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IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: Still, STILL need three more {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Now we only need two more!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: STILL need three more. ;_;
Still, STILL need three more {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: Need three more! :D
STILL need three more. ;_;
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: LFP> Teamwork- Turret siege.
Need three more! :D
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: What causes sudden FPS drops?
My FPS keeps steadily over 200, but for the last three patches or so, I've gotten brief 1-second lag spikes as soon as fights or even small trades happen.
Chioyiti (EUNE)
: awh invited you but you left =(
It glitched. :S
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IsirganOtu (EUNE)
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: Two more!
IsirganOtu (EUNE)
: We need three more! :D
: Teamwork - Close Combat
We need three more! :D
PiezRus (EUW)
: Quality of Life idea; MMR deteriorates with longer periods of inactivity.
While the idea sounds fantastic, I for one cannot think of a fair way to determine each and every single person's rate of deterioration. Aka, people learn and forget at different rates. Setting a hard deterioration value will frustrate most, if not all, players whos skills DON'T deteriorate near or at that exact value. For instance, that's a major part why so many are angry at the start of the new season when the ladder soft reset occurs. They play against the same skill-level of players, but their face-value rank is much lower. So if you are, say Gold I before the soft reset, then after it, you are in Silver I. According to the system, you are still playing against those same Gold I people, but what everybody else sees is that you are playing in Silver Tier. So in theory, for you to regain your Gold I status, you would have to play equally or better than last season's Platinum players. Which inevitably means that lots of people will be losing lots of games before the system has a chance to recalibrate your skills. From personal experience I judge that it takes around 100-150 games for the system to remember where you belong. This, of cource, does not apply to those dedicated enough to NEVER STOP PLAYING.
: Only problem is that holding spacebar messes up pressing QWER buttons.
What? How does it mess up the QWER buttons?
: Please add a reverse spacebar
I dunno, I trained myself to just hold space most of the time so that whenever I wanted to unlock the camera, I just let go of space.
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: Damage wise you're right, she deals almost no damage if we compare her to other sups, but that's not where soraka shines. She is a defensive healer and she does one hell of a job. Last season I climbed to p5 solely with soraka and this season she is still strong, IF, enemy team is not smart enough to focus you 24/7.
Yeah, I hear ya. I'¨ve been losing a lot lately as Soraka I guess I was too tilted for my own good :S Last season I myself climbed form Silver V to Gold I with Ms.Banana
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: I need a kled related name :D
What about... ... ... ''K-lead'' ?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: _Press one wrong button, entire text gone _ _gg 10/10 useless Board coding._ :| Short version: Use an English site setting in the bookmark URL: >
**-Slow clap-** Spaghetti code in- and out of- game. gg Riot, you've outdone yourselves.
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: Ah. It's so refreshing to start the climb from Bronze 5 again.
With enough devotion you can climb higher. Season 4, I ended in Gold 5 Season 5, I started in Silver 3 Season 5, I ended in Gold 1
darkushap (EUNE)
No you don't. Constant lag and PLENTY of bugs. Nothing works and everything looks like shit because of missing or placeholder assets.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Who ever thought Mark was a good idea?
Nah, you're completely right, ARAM should be all about which team can poke the best. Lets not give poor/obvious-engage champs & tanks a way to make an impact, we wouldn't want that. Naaaah. Why should the game be any fun? T'was sarcasm, if it was not obvious. Or did you just now, farfetchedly admit, that you have a secret ARAM acc with ONLY poke champs?
: Mages are abusing Courage of the Colossus
Hm. How would Courage of The Colossus work on... say... Lissandra or... lets say... Morgana... Xerath... **-Looks through list of mages-** HOLY SHITE!!! ALL OF 'EM HAVE EASY TO LAND STUNS!!!! Though, tbh, Courage of the Colossus works best on short-range mages like Vlad, Anivia and Swain. Ugh, Courage of the Colossus on Twisted Fate would be annoying.
Yamató (EUW)
: Worst Fix ever
Be happy. Because of that one stupid game I got from Gold III to Silver IV
dfsghj (EUW)
: [League Client Update - Not All Features Are Implemented! ]( > Please do not report the following as missing, and use the normal client to perform these features: - Item Sets
First of all, THANK YOU for bringing this to my attention! Secondly, why was I missinformed in the first place? Were Riot originally not gonna include Item sets or have I been struck wiht a worst-case troll?
ooo (EUNE)
: Item sets were so useful. I usually just chose like 40 items on the set so that I can find all the possible items quickly and categorized.
Not to mention, constantly having to search for an item in the shop makes shopping extremely slow in comparisson. I bet even pro players use Item Sets.
Breeland (EUNE)
: They are same like s6
That's strangely lazy of Riot. Do you have any info to back that up?
