: riot, i would REALLY like some ingame statistics!
That is actually a really good idea and help people learn. Upvoted
3Camper (EUNE)
: is that paint ?
I think he meant that he did it on a program named Paint.
: yea, well riot cant make it to obvious, but it wouldent be fun if they straight out said it would come back, this is way more fun =)
Ya I rly do hope they bring it back since it is my favorite game mode. And with all this hype around it every year just makes it more awesome.
: it will come back, this is one of riots tricks, hear me out 1. they would lose money on not bringing it back, so why wouldent they? 2. in the post it says it wont return on the FIRST of april(1st of april) that may be true, but check what day that is. a friday. they also released that information togheter with the rotating game mode thing. that will take place on WEEKENDS (saturdays-sundays) they also stated that urf will come 2 times this year, which to me sounds like it will come on the second of april(2nd of april) it just makes sense. otherwise they would prob have made a seperate post about the urf thing.so yeah. 99% sure it will come back!
And the amumu party on the 1st of april and the fact that they did this last year by saying urf would be replaced by nurf.
Eeten (EUW)
: I hope it does not
WHAT! why wouldn't you hope for it to come back. It is the best game mode ever created and you aren't forced to play it.
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gbelon (EUW)
: Permanently banned
Yeah you clearly haven't read the user agreement which tells you that Riot Games owns your account and can ban or delete your account when ever they like of course they won't do that without a reason. Also you said that you paid money and therefore you should not be permanently banned. You paid for virtual content to account which you never actually owned. You broke the summoners code several times and therefore you got banned for it. Now you could say that the ban came out of nowhere but you got warned and you chose to not listen and you kept breaking the code. You could contact the support but i doubt they would ever unban you without any solid evidence that you should not be banned.
: Please get me out of Bronze.
Hey i'm not the best player but there are few easy ways of getting out of bronze at least those got me out of bronze twice. 1st Remember that lol is a team game so if you get fed help your team and even if you are not fed but you see a opportunity to roam, gank or take a objective go for it. 2nd Always ping to warn and help people 3rd Focus on few roles and few champs and once you master those you can carry way more easily. 4th Be positive that actually helps a lot. 5th Sometimes helping a losing lane isn't the smartest opinion instead you can go and help the winning lane. ( That is just in some cases not always. ) 6th Try to look for smart team fights instead of risky and dumb ones. I hope some of those tips help you out and I believe that you will get out of bronze. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 8-2 in Placements, I get Bronze 1?!
I really don't understand how i got s2 from 5 wins when i was g5 last season Riot works in mysterious ways {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=JOrma feat Zanti,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=lZmaiB5v,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2015-12-24T10:50:41.645+0000) > > To be honest i don't rly have that feeling, only cos i don't care that much about what others think of my play, if i try my best and have fun ill never tilt and get depressed If u also don't flame u must be the second me
Ya i don't rly flame but i am a bit salty, well who isn't
: When you feed with your main
To be honest i don't rly have that feeling, only cos i don't care that much about what others think of my play, if i try my best and have fun ill never tilt and get depressed
: Game is getting less and less fun
Yea i agree with you so much, I started back in s3 and i remember it being so much fun, but now its just getting more and more unfun to play. Back in the days I loved that you could pick any champion and you could still do ok with him, but now there are just way too many champions that aren't viable and most of the champions I like are on that unviable list. I am hoping for riot to make some good choses or I am gonna get burned out of this game. sincerely your fellow league player. Bs, sorry for my bad english
Kurzy (EUW)
: believe me ive tried everything. and no ive not got any champion yet sorry
Try not to over think your games, if you lose you lose, if you win you win just try to focus on our gameplay and learning. Go play some customs and normals and learn to carry, win lane, communicate. I did all those things i was bronze 3 and climbed up to silver 1 and i am still climbing. So just keep your cool and don't blame your team i used to do that and when i stoped i started winning. Remember never play ranked when you are on tilt, sleepy, hungry or you don't have time. Also sometimes you have to take the leader role and try just help your team and tell them what to do. And if you have been in bronze for 2 years you can't blame all the games on your team its impossible to always get a feeding/trolling team and even if you do you can still win that game. {{summoner:2}}
: Are u doing this for a free skin or what ?
No. Seems like i can't even thank them without getting shit throwed at me
CamsterDC (EUW)
: Need help choosing!
Nah forget both of them and buy zed :) you'll thank me later
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: will there be more chromas coming out soon ?
they could and maybe should make chroma skins cost ip instead of rp, im thinking about 10k ip and you could buy a chroma skin
: You will cry for laughing so hard :'D
That was me when i got s3 when i won 7 out of 10 in start of the year
: Idk, maybe they should give IP rewards + playing with a mastered champion would earn you a bit more ip? That's what I have tought of. For example u have mastery 5 and u earn 10% bonus base ip. Means if u get 100 ip u get bonus 10. Base because with first win would be too op I think.
Ya that could be cool and if they make more lvls it could be like at lvl 5 you get bonus ip and at lvl10 you get a chroma skin for the champ
: Mr Silver II can you teach us how to play please? :)
I didn't say im good at the game but riven is not that hard to play against
: Hey dude,mthanks for it, i actually just released my third, do you mind watching it?
