: This isn't nonsense at all, this is actually really helpful. As you said, your account was stolen. So Riot _temporarily_ locked the account to prevent the thief from doing any harm. For example spending all of your RP/IP, or ruining games with your account. Of course you can now reclaim your account if you prove that you are the original creator. The first step is telling them an e-mail address **only you** have access to! You have to use a different e-mail than the one you used to sign up to League. --- Do you understand ? It seems like english isn't your first language, but you really have to make sure that you correctly follow the steps the Support is telling you. It might be helpful to ask them if they can provide help in your mother language.
I will try what did you said.Thank you !
: Greetings. It's a little hard to tell you what happened here if you don't provide any detail. Let's start with saying what exactly this "nonsense" answer told you :)
"Greetings Summoner, The account was temporarily suspended in order to prevent any further harm on it. The suspension will be lifted immediately after we can identify the original creator of the account. For security reasons, we are not able to assist with an Account Recovery while you are logged into a League of Legends account on our Support Site. In order to proceed further, please provide me with a different email (one that is not associated with any League account). We will create a new ticket for you using this alternate email address, where you can reply and proceed further with your recovery request." This is what they said.I dont want recovery account....
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