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Amaricai (EUNE)
: Yes indeed, I approve. But if we think in depth, the company has it's origins from America, so it's normal to have a bigger community and to be one step forward comparing to the other regions. I think it's fair to say that they treat all the regions equally and i'm ok on how thing are going. (it's hard to maintain such good balance through regions as they seem to do). Plus, what youtubers make are based on rumors and on not exactly related data (I don't think that Riot sends individual emails to the content creators telling what it will be next in terms of content)
> Plus, what youtubers make are based on rumors and on not exactly related data (I don't think that Riot sends individual emails to the content creators telling what it will be next in terms of content) Considering how often Youtubers are dead-center and on-point to those rumors, more than once the thought of Riot actually doing that has crossed my mind. Saying ''Youtbers'' is a pretty wide sweep, so here's a list of the LoL youtubers I'm subscribed to. Though sometimes YT recommends other LoL-tubers. - Anklespankin - gbay99 - Jeremy ''GamingCurios'' - Kshaway - Pants Are Dragon - Redmercy - SunnySplosion - WhatTheHai
Amaricai (EUNE)
: Hi! It wasn't a silent removal, they mentioned it in an news post and on the client FAQ. [Link](
I still think Riot are too bad at relaying information. Well, outside of their utopian NA server. I swear to Derpy, the NA server gets to know shit so much in advance. I get to see YT vids about the information (From Redmercy, Pants Are Dragon, Phylol, etc) WAAAAAY before Riot makes one tiny little mention on the EUNE front page. To clarify. NA players, get the info, then the youtubers makes a video about it, which takes a fuck-tonne of time, then some more time passes, THEN EUNE gets that same infromation. Hell, thanks to YT, I knew all I wanted to know about Preseason before it was officially announced for EUNE.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: There was a HUGE bitching about item set removal some time ago.
Really? How the fudge-cake did I miss that?
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: Thanks! I did one of these ages ago and forgot about it. I'll try and get back into this, so long as I can think of something natural for the note.
Easy, just think of what the patch notes are trying to say, without the heavy number crunching.
: 6.22 Notes - Time To Relearn To Play
The best patch notes I have ever read.
: orianna qw damage is shockingly high in your friends defense xD
Though Lux has a double shield, does she not? ;)
: put the best bronzie/silver joke you know/found.
A conversation between Gold me and my Silver friend. Me: **-Walks up to Illaoi and gets Tantacle'd-** OH SHI- FUCK! My mind was elsewhere, dammit! Friend: What? How can you THINK about what you're playing? My mind is ALWAYS elsewhere. Me thinking: And that's why you're not gonna get higher than Silver. Friend: **-Gets one shot by enemy Orianna as Lux for the third time-** NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHAT IS THAT DAMAGE!?
Solash (EUW)
: If I use the Fire and Magma forms on Elementalist Lux, will I get to diamond easier?
''... heat rises.'' - OP Sounds like you would be more likely to get Lux pregnant. :S
: 3 Champions Lack Skins
They should make a ''Traditional Kindred'' where their Yin-Yang theme is put more bluntly and perhaps with some more japanese thematics. Like... u dunno, give Lamb some kimono-esque clothing and give Wolf... erm... something else... I DUNNO, brainstorming is hard. Especially if you don't have one of the two.
Qataeas (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Qataeas,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eph7PB9r,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2016-11-08T17:51:46.285+0000) > > He/she is talking about the Vintage flair given to those who owned a legacy skin before the vault reopened. > Those people were given a loading screen flair for those specific skins and a summoner icon showing that they were an owner of a vintage skin. > > > > Edit: Fixed Images, sort off... See here the original post from riot games:
Well, you most certainly went the extra mile! +1 Internet cookie for you! :D
: > [{quoted}](name=IsirganOtu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eph7PB9r,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-08T16:44:03.473+0000) > > Oh? > > Then why have I seen extra flair that one time when I was on the same team as a Blitz with the skin Defenitely Not Blitzcrank? Can you give me a link?
No, this was like a year ago, but it stuck in my memory becuase I had never seen the added details and that Blitz was the only one that had them in our team.
: The extra stuff was only for Championship Riven.
Oh? Then why have I seen extra flair that one time when I was on the same team as a Blitz with the skin Defenitely Not Blitzcrank?
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nightla (EUNE)
: Apparently I'm one of those "small percent" of people who use Item Sets. And I really love this feature, it pains to think they will remove it :(
'Tis a sad day to be a LoL player. I don't get why they remove Item sets when ''Recommended Items'' is what should be removed since the meta shifts so often, ''Recommended Items'' become outdated extremely quickly. Well, provided they were IN-date to begin with. I only use ''Recommended Items'' to get a vague idea what the champ in qustion is supposed to build. Then I go with feeling from there. And if I can't seem to find good items for the champ, then I'll probably look up or similar site. It's really stupid to remove Item Sets since they are a tool that is useful for players of ALL skill levels. Moreso high skill players than low skill players, but my point stands.
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: Item sets will be deprecated and wont appear in new client. In statement Riot released on LCU pages they said only very small percentage of players ever used it. And such they decided to remove it. Edit: typo
Wow... just.. WOW! Why does Riot keep doing things like these? Item sets are one of my favourite out-of-game features. It's extremely useful in planning and/or making builds. What an extreme bother it's gonna be if you have to go in-game to start making builds now. ''Oh, but they are gonna release Sandbox Mode, you should-'' NO! FUCK NO!!! Items sets are good because they are quick and easy to use. Especially if you know you're on a time constraint or just need some quick distractions when doing something else. I don't get why they have to add one training too and then remove another. I would give more examples, but I'm too upset to think of any right now. I guess I'm gonna have to start using pen and paper because I KNOW I won't be able to remember every single build I make.
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: Where is the balance in this game?
Q= **-Title-** A= **-Me pointint at a trashcan-** There.
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