: I main MF - I don't mind nerfing the lethality route build but then please tell me what else to build. Crit build sucks on her, she can't 1v1 any ADC and ulting anything tanky doesn't do any damage... at all. Seriously, I can stand there ulting any tank right in the face and he takes what, 20% damage? Wow, much game change
Bughtar (EUW)
: lf people to teach me jungle
If you want we can have a private call and I can teach you, last season p3 jg main :D
: If you are an AD assassin main you need to support this!!!
I dont understand the people who disagree with this... Low IQ
Agidyne (EUW)
: It obviously needs nerfs but assassins need to get buffs to the reliability of their spells. For instance, Talons returning Rake, W, is really really easy to dodge and you can do it by just walking backwards. This is something that I believe should be changed. It should be dodgeable, but opponents should have to work hard to dodge it. Either by saving a dash/blink for it, or by trying to partially juke which would then allow you dodge it by walking to one of the two sides. The only thing that makes Talon work atm is his ability to proc his Duskblade at least twice during a fight. He is actually in an horrible state.
: If I'm bad why do I win 60% of 500 games?
If you want me to specificaly talk about you i think that you just havent played enough lately
: If I'm bad why do I win 60% of 500 games?
: Well, he has one skill that requires thought. How many do you need to make a champion difficult to play?
I get your point but lets think about a hard mech champion like lee sin, im not saying that wukong is harder than lee but lee has one skill that requires thought as well and thats his r, all the others abilities are simple to understand
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: Anyone else having horrible placement matches?


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