: Hey Iuiemocanis, Unfortunatly account recovery is entirely up to Player Support and is not something we can assist with on the Boards. I can however try to explain what they mean with highly compromised. We account details have been leaked multiple times and an account has been used by a number of people, this account is deemed highly compromised. If you're unsatisfied with Player Support's response, feel free to respond this to your ticket. Ask to be forwarded or ask them where you can submit feedback. They'll trasfer you or provide you with a better explaination.
i would understand what highly compromised means, but i dont think the guys responding to my tickets know, im 100% certain it has only been lost once before, thats why i dont get it. Regardless, thank you.
: How to recover your account & keep it safe!
I created this account to try and find some answers, after doing all that, the guy who responded to my ticket kept saying my account was recovered multiple times, when in fact was only recovered 1 time before, and i wont get it back because it was highly compromised, and he just keeps saying the same thing, i keep asking why do other people i know get their account back 2-3 times, and i cant, i proven i am the creator of the account, that i own the account, and yet he wont give it back to me because it is the second time, and it doesnt make any sense to me, can some1 please enlighten me. And also, where can i submit some feedback toword that person because i feel very unsatisfied with his responses. Thank you!


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