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: Face your fears - and talk about them!
For the money you paid to the artist/s who did amazing job you could have hired competent people to help with balancing the game.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats the point of Zoe's ult?
Zoe hurls a star in the target direction that collides with the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage in a small area, increased by 0% - 150% (based on distance traveled). She can also dodge and scout with it.
Valter (EUW)
: The new runes
Good luck to Maokais with last hitting, that shit is horrible without attackspeed and there is bunch of champions like that with these kind of little things that runes made bearable.
: fps riot plz do sumthing
I have this problem too, not too often but it happens and sucks. I think its beacause of how many new VFX are in the game, i remember some article where they said that in the past there were like 30 VFX for a champion and now there are like 130 VFX for a champion and they keep adding more, so i think that might be the problem.
: I agree,i myself got a 2 week ban on another account because i flamed a person who was intentionally feeding my G1 Promos,he ended the game around 2/23 ish,i got banned for 2 weeks due to that 1 game i flamed,but that oerson was never banned for Intentionally feeding the game,i checked his multiple times during those weeks,he kept on playing and never got punished. The system is garbage,but they dont care.
Not true, intentionally feeding gets you banned right after the game, dont ask me how i know hehe XD
: Plat 5 players saying that they are better than gold division players (SPOILER: They aren't)
Platinum is shithole with bunch of assholes that think they are good when they still suck and the only worse place to be than that is diamond 5.
: Yes, you **usually** only get 20 tokens per day, unless you purchase a pass. Maybe there's one mission that grants you 20 tokens, I'm not sure.
Aaaaa i hope i will get one more 20 tokens quest otherwise i iam going to end up on 270 tokens :( :D Thanks for the clarification.
: Questions about Events & Missions? Find your answer here!
Do i get it right that you obtain 20 tokens per day or do i have shit rng? I got 20 tokens quest once.
: EUW players are nastier than EUNE players?
How did you even make it throught Platinum on EUNE and D5 with this mentality :D ?
LazySlav (EUNE)
: Lags are one thing, and FPS is another. Lags are there when your internet connection is not good (high ms/ping) FPS(frames per second) is the state of your PC, meaning that better performance you have the higher FPS will be.
Yes, true, but with the FPS drops it FEELS like its lagging, but you can normaly issues move commands, type in chat, but you cant see your champion moving for few seconds and then it unfreezes and you are either dead or on 10% hp. Not cool :D
MadLife (EUW)
: riot risking to lose a few players in the rift ( fps issues ).
I somehow fixed the issues on 7.5 then got it again on 7.6 and iam done till they fix it. I enjoy playing Riven quite alot and to ME she is unplayable when you are getting fps drops in crucial situations. These problems started at patch 7.2 for me.
Nosfratu2 (EUNE)
: :DDDD i cant stand quiet and jus mute.mute all in 1 game in 2 games in 10 games in 50 games in 100 games in 200 games ....,,ok i mute them forever but wat about someone feed and ruining games,over and over,jus mute them,can we make the screen black to stop their flaming play?!? i saw alots of premade game runerz im this,i cant stand and be quiet against those peoples,after these 14 dayz i will do the same,riot will ban my account for longer period,atlast they will shut mines,who cares. im sayin again ban peoples bec of chat is useless,i dont care about "already damage done" or "half of the damge done" or "skipin from other half",let peoples deal with each otherz in chat,and u have mute option.this chat ban is super useless.
"Hey, that dude is 0/2, lets flame that %%%er so he plays better"- "1st class world player"
NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: Huge lagg in patch 7.5
Yep, same for me. Started at like patch 7.2 and now with every patch it gets worse and worse.
: Yep, me too. The FPS has dropped too.
Do you get these "lags" too ? When you cant move for a while but the game is normaly running, you can type in chat, see enemy movements etc.
: Hey iD4rk0, It's pretty normal that your internet download/upload speed shown in speedtests isn't the same as your actual download/upload speed when connecting to other servers. This is because most speedtests test your connection to a server the closest to you while the servers you actually play on are much further away. Regarding your FPS drop, I have a few questions: * How much did your average FPS used to be before the issue started appearing? * How much is your average FPS now? * When did the issue start? * What's your average ping? It might also be you're confusing FPS-drop and lagg, as they're pretty similar in a way, but have totally different causes.
Hey, i started to experience FPS drops (average 80-90 FPS down to 51) and "Lags" ( my average ping is 30ms and it doesnt change) i cant move, but i dont get disconected i can type in chat and see others normaly move. Should i post ticket ?