I watched it and its ok but i rly think you need to get some commentary in there and once you get more nice,sick or funny plays it will be more interesting, keep going
de LAW (EUW)
: Riven must be nerfed
Riven doesn't need to be nerfed, she is perfectly fine and if you think she is too op you gotta learn how to play
: Oh okay thanks man ^^ I just made a new one with less of that, try to check it out ;D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NiIE1ER6ko
Ya this one was better at least in my taste and once you get some commentary and more funny things there it will be nice
: When and what do you exactly mean?
Those ones where you get a one kill and then you edit it too much
: My first video on Youtube: Best Streaming Moments #1
Ok gameplay and good music but i find it little bit over edited
Tobykachu (EUW)
: It's so silly, RIOT have stated that they want to make Zed less snowbally, but they've not nerfed any of his actual damage. Typically Zed used to be able to get fed, then insta-kill the enemy target, basically anyone if he get's fed early enough, and then back straight the f*ck out from there with absolutely no chance for the rest of the enemy team to react. If this change makes Zed too weak then RIOT will buff him, like they did with Veigar. I also completely agree that Le Blanc needs the same change, but unlike Zed, she is not a ridiculous split push threat late game.
Ya and i have played games with "nerfed" zed and i can still get fed and get those easy ult kills before teamfights or during teamfights so i don't find this nerf a problem for zed :)
: New zed skin
I think zed should get a new skin yes but i find these skin better look for justicar zed and purge zed :)
: Skins should be also bought with IP
Ya that would be nice at least for players that have like 100000 ip and nothing to spend it on :D
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Snowfox (EUW)
: All you are saying is that you play a very predictable style. Repeating the same combination over and over will work until your opponents get smart enough to figure it out. "Good Zed Players" themselves are saying that this nerf is not good for him (Namely RedMercy and Azoh) as this nerf effects the core mechanics and game play. As I have repeated so many times now - YES! You can play Zed. YES!! You can get kills and win, but NO he is not the same champion he was before the nerf.
I didn't i say that i play the same style over and over again i said i play him like he never had a nerf, and ofc you are right he is not the same as he was, no one is after a nerf or a buff, but making this nerf a over the top thing is not good, it makes new zed players afraid of playing him cos they think he is not that good anymore. Correct me if im wrong i always like to learn new things :)
Tobykachu (EUW)
: You are a Bronze II Zed main who does not even understand the core functionality of the champion they main, so I'll put it simply for you. Zed does not have a huge presence in team fights. Yes, he can have an impact, but most of them time, not as much as his enemy laner will have. Where Zed shines is 1v1's. His ultimate is extraordinary in 1v1's and while possible to build against it, very few champions will successfully be able to beat a Zed 1 on 1, which is why he is so good at split pushing - you will need to send more than one person up there to stop him, which is why he is such a high priority pick/ban in competitive play - he has a very strong laning phase, but can split push like a God late game, and when you send more than one person to stop him, the communication is available to take other things on the opposite side of the map, e.g. turrets, baron and dragon. This minor change to his ult is relatively small in the grand scheme of things, it just means that a) a fed Zed can't just destroy someone who's not been able to build the adequate items against him and b) The Zed himself has to be more selective with his engages. Zed will still be very strong, and I think Le Blanc needs the same treatment to her kit, but you are making this out to be way too big of a deal.
Ya i agree with you and that MurderousOnion needs to take a moment and think about what he/she talks about and Tobykachu didn't say that zed ISN'T an assassin he/she just said that zed CAN splitpush and i totally agree that people take this nerf as way too big of a deal. :)
Snowfox (EUW)
: An analogy for Zed [Not QQ]
I myself don't find that zed nerf any kinda of problem, i have played same as i used to with zed and i don't get why people make this so called nerf such a huge thing, if you are good zed this "zed nerf" shouldn't make any chance to your gameplay, zed is strong still and is banned almoust in every ranked game so pls don't try to pass this "nerf" as a game changer. :)
: What I do when people flame me or each other
good for you :D say something if you got the reference
: What I do when people flame me or each other
pLaRent (EUW)
: Tarvi, the Child of Ionia
sounds little bit like nidalee but could be cool
Plog001 (EUNE)
: What's wrong with Grading System? Not the highest for 11/0/13.
i got a s for playing zed 8/5 before that i played zed 7/4 and got s+ :DDD
: i want a new zed skin
here another but i think this one is cooler
: i want a new zed skin
ya i prefer shockblade always over skt cos the skt skin feels little bit empty there is one skin that could be added
: i want a new zed skin
: i want a new zed skin
: i want a new zed skin
Rioter Comments
: What skin do you use on your favorite champion?
: What skin do you use on your favorite champion?
: What skin do you use on your favorite champion?
: What skin do you use on your favorite champion?
:DD maybe so i just like to serve that delicious drink to their face with that lee
: What skin do you use on your favorite champion?
mine are Shockblade zed Debonair ezreal Pool party lee Snow bunny nidalee
: Zed q bug
ya sometimes waiting little bit after w and then q :D but rito pls
: Zed q bug
there is and will always be lags and freezes but a champion bug that is pretty big is something i want riot to fix
: There are too many bugs in the game right now. I tried a few times but I can't play Quinn. There is also these freezing in the game while fps and ping do not increase.
> [{quoted}](name=KageNoAnsatsu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BU4PoTGQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-01T16:32:29.213+0000) > > There are too many bugs in the game right now. ya but i has been lagging for a long long time
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