intention to mute. > (they threaten me with ban and etc, if i do not comply to their orders) > Inmate94656981: cry > Inmate94656981: learn to respect boy Insulting in retaliation. > Inmate94656981: haha > Inmate94656981: cmon mr pro > Inmate94656981: win the game Insulting via patronization. > Inmate94656981: cmon > Inmate94656981: smart pants > Inmate94656981: win the match Insulting. > Inmate94656981: REPORT MY TEAM, ALL SAY I CANT COMBO AND IM USELESS Report-calling and blaming. > Inmate94656981: SO I DECIDET NOT TO INTERFERE > Inmate94656981: SO HAVE FUN, GG > Inmate94656981: IM BAN, HOW ABOUT THE ONES WHO DISRESPECT OTHERS ? > Inmate94656981: HOW ABOUT THEM, YOU SMART PANTS ? Flaming. > (near end) > Inmate94656981: 500 LOST GAMES JHIN > Inmate94656981: COOL > Inmate94656981: UR PRO MATE Insulting. > Inmate94656981: SHUT UP Flaming. > Inmate94656981: LOOOK > Inmate94656981: U RETARD Flaming. > Inmate94656981: COMBO > Inmate94656981: SEE THJAT ? > Inmate94656981: ? > Inmate94656981: DID YOU SEE THAT ? > Inmate94656981: RETARD Flaming. > (they called me, noob, 0, low, no good, etc ... so i called them retards.) And you seriously expect people to see you as the good guy when you basically sank down to their level at _best?_ Sorry, but that's not how this works. I strongly recommend you cut it out with this mindset of "other people did something bad, so that makes it ok for me to do something bad", because for now, this is a mere chat restriction (Even though your thread title says it's a ban. Consistency, please). Keep the attitude up, and it's going to escalate to bans.
how do i ignore u ?
So, basicaly i will never chat in my life, and play this game as a "foverever alone, troll". Thank u
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: > but get passionate and want the win and use strong language That sounds a lot like a euphemism for flaming^^ Be that as it may, back to the actual topic: So in summary you picked a role that was already picked and went afk. And for some reason thats not your fault at all and your behavior was justified? Doesn't that sound a bit wrong to you? I picked a game mode where you have to adapt to others but for some reason you thought that everyone else should adapt, but not you. So you trollpicked a second ADC and expect the other ADC to go support, just because you are not willing to pick a proper champ. If ADC is already picked, why don't YOU play support? Why does the other guy have to play Draven support while it doesn't even seem to cross your mind that you could play Vayne support? Why do you demand things from others but don't do them yourself? But not just that....instead of at least making the best out of a bad situation that you completely created by yourself, you decide that it's okay to punish 9 other players for your own stubbornness and ruing the game by going afk. You are angry about a situation that you created yourself. You remind me of a child that eats some sweets and then gets furious about the fact that the sweets are gone after eating them. It's quite ironic that you complain about the "babyraging community", while your own behavior was incredibly childish and you somehow seem to think that everybody just exists to cater YOUR needs (like babies do) and throw a tantrum when they dare not to do that and you don't get your will.
he will be challenger, very soon ... u will see.
: Why Dynamic Que Is Frustrating / Broken [Proof included]
This is how this game makes money, it just gives u bad premades, real shitty players. For crying out loud, im bronze, support, and the hardest job is "coach" my team not to ragequit, or go afk. I'v seen players who can't even "quickcast" and they say things like "ur such a noob, omg, omg, il report. /all Please report Warwick, 0 ganks" ... i mean, what game, in the historty of pc gaming, has such a drama in it. Really, you give children, things to dream on, so they eat this game like candy, and no offense, some of them are really bright, but 95 percent of kids, are just whinning and bitching, never played chess in their lives, only CS. Giving bad premades, and tossing players on the one side or another is like the worst idea, ever. Calculating players "ratio" with Elo Arpad theory is biased, because is a game of teamwork, and the Elo system is for chess, 1 vs 1. The theory could work on an real teamwork game, like european football, calculating a player - passes, shoots to target, tackling, etc ... but in LoL, cmon, i can't imagine what hellhole theory of matchmaking there is. Also, is a secret, so better, understanding - nothingness. And the "prison" system, for afk, players ... really, you force players ( most of them are kids ) to play untill the end ( 20 minutes for surrender, matches are aprox. 34 min long ) with no BREAKS, or PAUSE. Here comes my INGAME nick -> Inmate ad _hardcore gaming to a next level, i understand casual gaming now, and love it, IT'S a RELIEF. Playing tetrist is like, best fun ever. But the worst part, is that, many of game creators out there, try to "compy" this system, so it's really bad, pc games failed me.
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