: > [{quoted}](name=Okamî,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dVwyQUOi,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-01-18T10:01:52.281+0000) > > So you are going to solve the problem by ignoring it :D Thats exactly why those people exist, because the clever ones are quiet. Iam not saying you should get bothered by it much, but at least dont act like "its the internet so its ok" im not saying ignore it, i am saying report them, mute them, and dont bother getting offended, because it serves no good. you really have to not get offended at stuff on the internet. this place is a smoldering cesspool of stupidity and anger, if you let it get to you the only thing you accomplish is grow gray hair earlier. people are not nice, and the internet just lets all that come out 10x worse than any other medium of communication. report people, mute them, take away their megafone, but dont get offended, if you get offended you just made them win. even if they do get banned down the road, if you get mad, and respond to them, or make a forum thread showing you are mad all you do is give them satisfaction. and they dont deserve it.
You are right, also sorry, my comment was a bit too idealistic, just had a reall life experience on this kind of problem.
: you just cant let yourself be this upset about something so trivial. people say mean things on the internet. no matter how many times you explain it to them how bad what they are saying really is they wont stop. its the internet and they will continue to say it. so the only real option is for you to not let it get to you. report them at the end of the game, but dont get offended. because its pointless.
So you are going to solve the problem by ignoring it :D Thats exactly why those people exist, because the clever ones are quiet. Iam not saying you should get bothered by it much, but at least dont act like "its the internet so its ok"
: How would that make them better? You either give people a message that they should take a break, which they'll just dissmiss and keep playing. Or actually lock them out for a period of time, making them even more frustrated.
Thats why i say it MIGHT help SOME people. Iam not saying its going magicaly eliminate all problems, but it sure COULD help a BIT which is still MORE than NOTHING. And i NEVER said it is going to lock you out of the game, it would JUST REMIND YOU.
: Except why would a game company encourage players to NOT play their game? You trippin daww
So their community might be better ? So they could use that as marketing tool to get a new players which is milions times harder to get than keep the ones they already have. So people would stop leaving their game, because of the community ?Just think in the larger scale. Edit: Also the reminder isnt restricting, its informing and might help some people with realization that they might not be in the best mood to play and annoy another 4 people.
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: Yeah, that has been disabled since Flex queue got added in the pre season.
Does it grammatically make no sense that its a joke about people you get matched that are labeled even by Rito as disabled ?
: What?
Parties of 4 disabled ? :D
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Vapertank (EUW)
: It has been more than a month now and you want to tell me that its still so new that the matchmaking cant work yet? Im playing since season 3 and it has never been like that.
SoloQ's matchmaking got %%%%ed hard by DynamicQ a.k.a. legal boosting.
Vapertank (EUW)
: There are no Balanced games in any Queue
They should have made ONLY SoloQ, no Duos or no Duos after you hit Gold. I swear, Duo is the worst thing you can get matched with, most of the time. They almost always flame, feed or troll, you name it. For example, last game i played was vs enemy Duo while we had none in team. Rengar as a jungler and Ahri as a Mid, guess what happened :) We, as solo players with more experience than they did (since they are Duoing and you get matched vs better players if you do so) ,outplayed them, killed them couple of times and then they both ragequited at 13 or 16 minute. And this is like 80% of games with Duos, true, they usually just flame, but that doesnt change the outcome of the game, which is loss. So i say, %%%% DUOQ! It was a problem before and it is a problem now.
Sefi (EUNE)
: I'm queuing as ADC and SUPPORT, the two least popular roles, so i really never get autofilled. About your ez, don't wanna point fingers or shift blame, but do you know how worthless an ADC feels if they just don't click with their support? I have this problem with one of my friends, he's a decent support and ADC, i am sometimes called good in those roles, and when we play bot together we just never do well. In hind sight i think i finally figured out what kinds of champions to pick when i support for him, but that's besides the point.
Yes i do, but he even said that he doesnt like Adc in champselect. And as i said, i zoned the hell out of their bot lane, Ez just farmed which is fine, but if there was someone who knows how things go on bot, then he could have pushed it further>carry game. And you have to agree that 7 000 dmg as Adc is pretty bad at 30 minutes + with Ez who has quite an easy poke.
Rendigo (EUW)
: What Party Catze means: If you get autofilled, just play the role you're given instead of trolling or intentionally feeding or whatever because you weren't given a role you wanted. Also autofill usually means Support, not all the time but most of the time so that's why Party Catze said Support instead of any other role or fill. Hope that helps you understand.
It does, but thats pretty much what i said in my post :D
Party Catze (EUNE)
: Or just play support!
Can you elaborate a little bit ? I dont think i quite understand what do you mean by this.
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: Current state of the game: Trash talking players.
I didnt read it all, but i saw platinum+flamers. People in platinum have ZERO selfreflection, which makes it in my opion the worst elo to be at. And its funny, because this one thing in their head holds them back so much.
xMisuto (EUW)
: syndra is fine... the prob was the new W made getting 7 balls easy. They patched it now so you will see less one shot syndra ^^
Thats great to hear, but i still think she is unfun to play against in the state she is in. And i think that one shotting somebody when you fuk up cant feel fun aswell.................. what am i thinking ?! :D One shotting is always fun as is gangbang for 5 out of 7 people on bot.
: Hyena WW doesn't have ""anything"" different from normal WW
They could make it so he would run/jump like this [(](
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: Yes! I didn't like to say that she is 80 ;)
Thats kinda awesome in a weird way :D God bless her and keep her healthy for another 80 :)
: Maybe don't add every after-game random and you won't have this problem.
why limit yourself when the solutution is easy but the devs do "nothing" about it (maybe its not easy, they ignore it or they are working on it). You can just hide/show offline friends why not make this option for mobile users
: 49? Pah! A mere child ;) I am 51 Add me (Wa5abi65). I have others on my friendlist who are well above average age too. I am Bronze V, support main and have been playing since last March. I play mostly after 10pm weekdays.
So, if adc main flames you and says he fucked your mother, then he is pretty fucked up, did that happen ? :D
: How to deal with TALON ONESHOT?
wards>map awarnes>positioning>item build (Steraks gage,Bloodthirster,Guardian angel, there sure are some more)>your team helping you
Eveninn (EUW)
: The dodge penality usually is 5 minutes for the first time, and any additional time within the same day (or 24 hours) are 30 minutes. I assume this is mainly due to it being understandable when something urgent happens and one has to drop away, untill that Thing is resolved those 5 minutes usually are passed and it shouldn't be multiple times on one day. Viewing it from a ranked perspective, dodging is rarely needed, at least I rarely encounter trolls in champ select and for the one time one does 5 min waiting is not much. Wouldnt there be restrictions like this People would feel too inclined to simply dodge when a teammate picked an in their opinion weak champ or the Opponent a strong one, and games would take really Long to actually start. :s
Oh ok, the point with something urgent makes sense, thank you. Well, 5 minutes were kinda too much for me :D i wanted to slip a fast ranked before lection so i was unpleasantly surprised when i got dodge buster in Ranked with Normal champselect being the one i left. And yes, you are right, it is rarely needed(Trolls happens thou), but i feel like getting that buster after 1 dodge is a bit harsh. I guess its needed for naughty "kids"{{champion:1}} at the rift. Anyway, thank you for shedding some light in to it for me.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
AnimusN7 (EUW)
: They just don't want you to be leaving games. It is just a waste of time for you and the people you play with, doesn't really matter if it is ranked or normal.
I get that, but i feel like dodging is kind of champions select mechanic in SoloQ (not normal game), of course it is not to be abused, but i dodged after like months or so, which brings me to the point of those 2 queues having same dodge buster.
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Undine (EUW)
: This game isn't unbalanced, this game is just full of damn boosted plats, #thankyoudynamicQ
Yeah :D i think they should have done hard reset this seasson, cos seasson 6 totaly fucked up the ranked ladder.
Snowhill (EUW)
: The community does not understand what the definition of toxicity really is.
Yes you are "toxic" you could just say "plz come top and make it 2v2" and you totaly can left out shit like "I told you to back off" you are not helping anybody with it.
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LovroLox (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoostëdAnimal,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=dI3IUgsb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-24T19:43:28.232+0000) > > Because playing champ you don't want to play makes it so much more fun I hope not all ppl in diamond have opinions like these.... If so, I want to stay in bronze.
You have 40% win rate in bronze 3 :D Its not like you want to stay there, you are destined to stay there. You are basically bound to that league.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoostëdAnimal,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=dI3IUgsb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-24T19:43:28.232+0000) > > Because playing champ you don't want to play makes it so much more fun And playing against the same champions every game is very fun.
You know why people pick the same champions ? Beacause they are actually fun to play, This way having fun is based on RNG.
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Possible (EUW)
: URF got his own meta Riot didn't create urf to see the same 10champs in 9/10 of the games. They solved that by making it All Random
Because playing champ you don't want to play makes it so much more fun
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: He's a billioner, you aint... End of story
Who wants to be billioner when iam billionaire........
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